Charles Whitman – 50 Year Anniversary of White Austin Texas Sniper

Today, August first two thousand sixteen is fifty year anniversary of a white sniper shooter named Charles Whitman. This white savage was “ex” military at time of his violent rampage. Austin Texas, more specifically succinctly University of Texas was scene of this drama.

Earlier that day, this white boy murdered both his wife and mother at their homes. Charles then started murdering people indiscriminately atop the tower at Texas University. Sixteen other individuals met their demise at hands of this white animal.

After around an hour and a half an Austin, Texas police gestapo shot dead this white sniper shooter. White people claim that Charles had a brain tumor at time of his rampage and tried to blame this alleged brain tumor instead of this obvious white savage behaviour. Thirty one people survived but were injured during this incident.

Charles was a catholic christian. He then joined the military and later became a Marine. In nineteen sixty four this military terrorist was honorably discharged.

Allegedly, this white boy penned a suicide note. Although, he took a break during this prose to murder his mother. Charles then continued to write this suicide not after stabbing his mother to death.

He then took another break from his white poetry and stabbed his wife five times to death. Charles supposedly never mentioned shooting people at University of Texas. Charles possessed the following items:

* Twelve gauge shotgun
* Remington seven hundred with four times Leupold scope
* Six millimeter Remington rifle
* M one Carbine
* .357 Magnum handgun
* Galesi Brescia handgun
* Luger handgun
* Nesco machete and scabbard hatchet
* Ammunition box including gun cleaning kit
* Camillus hunting knife and scabbard
* Randall knife inscribed with his name
* Locking pocket knife
* One inch steel rebar
* Hunting body bag
* Channel Master fourteen transistor radio
* Blank notebook
* Black pen
* Light green towel
* White three and one half gallon water jug
* Red three and one half gallon gasoline jug
* Nylon, cotton ropes, and clothesline
* Nineteen fifty four Nabisco premium toy compass
* Davis Hardware store receipt
* Hammer, Canteen, and Binoculars
* Lighter fluid, lighter, and box of matches
* Gene alarm clock
* Pipe wrench
* Green and white flashlight, four c batteries
* Two tape rolls
* Green Marine Corps duffel bag
* Extension cord
* Grey gloves, eyeglasses, and earplugs
* Mennen brand spray deodorant
* Tissue paper
* Twelve cans of food
* Two cans of Sego brand condensed milk
* Bread, honey and SPAM
* Planters brand peanuts and raisins
* Sweet rolls