Columbiana Centre – Mall Fiasco Leaves Three Possible Suspects

Another alleged shooting incident at a shopping mall in AmeriKKKa. This time Columbiana Centre in Columbia, South Carolina is the scene. Gun shots were initially reported outside Dillard’s and T-mobile stores.

Local police terrorists claim a fight involving two men escalated into gun shots. Supposedly, a third male participated and then two of these men pulled out gats and fired some caps. These three clowns then supposedly left this capitalistic brothel.

Police terrorists are allegedly searching for three suspects. Richland County Sheriff terrorist spokesman Curtis Wilson, claims he has heard that victims were possibly shot. However, he has not verified whether or not anyone was actually shot.

Access to this mall was curtailed both from entering and exiting capitalistic whores. Serfs were directed to seek assistance for those separated from them at a Toys R Us store parking lot. Police terrorists declared this an active shooter situation but isolated.

This incident allegedly occurred at 7PM Eastern time. Another report claims this event happened at a Michael Kohrs store inside this shopping mall. Another report claims that this allegedly incident transpired in front of Kay Jewelers.

This same report claims that this incident was NOT an active shooter incident. Another report claims that there are only two suspects involved in this fiasco. Police terrorists claim that they are going to use surveillance video from Columbiana Centre shopping mall to try to solve this riddle, I mean incident this victim less incident.