Daniel Wulz – Was he Alison Parker’s Real Boyfriend When She Died?

Chris Hurst is allegedly the boyfriend of Alison Bailey Parker, who allegedly met her demise on August twenty six two thousand fifteen, in a shooting incident on “Live” television. This white boy worked as an anchor a long side Alison at same WDBJ channel 7 news station in Virginia. Chris Hurst claims they kept their relationship on down low.

However, me as well as other individuals have come across another white boy named Daniel Wulz. It is apparent and obvious that Daniel Wulz had been dating Alison Bailey Parker. He has a plethora of photos and videos of him and Alison Bailey Parker together on his FaceBook profile.

Also, he has screen captures of intimate chat messages between them. Daniel Wulz is either an “ex” or current military terrorist. My intelligence gathering tells me he is an active duty marine or former marine.

This white military terrorist was stationed in Afghanistan in two thousand eleven. I find another military connection with one of my reports. Anyways, Daniel Wulz who I think is possibly Alison Bailery Parker’s real boyfriend is currently attending Metropolitan State University of Denver.

One of his posts is quoted as saying:

“Texted kisses for our nine months.”

If you have been paying attention to Chris Hurst’s language on America’s propaganda machine, he also claims he was dating Alison Bailey Parker for nine months. In May of two thousand fourteen Daniel Wulz uploaded what I interpreted as a love song. Daniel Wulz started posting archives of posts, pictures, and videos of his relationship with Alison Bailey Parker on August twenty six two thousand fifteen.

Also, when looking at Chris Hurst’s social networking foot prints, there are very few photos with Alison Bailey Parker in comparison. Was Daniel Wulz really Alison’s boyfriend all this time? Did they break up because he moved to another state?

Did Chris Hurst then become her boyfriend? Was Alison Bailey Parker dating them both at same time? If it turns out true that Chris Hurst lied about being her boyfriend, and military boy Daniel Wulz was her real boyfriend, this could possibly shatter white people’s narrative about that alleged shooting in their system of white terrorism.

UPDATE: Daniel Wulz submitted a privacy complaint on September 2nd, 2015 around 2:11 AM Mountain time, against my video titled “Chris Hurst – Was Daniel Wulz Alison Parker’s Real Boyfriend?”. Instead of risking fascist YouTube suspending my account, I decided to delete this video. This video received 1,378 total views and was increasing.

I uploaded this exact same video to a different video sharing site and renamed it to “Daniel Wulz – Was he Alison Parker’s Real Boyfriend When She Died?”. Also, I renamed this original blog post title from “Chris Hurst – Was Daniel Wulz Alison Parker’s Real Boyfriend?” to “Daniel Wulz – Was he Alison Parker’s Real Boyfriend When She Died?”. Below is a screen capture of Daniel Wulz’s YouTube privacy complaint.

Daniel Wulz