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Crossroads Mall – Fiasco in St. Cloud Minnesota Causes 9 Injuries

Another incident of violence at a shopping mall in AmeriKKKa. This time nine people were stabbed with a knife at Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud Minnesota. This incident began around 8:15 PM local time.

Dahir Adan has been named a possible suspect. Although amazingly enough authority figures have claimed they thought ISIL was responsible for this incident. Dahir supposedly entered south side of this mall through Sears.

His victims were stabbed in common areas, stores and halls. He later met his demise by an off duty police gestapo named Jason Falconer. Supposedly Dahir was shot to death in north part of this mall.

Harley Exsted a witness claims he and his wife heard one popping sound at 8PM and then heard four more gunshots as they left this mall. This capitalistic brothel was closed all day Sunday and will open on Monday. This mall did employee security but they were not armed.

The Federal Burea of Insurgency a known domestic terrorist group in their own right has claimed that this incident is perhaps “a potential act of terrorism.”. Dahir was a part time security officer and wore his uniform into this mall. Nick Valencia is quoted verbatim:

“All of sudden chaos just broke out. There was a bunch of people running into the JCPenney mall entrance, and they were just screaming that someone was going around the mall stabbing people, and that there was blood everywhere. It was just honestly a really scary experience.”

Amaq News Agency was quoted:

“Executor of the stabbing attacks in Minnesota yesterday was a soldier of the Islamic State.”

Seven men, one woman, and a teenage girl were stabbed. American authority figures have not officially named Dahir Adan, aged twenty two, as a suspect. However, his father said police gestapo terrorists raided their apartment.

Ali David Sonboly – Patsy or Perpetrator of Munich Germany Fiasco?

Another public shooting incident occurred Friday July twenty second two thousand sixteen. This time this event occurred in Munich, Germany. Reports initially claimed that multiple shooters perpetrated this fiasco at multiple locations.

One location was at a McDonald’s, where he killed multiple teens. Another location where this event occurred was at capitalistic brothel otherwise known as Olympia-Einkaufszentrum shopping mall. Another report claims that another shooter shot at people at a nearby transportation depot.

Initially, German police gestapo claimed they were searching for three shooters:

“We are at the moment after three attackers. Our priority is to catch the attackers at this stage and then we will inform you again.”

However, an initial narrative of three perpetrators quickly changed to just one lone wolf gunman nut job. Three of his victims were named Armela Segashi, Zabergja Dijamant, and Sabina Sulaj. Ali was of German Iranian decent.

He was NOT affiliated with Islam or ISIS. Reports claim he was bullied at school and may have retaliated via public violence. Germany has stiff gun laws but yet Ali was still able to obtain a glock seventeen milimeter.

Ten people met their demise including this alleged lone shooter. Sixteen were injured during this fiasco. Initially, this was labeled an act of terrorism, but those words were redacted after more details about Ali David Sonboly surfaced.

German police gestapo locked down major parts of Munich during this incident. Ali was only eighteen years old and obtained a weapon then filed off a serial number. Also, he supposedly was carrying three hundred rounds of ammunition on his persons.

Multiple videos of this incident have appeared on YouTube and Twitter. Allegedly, this incident first occurred at Olympia shopping mall and then moved to a McDonald’s just blocks away. This incident occurred on the exact five year anniversary of a white man Anders Breivik terroist attack in Oslo Norway.

Two Houston Airline Flight Threats Not Credible Part of Drills?

More wacky drama in America today. Two airline flight threats originating out of Houston Texas were not deemed credible. One witness claimed he thought one incident was a drill.

Jerry Bridges, a construction worker at Los Angeles International airport claims he has noticed an increase in drills since a recent international airlines crash. When police terrorists were dispatched to a false alarm at this airport on May twenty four two thousand sixteen, he thought they were practicing for a drill. Special Weapons and Tactics terrorists boarded and searched this plane with weapons drawn.

Seventy six passengers on American Airlines plus four crew members had to put up with this absurdity. A Delta Airlines flight two twenty seven was allegedly threatened via phone. Neither threats ended up being credible.

However, no armed terrorists were involved in this incident as passengers and their baggage were screened a second time. Allegedly, the Transportation Security Administration received the first threat. However, they refused to release any informative details.

Laura Eimiller, spokesperson for TSA claimed that the Federal Bureau of Insurgency would handle this investigation. This airlines jet sat on a tarmac for an hour before it was searched. This was an alleged bomb threat phoned in and passed on to this Houston international airport.

Brussels Airport Fiasco Cause Multiple People to Meet Their Demise

Multiple explosions at Brussels Belgium Zaventem Airport caused eleven fatalities and thirty injuries according to hospital sources. These explosions supposedly transpired around 8 AM local time. They were detonated by the American Airlines check in desk and Brussells Airlines check in desk.

Passengers ran for their lives after these explosions sent shock waves through out this airport. Also, allegedly shouts were fired after these explosive devices detonated. Airport patrons claim they could feel shock waves from these two explosions.

Local police gestapo sealed off parts of this airport terminal leaving passengers penned in like cattle. Some terminal windows were completely blown out. This airport remains in lock down at time of this blog post creation.

Armed police gestapo forced passengers to leave their bags so that they could inspect them for possible bombs. Also, these passengers were moved to a nearby make shift crisis center. Coincidentally, this incident occurred four days after alleged Paris attack suspect Salah Abdeslam was arrested.

Another explosion allegedly occurred at a nearby metro rail station across from European Union buildings. This entire transportation system has been closed. Supposedly, more bombs have been found.

Also, nobody knows as of yet who caused these explosions. Another report claims that one blast occurred on or near an airport runway. Separate reports claim that ten met their demise or seventeen met their demise.

Since this airport has been placed on lock down, air traffic is being diverted to other airports. Brussell’s terror threat level was not increased to maximum until after these blasts. Their terror threat level was increased from level three to level four.

There are videos and photographs of an after math of this incident now circulating on the Internet.

La Loche – Fiasco Causes Four People to Meet Their Demise

I report on another alleged shooting incident that transpired January twenty second two thousand sixteen. However, this one occurred in Lo Loche, Saskatchewan, Canada. A seventeen year old male murdered four individuals at La Loche Community School and a nearby residence.

His name has not been released supposedly because of his age. Other victims were injured in this incident. However, names and numbers of victims have not been released.

This seventeen year old boy faces four counts of first degree murder, seven counts of attempted murder and one count of unauthorized possession of a firearm. Canada has greater restrictions on your natural right to defend yourself, than the United States of disgrace. One teacher, teachers assistant, and two teenage boys suppusedly met their demise.

La Loche is made up mostly of indigenous peoples. This alleged lone wolf gunman murdered two brothers at their home before murdering afore mentioned individuals. Supposedly, this teen shooting suspect shot his two brothers with a shotgun before shooting spraying bullets in La Loche Community School.

This shooting incident allegedly occurred around 1 PM local time. At 1:47 PM is when supposedly this teen lone wolf was apprehended and arrested. As is proverbial with most publicly disclosed shootings, this temporary internment camp used to brain white wash young offspring was placed on lockdown for multiple hours.

This shooter was a student at La Loche Community School. Also, he allegedly posted his intentions on facebook premeditated. The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau was wrong when he reported that five individuals met their demise.

This towns current active mayor Kevin Janvier claims it was his daughter that met her demise in this incident. Noel Desjarlais-Thomas aged sixteen claims he heard six or seven shots and was quoted as saying:

“Run, bro, run! There’s a shotgun! There’s a shotgun.

They were just yelling to me. And then I was hearing those shots, too, so of course I started running.”

Dubai Luxury Hotel Fire Does NOT Cause Skyscraper to Collapse

A fire began in Dubai United Arab Emirates at the Address Downtown luxury hotel on December thirty first two thousand fifteen. This skyscraper was ablaze for well over twelve hours and yet this steel and concrete did not collapse. This sixty three story building was engulfed in flames and smoke until afternoon of January first two thousand sixteen.

Fire fighters tried extinguishing this blaze over night to no avail. This fire allegedly began at nine thirty PM local time. Fire fighters gave up around twelve hours later when they lost water pressure.

They were able to later continue to spray this building with water, but this building still did NOT collapse. This fire allegedly began on twenty floor of this Address Downtown skyscraper, according to local government media. Small fires were still active during afternoon of January first two thousand sixteen.

However, witnesses who saw this fire start, claim this fire started on first floor. Emaar Properties constructed this sixty three story skyscraper which includes the Address Downtown luxury hotel and even some residential units. Most of this building was on fire at one point and even explosions were heard around and inside this building.

Sixteen people were supposedly injured and allegedly curtains catching on fire on twentieth floor were a culprit. An investigation into this fire is allegedly being performed. However, no explanation yet as to why for most part this entire building was engulfed in flames and yet did not collapse.

On September eleventh two thousand one the United States government military exclaimed and proclaimed that seven buildings suffered fires far less serious and yet we are told all those buildings collapsed due to fires. This fire spread quickly and vertically on the outside of this sixty three story skyscraper. As of time of this blog post creation this massive building that burned for over twelve hours has yet to collapse.

Was Russian Warplane Really Downed by Turkey?

That abstract nation state of Turkey alleges that their military was left with no choice but to shoot down a Russian jet, that invaded Turkey’s airspace, today November twenty four two thousand fifteen. Vladimir Putin and Russia claim that actually one of their fighter jets was shot down over Syria. However, Turkey and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which to me is another terrorist organization, claims otherwise.

The white Secretary General of North Atlantic Treaty Organization is quoted as saying pertaining to this incident:

“The Allied assessments we have got from several Allies during the day are consistent with information we have been provided with from Turkey. So the information we have from other Allies is consistent with what we have got from Turkey.”

Allegedly, Russia has violated Turkey’s airspace previously in their white supremacist bombing campaigns in Syria. Vladimir Putin a former Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti director verified a validity of a Russian jet being shot down by Turkey’s military. However, Vladimir disputes exactly where this jet was downed.

He claims this warplane was nullified four kilometers inside Syria’s border. Vladimir Putin when on to accuse Turkey of “backstabbing” Russia and also of financing Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or Israeli Secret Intelligence Service to some. Allegedly, one of two total Russian pilots met their demise.

Supposedly, their is video of both a Russian jet fighter getting shot down and one deceased Russian pilot. Allegedly, North Atlantic Treaty Organization hosted an impromptu secret I mean emergency meeting concerning this affair, pun intended. Turkey is allied with the terrorist organization known as the United States government military and twenty seven other white encaves I mean enclaves.

Russia allegedly has been invading airspace of other “sovereign” nation states in Europe during this invasion of Syria and even in past recent years. However, North Atlantic Treaty Organization has a common goal of terrorizing people with color in Syria, I mean fighting Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant with Russia.

Bamako Mali – Suffers Massive Incident at Luxury Hotel

Another alleged international incident surfaced today November twenty two thousand fifteen. A week after a similar incident occurred in Paris, France. This time more than one hundred luxury hotel guests were taken as hostages.

As of time of this blog post creations allegedly twenty two individuals met their demise at Radisson Blue luxury hotel in Bamako, Mali. As is per usual lately “Islamic” gunmen are “suspected” of carrying out this incident. This event allegedly transpired for nine hours until local special forces ended this incident.

Although, propaganda and media whore outlets along with governments have not proven that both this event as well as last week’s Paris event are linked. Allegedly, parts of this incident was shown on Mali television where by police terrorists and security helped guests in peril. Security Minister Salif Traore was quoted as saying:

“They currently have no more hostages in their hands and forces are in the process of tracking them down,”

Amazingly, at least to me some French special forces supposedly assisted some Malians. A Malian military terrorist claimed that two perpetrators met their demise. Another interesting item to note is that just coincidentally two United States special forces were visiting a local United States government military embassy.

Miraculously, they assisted with this incident and allegedly rescued six Americans. Witnesses claimed seeing twelve assailants while Mali security forces claimed two to three “jihadists” perpetrated this event. Malian military terrorists, police terrorists, special forces, United Nations, MINUSMA “peacekeeping” forces, and French military terrorists all supposedly assisted in this event.

France has over one thousand military terrorists in Mali, which is one of their “former” white colonies. Finally, supposedly perpetrators of this event arrived at same time that a vehicle with diplomatic license plates arrived. Individuals from numerous nations allegedly became hostages during this incident.

Ahmad Al-Mohammad – Fake Syrian Passport Found in Paris Crisis

In days after an alleged crisis targeted towards Paris, France, supposed passports that proved some perpetrators of this event, turned out false. As a matter of fact these alleged Syrian Passports were fakes. So far two alleged suicide bombers previously were identified as Syrians.

French police terrorists have admitted that those passports were actually fake and possibly made in Turkey. Ahmad AlMohammad whom supposedly met his demise as a suicide attacker, was carrying a fake Syrian passport. Also, he allegedly entered Europe via Greece.

A second alleged suicide attacker, actually was a French citizen with family ties to Algeria. His name is allegedly Omar Ismail Mostefai. He is only perpetrator named publicly so far.

Political government military terrorists in America are now using those fake passports as justification to roll back or even deny any Syrian refugees from entering the United States of disgrace. So far there is no proof that any of those alleged suicide bombers were from Syria. Yet many white terrorist nation states like the United States, France, and Russia among others are calling for further military intervention in Syria.

As a matter of fact terrorists from France started airstrikes towards “ISIS” in Raqqa, Syria one day after Paris was supposedly attacked in multiple venues that included a Bataclan Concert Hall and Stade De France soccer stadium, on November thirteen two thousand fifteen. I’m not surprised that these white terrorist nation states would attack some people with color with such little to zero evidence to support any of their claims. This reeks of similarities to those events of September eleventh, when passports were also used to allegedly identify perpetrators of that false flag inside job.

Perhaps this latest Paris, France fiasco is another false flag inside job perpetrated by white people to continue their agenda of controlling and terrorizing people with color world wide.

Paris France Attacked in Multiple Areas by Outside Sources

Paris, France was allegedly attacked on November fourteen two thousand fifteen by multiple gunman and suicide bombers. As of time of this blog post creation, allegedly one hundred fifty three individuals met their demise. Supposedly a total of six locations were targeted.

However, there are some reports of seven locations targeted. Supposedly, gunman used AK-47’s and bombs to perpetrate violence. Allegedly, five attackers have been found and nullified. A Stade de France soccer stadium was targeted where Germany and France soccer teams were participating in breads y circuses.

The Bataclan concert hall was heavily targeted. Witnesses claim they heard men speak in Arabic, but other witnesses claim they heard gunmen speak French. Supposedly seven out of eight total bombers met their demise intentionally.

French government military claim this is an act of terrorism. I am hesitant of using that term since already Al Qaeda and ISIS are being named as culprits even thous so far no government military on this planet has claimed they know who these perpetrators are. To me both Al Qaeda and ISIS were created by the United States government military.

Perhaps this was a false flag inside job. However, I don’t know that since so far information about these multiple incidents is limited. The French government military made swift security decisions soon after these events.

Around fifteen hundred military terrorists were deployed and French borders were closed. Border checks were reinstated and the French government military:

“allow the arrest of any person whose activity is dangerous, the temporary closure of theaters and meeting rooms, the surrender of weapons and the ability to carry out administrative searches.”

Recently, the French military committed air strikes in Syria. Perhaps paybacks are a bitch and this was retaliation for those military strikes. Who knows I don’t know.