Crystal Driggers – Child Eats Pop Tart White Parents Evict Her

James and Crystal Driggers, some white parents, punished their fourteen year old daughter for eating a pop tart without permission. She was forced to live in a tent, a quarter mile away in a rural area notorious for wild boar traffic. She was not given food or water.

Chrystal Driggers was a former Sheriff terrorist that was fired because she and her husband almost shot somebody while they were partying. They are still dealing with that fiasco. The local child pedophilia services agency took possession of their daughter.

Their teen daughter was supposed to visit her parents and seek food at specified time periods. Her parents even made her seek shelter in a tent during violent thunderstorms. She was only given a flashlight, whistle, watch, and roll of toilet paper.

This was not first time she was punished by the Driggers for such petty activity. Also, she was punished for eating a protein bar without approval. Finally, her grandmother intervened, however this loving couple took exception and were upset by this.

James assured her that he would allow her back home, but a very next day his teen daughter was back living in a tent. This fourteen year old was even forced to work hard labor during a heat wave. At times she would climb through a garage window to obtain nourishment from a refrigerator.

She was only allowed to use an outdoor restroom and drank water from a water hose. These white parents have been charged with child neglect. Their other children are living with relatives.