Charlottesville VA – Heather Heyer Memorial

The memorial for Heather Heyer has been scheduled for August sixteen two thousand seventeen. She is the one victim that died during the Unite The Right klan rally held in August of two thousand seventeen, in Charlottesville, Virginia. Ironically enough she was a white female.

She was ran over by a two thousand ten Dodge Challenger registered to James Fields, a white supremacist. The Paramount Theatre in Charlottesville, Virginia is site of this memorial. Two hundred twenty four thousand eight hundred seventy dollars was raised via GoFundme.

This fundraiser has since been closed. Heather was thirty two years old when she was murdered. She was crossing a street during the Unite The Right klan rally, when she was hit by a two thousand ten Dodge Challenger. According to her Linkedin profile she was a legal assistance for Miller Law Group PC.

She was an overt Bernie Sanders supporter. Her is still available at time of this blog post creation. Her last post was dated November nineteen two thousand sixteen.

I noticed she wrote a review criticizing the Fort Worth Police department.

“The racist liability in this department needs to be fired and the woman he assaulted, as well as her daughters, need to be released immediately. The actions of this officer are inexcusable and disgusting.”

As a person with color I hate the fucking police and sheriff in America. Anyways, a total of thirty four individuals were injured during Unite The Right klan rally and a fiasco the night before. Heather was disparaged by a Daily Stormer article, enough to the point that GoDaddy, a web hosting provider, gave them twenty four hours to move their website to a different server.

GoDaddy was the Daily Stormer’s web hosting provider. Heather has been attacked on numerous websites. Google in a very rare move, also dropped Daily Stormer from their search results after White Supremacist Andrew Anglin, wrote an article disparaging Heather.

Andrew Anglin is the founder of Daily Stormer.