Earthquake Magnitude – 6.1 Hits Off East Coast of Japan

Another major earthqake transpired within twenty four hours of a 7.1 magnitude one in Mexico City yesterday. This time a 6.1 earthquake magnitude hit off the east coast of Japan. There is a discrepancy of where it actually hit.

Some reports claim that this earthquake hit one hundred seventy five miles east of the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Other reports claim that it trembled two hundred miles from Fukushima. No tsunami was reported this time around as in two thousand eleven a major tsunami hit Japan.

According to the United States Geological Surver this quake hit one hundred seventy five miles from Kamaishi and two hundred miles from Fukushima. Perhaps that is where the confusion and discrepencies lie. This 6.1 earthquake struck at 2:30AM local time.

Another report claims this earthquake magnitude 6.1 occurred at 2:30 AM local time. Initially, no reports of damage came from Japanese media. No fatalities were reported from this quake.

Although, earthquakes are taken serious in Japan because of their high population density. That earthquake in two thousand eleven killed over fifteen thousand people. Many perished from an ensuing tsunami.

Another report claims that this earthquake magnitude was actually 6.2. There is a lack of information from Japanese media. Maybe that is because their government heavily controls it, I don't know.

Another 6.1 magnitude earthquake occurred in New Zealand today. This quake actually hit a small island off the east coast of Japan. According to the United States Geological Survey less than fifty people reported feeling this quake.

I wonder why there are not that many details from Japan's media? The name of this island is Honshu. The epicenter of this earthquake magnitude 6.1 or 6.2 depends on which source you believe was six miles deep. At least I didn't include in my report of conspiracists claiming that North Korea had something to do with this natural plate tectonics

Mexico City Center – of 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit Mexico city center on September nineteen two thousand seventeen. Over one hundred individuals have died. Some reports now claim closer to one hundred fifty people have died.

Twenty or more buildings were damaged or desroyed in Mexico City. Over forty people died in Morales which is a Mexican state. This 7.1 magnitude Mexico City center earthquake occurred around 1:17 PM local time.

Numerous people are feared trapped in collapsed buildings. The epicenter of this earthquake was around seventy six miles southeast of Mexico City. As is proverbial on Continente Norte America, Mexicos government military declared a state of emergency, perhaps because they became involved.

Many videos were uploaed to the Internet showing this extensive damage. Just eleven days ago another powerful earthquake occurred in southern Mexico. That earthquake was Mexico's most powerful in a century.

This earthquake occurred on the thirty second anniversary of the nineteen eighty five 8 magnitude tremor that killed over five thousand individuals. That Mexico City center earthquake caused government bureaucrats to create stricter building codes. Ironically, hours before this earthquake shook, many buildings were vacated for national building evacuation drills.

Mexico City's major international airport suffered some damage. What I find strange is that after this major earthquake the airport was immediately closed and all employees evacuated. Passengers on airplanes were stuck for hours.

We shall see if government regulations after the nineteen eighty five earthquake made a difference or not. Although that earthquake was measured 8 versus 7.1 measured for today's earthquake. Another report claims that two hundred twenty six people have now died.

Tremors were felt after this earthquake that lasted six to seven minutes according to some witnesses. Military and Police helicopters were seen flying overhead. Allegedly, 3.8 million people were without power initially.

A large explosion caused one building to catch on fire. Mexico City center was built on an old dry lake bed. According to some earthquake experts this can amply shaking one hundred times because of the condition of soil beneath.

I wonder if the earthquake drills held hours before this real 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit, helped lower the casualty count?

Water Damage Jacksonville FL – From Hurricane Irma Sets Records

I don't normally blog about natural disasters, but thought I would add it to my repertoire. I will try to keep it related to government and military if I can. I plan on writing a blog post about Hurricane Harvey and some questionable government decisions.

Anyways, as you know by now Hurricane Irma, has finally reached land, more specifically succinctly Florida. Downtown Jacksonville is suffering record setting flooding. Hurricane Irma has now been downgraded to a tropical storm.

However, so much rain fell on Jacksonville yesterday, Sunday September ten two thousand seventeen, that a day later lakes literally formed. Local officials claimed that water would rise two feet today, even though hurricane Irma had departed. Also, they claim that local rivers would continue flooding potentially for another week.

I would never take advice from any government entity in America ie. police, sheriff, military, politicians etc. With that being said authority goons in this wretched system finally in my opinion gave people enought time to evacuate early this time. The disaster, pun intended, planning for hurricane Harvey was basically a government military nightmare.

Allegedly, seven million Floridans evacuated for the impending hurricane Irma. This is roughly around one third of the entire Florida population. Surges from this hurricane pushed four to six feet higher than high tide levels.

As a matter of fact this caused supposedly record flooding greater than floods in eighteen sixty four. Thankfully, no reported deaths from this record flooding, at least in Jacksonville Florida. Thousands of serfs are without power as of this blog post creation.

"It's the worst storm I've ever seen"

Bill South of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Up to two hundred fifty thousand serfs were without power after hurricane Irma dumped ten to twenty inches of rain. At one time this hurricane was considered a category five. There have been some reports of burglaries.

However, reports of looting were not true according to sheriff goons. For the most part it seems police, sheriff, and national guard have just assisted with some rescue efforts. However, ordinary citizens have been photographed helping out.

Many people have lost their right to travel freely as bureaucrats, gestapo, and sheriff have closed off roads, highways, overpasses, etc. No reports of serfs having their premises searched and weapons seized like what occurred after hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana. Granted some of these roads are impassable because of power lines and trees blocking transportation.

One local sheriffs office as silly as they are, asked residents needing assistance to just place some kind of white flag outside your home. Also, they posted announcements and warnings on their Facebook page. I guess they forgot that over two hundred fifteen thousand people were without power.

I guess they were supposed to access Facebook on their dumb devices, I mean smart devices. My litmus test when it comes to government military is how many deaths do they cause by their decisions. Looks like no deaths in Jacksonville and actually entire state of Florida are attributed to this hurricane Irma.

Amazingly enough this hurricane was actually a category five with winds at one hundred eighty five miles per hour which is supposedly record winds since hurricane stastics have been catalogued. Homeowners are already filing insurance claims from hurricane Irma Water Damage Jacksonville FL. We shall see if government clowns give out disaster relief and if any of that money reaches their intended recipients.

Burning Man Festival – Attendee Dies After Running Into Flames

A man died after running into flames at the Burning Man Festival, September third two thousand seventeen. I guess his future just went up in flames. I have no fucking idea why anyone would dive into this festival's flames.

Aaron Mitchell aged forty one, perhaps thought that he was super man? I guess each year this festival has multiple huge fire ceremonies. He was able to run through a large perimeter human security shield.

This festival occurs each year at Black Rock desert, which is one hundred miles north of Reno, Nevada. I have never attended a burning man festival, nor do I ever plan on attending this event. This American citizen allegedly lives in Switzerland.

Authoritative goons don't know if this was an intentional act or a symptom of drug use. This clown was not under the influence of alcohol. A toxicology report has not been completed.

This man ran up to a forty foot burning effigy, which I guess is always performed on Saturday before labor day. By the way I boycott all national holidays, including Labor Day. Sheriff goons claimed that they had to stop their rescue efforts because of safety.

You see this forty foot burning efigy was beginning to collapse. They waited until this efigy fell to try to rescue Aaron. By that time it was too late, even though he was air lifted to a nearby hospital.

However, to me you reap what you sow. Perhaps there is such a thing as survival of the fittest. I almost think this story should be included on the Darwin Awards website.

I am trying to find any logic in this version of reality. Organizers of this event claim this was first time anyone had breached security and were able to actually run into the Burning Man flames. For once that is an apropos title for a festival.

“People try to run into the fire as part of their spiritual portion of Burning Man. The significance of the man burning, it’s just kind of a rebirth, they burn the man to the ground, a new chapter has started. It’s part of their tenets of radical self-expression.”

Burning Man was moved to it's current location in Northern Nevada in nineteen ninety.

Hydrogen Bomb Test – Performed First Time Ever by North Korea

North Korea Nuclear Test Site

As an anarchist I don't support any nation states. Today, September third two thousand seventeen, North Korea allegedly performed their first ever test of a hydrogen bomb. This device is supposedly a nuclear device.

The United States has the most nuclear devices on planet Earth. To me, all governments and their militaries planet wide are terrorist organizations, as they are known to murder innocent humans. Anyways, Democratic People's Republic of Korea claims they have a nuclear device that can be attached to a missile that could land in America.

Also, they claim that this device is actually a hydrogen bomb. This bomb is supposedly sevent times larger than the hydrogen bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. This is supposedly North Korea's sixth ever nuclear test.

This does not affect me emotionally one bit, as again I am an Anarchist that is opposed to all government and military planet wide. China, Japan, and South Korea denounced these tests in public. However, who knows what these lunatic nation states communicate to each other privately.

Vipin Narang called this a "city buster" type detonation device. He was quoted verbatim as saying:

“Now, with even relatively inaccurate intercontinental ballistic missile technology, they can destroy the better part of a city with this yield.”

That kind of a quote does not warm my heart. However, when the United States military murders countless babies, children, women in foreign lands, that does not warm my heart either. Obviously, I am speaking metaphorically.

Although, being too close to epicenter of a nuclear blast, may literally warm your heart. This test took place at noon local North Korean time at the Punggye-ri testing site. According to the United States Geological Survey, this blast caused a 6.3 magnitude earthquake reading.

Japan's military deployed sniffer planes to try to sniff for radiation levels. Not a very good nasal addiction to have. North Korea successfully tested it's first ever Inter Continental Ballistic Missile this past July.

After a second successful test, they deduced that one of their missiles could reach Chicago or Denver. I happen to live in this dump called Denver, COLORado. North Korea claims that these hydrogen bombs are made only using parts and labor from within this nation state.

As is proverbial with arrogant Americans, some have doubts to whether or not North Korea really has developed and tested a hydrogen Inter Continental Ballistic Missile. Some international independent nuclear scientists have claimed that this device had around one hundred kilotons of energy yield.

This would be seven to eight times more energy than that hydrogen bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima. South Korea's meterology department claims that North Korea's recent missile testings are getting exponentially greater. What is ironic is that the United States controlled by white people is the only nation state ever to use nuclear weapons against another nation state.

Two hydrogen bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I am not defending North Korea's government military. I am just pointing out facts.

This hydrogen bomb test was supposedly under ground. There are photos of the puppet North Korean president Kim Jong un inspecting what is claimed as the hydrogen device being loaded into an Inter Contintental Ballistic Missile. However, there ares skeptics claiming they would need to see photos of this alleged missile test.

US Navy Battleships – John S McCain Collides With Singapore Ship

In perhaps an event of natural karma, a United States vessel named USS John McCain, collided with a commercial ship. Since I am anti-war and anti-military, then quite frankly I don't feel sorrow for anyone involved in this incident. Allegely, ten military terrorists are missing after this supposed accident.

Five other crew members were supposedly injured. If the United States was not so obsessed with being an empire, perhaps I would not be blogging about it. This is not a brand new destroyer as has been incorrectly pointed out on the Internet.

Construction began on this United States Navy ship in nineteen ninety one. Also, this ship was first launced in September of nineteen ninety two. Some reports claim this destroyer collided with an oil tanker off the coast of Singapore.

The straight of Malacca is more specifically succinctly. The name of the merchant vessel is Alnic MC. This ship has been damaged but supposedly sailing back to port. The Alnic MC is a chemical and oil tanker weighing thirty thousand tons and length is six hundred feet.

Preliminary reports claim that this United States Navy destroyer was hit port side. A larg hole was seen in one photograph. The Alnic was registered with and flying a Liberian flag.

This accident occurs roughly just two months after another Naval ship, the Fitzgerald collided with a freightor off the coast of Japan. Also, the USS John McCain has been involved in controversial voyages recently. China condemned a voyage into the South China Sea near an island now controlled by them.

Another Navy cruiser in May, the Lake Champlain, collided with a fishing vessel from South Korea. In February, a guided missile vessel, the Antietam ran onto shore, spilling more than one thousand gallons of hydraulic fluid. Looks like Donald "Chump" Trump and the worlds largest terrorist organization, the United States military is indeed making America great

Although, I boycott politics and do not choose political sides.

Turku Finland – Stabbing Attack Causes Two Deaths

Another bizarre incident in the system of mental illness, today August eighteen two thousand seventeen. This time two people allegedly were stabbed to death in Turku Finland. Six other individuals were reportedly injured.

Ones suspect was taken into custody after being shot by Finnish gestapo. I guess now it is acceptable to just go around and shoot alleged "suspects"? Two other alleged suspects were taken into gestapo custody.

This incident supposedly transpired in two seperate locations. One being Kauppatori, also known as central market square to english speakers like myself. A second location was Puutori market square.

One forty four year old witness named Kent Svensson, claimed he saw a male running around stabbing people with a knife.

"It was really horrible. We were sitting on a terrace just next to the square and this woman just screamed like hell and this guy was standing in front of her with a huge knife just stabbing people,"

Aleksi Randell, the mayor of this city released a statement on the official Turku Finland government website. This beaurocrat claimed that nine people were victims of violence today in Finland. However, some other reports claim that eight people were victims.

Another report claimed that police were NOT looking for other suspects. What happened to the other two suspects in a different report? Another witness Laura Laine was quoted verbatim:

“We heard that a young woman was screaming. We saw a man on the square and a knife glittered. He was waving it in the air.

I understood that he had stabbed someone.”

This incident comes less than twenty four hours after a similar incident in La Rambla Barcelona Spain. The word terrorism was of course used again. However, gestapo and other government officals had not officially declared this an act of "terrorism". Don't worry about real terrorism perpetrated by real governments and their militaries planet wide.

La Rambla Barcelona Spain – Attacks Cause 14 to Meet Their Demsie

The system of mental illness continues. This time multiple attacks left fourteen individuals dead on August seventeen two thousand seventeen. The site of one of these alleged attacks was Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain.

A van caused dozens of injuries and two fatalities. I have noticed a pattern in past few years of these alleged terrorist attacks caused by vans and other vehicles. What is not talked about is all the terrorism perpetrated by governments and there militaries.

Three gunman allegedly were involved in first incident. A second incident supposedly occurred in Cambrils. Two suspects were named in first incident.

However, a first suspect was incorrect. Thirteen people supposedly died from a van ramming into a crowd of people. Supposedly, eighty people were injured by this same van.

Spanish police terrorists kille four or five suspects depending on which report you choose. Also, those first two suspects were both vindicated as police gestapo changed their story. Now they claim that the real perpetrator was not armed and fled on foot.

There is massive confusion about first initial suspects:

“Investigators believe that it could be his brother who stole the documentation and who may be the one who is really involved in the deaths of the city. Driss’s brother is called Moussa Oukabir, he lives in Barcelona and is 18 years old. Several sources report that the protagonist of this action was Moussa Oukabir, brother of Driss, 18. The young man lives in Barcelona and is thought to be one of the main authors of the facts.

Likewise, the confusion and the confirmation that has led Mossos to stop Driss Oukabir can be due to the fact that he was a resident of the penitentiary center of Figueres, where he left in 2012.”

Yet again authority figures labeled this a terrorist early on, without any proof. Once again islamist radicals are blamed. Why doesn't the media report on Christian and other religious terrorism?

A Facebook page belonging to Driss Oukabir Soprano was deleted a few hours after these incidents. Why was another Facebook page deleted after one of these alleged violent events? Who was responsible for deleting this page?

Amaq news agency claimed responsibility for this incident. Amaq is ISIS's offical news agency. However, I have studied this news agency and found some troubling information.

Also, many people have come to a conclusion that actually the United States government military created ISIS.

West Africa – Burkina Faso Restaurant Shooting Causes 18 Deaths

A popular Turkish restaurant was targeted in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Eighteen people have been reportedly been killed. Burkina Faso, is a small land locked nation state in western part of Africa.

Two that died were allegedly perpetrators of this event. These events took place around 5pm eastern time at Aziz Instanbul restaurant. Twenty two other people were wounded.

Victims supposedly were from multiple countries, Burkina Faso, Kuwait, Canada, Libya, Senegal, Nigeria and Turkey. This small nation state was a French colony up until nineteen sixty officially. Injured persons were taken to a Yalgado Ouédraogo hospital.

Three victims supposedly have yet to been identified. The alleged perpetrators rode in on motorcycles with AK47's. One witness had this to say:

"I saw there were multiple trucks or jeeps driving through my street, with local army/police officers with AK47s, deploying in front of my house. I heard a lot of shootings and then I was scared as hell and I went inside. I've been hearing quite a bit of shooting."

France is trying to fund and create a group called G5 Sahel to supposedly create security for this region. The current Jesuit puppet president of France, Emmanuel Macron, visited this eare in June two thousand seventeen. Burkina Faso borders Mali.

There have been similar incidents in Mali in recent years. Burkinabe government officials are blaming Islamist militants without any proof. Three to four gunmen started spraying bullets on a patio outside this restaurant.

These same gunmen then barricaded themselves inside this restaurant. Another report claims that there were only three gunmen. This same report claims that all three gunmen were killed.

The French puppet Macron labeled this a "terrorist attack". This sounds like perhaps same old propaganda rhetoric of blaming muslims. Meanwhile, we must ignore atrocities perpetrated by christians and other religious persons.

London Finsbury Park – Mosque Pedestrian Incident

There is an incident in London England again and it's similar to these narratives that have been occurring over the last few months or maybe into last year. A van crashed into I think people outside of a mosque. Let's get to this event.

London Finsbury Park incident casualties as van crashes into pedestrians near London mosque. Van hits worshippers outside mosque in Finsbury Park. Finsbury Park number of casualties as van hits worshippers outside mosque.

Well they can't blame this on Muslims, because you really think that Muslims are going to crash a van into their own worshippers. NYPD announces they will send officers to NYC area after tonight's incident in North London's Finsbury Park. One person is arrested after a vehicle struck pedestrians.

White van driver injures at least ten people after plowing into a crowd outside London's Finsbury Park mosque where cleric Abu Hamza once preached as Muslims break Ramadan fast. London reports a van has driven into group of people.
Several people have been injured in North London after a van rammed into worshipers leaving a mosque.

The international media ignoring the London incident because the victims are Muslim. Man arrested after a van veered off the road into a crowd outside a mosque.