Chris Carlson – Met His Demise After Forcing Grand Kids to Hike

A fifty year old white man named Christopher Carlson, met his demise on Friday January eight two thousand sixteen. He was found dead of apparent multiple gun shots. Perhaps this is natural karma.

You see this white man made three of his grand children hike nineteen miles in the Grand Canyon in Arizona. He kicked or hit them if he felt they were hiking too slow. Also, he did not provide them sufficient food and water in one hundred and eight degree heat.

Christopher Carlson was sentenced to twenty seven months in prison. His lifeless body was found in Indianapolis, Indiana. One of his grandson’s asked a stranger also hiking in the Grand Canyon to call 911.

He along with Chris’s other two grandsons were suffering from heat stroke. This boy was quoted as saying:

“I needed medical attention and I was hurting and he was hitting and pushing me and calling me fat. I was scared and it was hard and I was all weak and tired and kind of hurt.”

This hike transpired on August twenty eight two thousand eleven according to a Grand Canyon park ranger that spotted these children hiking. Actually a man had died that same die hiking in one hundred eight degree weather. These boys had cuts, bruises, and scars to corroborate their story.

This white clown was quoted as saying with regards to his grand children when denying these allegations:

“I love my grandchildren greatly. I wanted to afford these children a beautiful opportunity at a young age to experience something magnificent.”

This white man actually served out all twenty seven months or two years three months. However, he tried to get the United States Supremely corrupt court to intervene, but they declined. You can read a twenty four page Chris Carlson criminal complaint for more information.