Boston – Free Speech Rally Ends Early Dwarfed by Counter Protest

Boston Free Speech Coalition

Another alleged free speech rally, which perhaps is really masquerading as a white supremacist klan rally, ended early Saturday August nineteen two thousand seventeen. A march was scheduled from Roxbury to Boston Common. Twenty seven serfs were arrested at this klan rally, I mean free speech rally.

What I found interesting is that it was obvious police were protecting these conservative, republican, libertarian, hippies. Some of them were actually escorted via police and their gestapo vehicles. Allegedly, around forty thousand total people attended.

Most of them were counter protestors. Police claimed one person had a gun and three people had ballistic vests. A klan rally was scheduled between 12pm-2pm local time.

However, police ended this rally thirty minutes early. So much for free speech? Anyways, I don't pick sides with political debates. Samson Racioppi, a Libertarian congressional candidate was scheduled to speak at this conservative, republican, hippie, white supremacist free speech klan rally.

Why would a Libertarian speak at a right wing rally? The organizer of this event claimed they were not affiliated with white supremacists. However, this person knew some ku klux klan members were planning on attending.

This rally was organized by Boston Free Speech Coalition. Speakers scheduled to appear were:

* Kyle Chapman
* Joe Biggs
* Shiva Ayyadurai
* Samson Racioppi

Some of these characters are quite controversial. Kyle Chapman is infamous for beating counter Trump supporters with a stick. Joe Biggs is a military terrorist that used to work for Alex Jones and Infowars.

Looks like this rally was a total flop for free speech, as counter protestors dwarfed this group. There were some clashes with police. However, no major injuries occurred and most importantly no person(s) died.

Perhaps violent savages like Kyle Chapman, Joseph Biggs, some Klu Klux Klan members and even members of Boston Free Speech Coalition are disappointed that no major violence transpired?

Charlottesville Virginia – Heather Heyer Memorial Scheduled

Heather Heyer

The memorial for Heather Heyer has been scheduled for August sixteen two thousand seventeen. She is the one victim that died during the Unite The Right klan rally held in August of two thousand seventeen, in Charlottesville, Virginia. Ironically enough she was a white female.

She was ran over by a two thousand ten Dodge Challenger registered to James Fields, a white supremacist. The Paramount Theatre in Charlottesville, Virginia is site of this memorial. Two hundred twenty four thousand eight hundred seventy dollars was raised via GoFundme.

This fundraiser has since been closed. Heather was thirty two years old when she was murdered. She was crossing a street during the Unite The Right klan rally, when she was hit by a two thousand ten Dodge Challenger. According to her Linkedin profile she was a legal assistance for Miller Law Group PC.

She was an overt Bernie Sanders supporter. Her is still available at time of this blog post creation. Her last post was dated November nineteen two thousand sixteen.

I noticed she wrote a review criticizing the Fort Worth Police department.

"The racist liability in this department needs to be fired and the woman he assaulted, as well as her daughters, need to be released immediately. The actions of this officer are inexcusable and disgusting."

As a person with color I hate the fucking police and sheriff in America. Anyways, a total of thirty four individuals were injured during Unite The Right klan rally and a fiasco the night before. Heather was disparaged by a Daily Stormer article, enough to the point that GoDaddy, a web hosting provider, gave them twenty four hours to move their website to a different server.

GoDaddy was the Daily Stormer's web hosting provider. Heather has been attacked on numerous websites. Google in a very rare move, also dropped Daily Stormer from their search results after White Supremacist Andrew Anglin, wrote an article disparaging Heather.

Andrew Anglin is the founder of Daily Stormer.

James Allsup – Washington State University is a White Supremacist

James Allsup Washington University White Supremacist

Another student protestor from the Unite The Right fiasco, has been outed as a white supremacist. This time James Allsup a student from Washington State University has been outed. He was president of the Washington State University republicans.

He was forced to step down after he was outed as a white terrorist. He is aged twenty one and graduated from Bothell High School. In an interview since the white terrorist attacks in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August two thousand seventeen, he claimed he is a paleoconservative or right wing libertarian.

Alex Jones, whom to me is another white supremacist, has used the same terms to indentify his political leaning. James gave a speech at the Unite The White rally. Also, he is friends with another white terrorist, nicknamed baked alaska.

He has received over twenty million views on his YouTube channel. James Allsup has been replaced as leader of the Washington State University Republicans. Not that I care about politics.

According to his Linkedin profile, James is a Senior Advisor at Students for Chump, I mean Trump. He is campaign manager for Hailey Roemer for Representative. James Allsup removed a YouTube video indicting him as a racist.

However, this video was uploaded to another YouTube channel. It documents James accompanying other white terrorists. James has since denied being a racist white supremacist.

He hosts a three times per week podcast, Western Sun Radio. I think he currently resides in Pullman, Washington. James was photographed with two thousand sixteen presidential candidate Rand Paul.

He brags about how gofundme had banned him. He has both hatreon and patreon accounts. If you are a person with color I recommend that you not fund directly or even indirectly these white terrorists like James Allsup.

James is an equal opportunity hater by making sexist, anti jewish, and transphobic comments on his Facebook profile. He even dressed up as a fake border patrol agent, to show his disgust for Mexicans. Finally, some people are claiming that James has an asian parent.

This was brought up in that YouTube video I linked to above that indicted this racist. I was not able to independently verify whether or not he has an asian parent. Not to indict any people with color, but me personally I was adopted by white people, whom turned out white supremacist themselves.

I am NOT a white person myself and was born in Colombia. I have noticed a pattern, with many persons that have just one white parent, will often defend white supremacy.

Daily Stormer – Pulled by GoDaddy Over Heather Heyer Comments

GoDaddy Pulls Plug on Daily Stormer

GoDaddy Incorporated late Sunday August thirteen two thousand seventeen, pulled the plug on one of their own clients, This right wing white supremacist website made disparaging comments towards Heather Heyer. She was murdered during the Unite The White, I mean Unite The Right klan rally that transpired a day prior.

She was hit by a car suspected to have been driven by white supremacist James Fields. Andrew Anglin titled an article pertaining to Heather Heyer's death with:

"Heather Heyer: Woman Killed in Road Rage Incident was a Fat, Childless 32-Year-Old Slut"

Andrew Anglin is a long line of white terrorists. He founded This website name, Daily Stormer, is actually an english transliteration of a Nazi Germany propaganda rag titled "Der Stürmer".

He wrote an attack piece littered with ad hominem and other logical fallacies, towards his deceased victim, Heather Heyer. He wrote a five facts you need to know article about her. A twitter user notified GoDaddy Incorporated asking them to read this article.

GoDaddy responded by giving Andrew and twenty four hours to move their website to another hosting providor. GoDaddy has been pressured in the past about white supremacist websites hosted on their servers. Here are some quotes found in this article linked to above:

"most people are glad she is dead"

"this fat slob"

"Having no children at that age, it can be assumed that she had multiple abortions, and was thus herself a child murderer."

Andrew and his website claims that her death was just an act of road rage. A total absurd statement considering the driver of a two thousand ten dodge challenger, which was registered to James Fields, plowed into her and other persons intentionally. We shall see if GoDaddy is bluffing or not.

As of this blog post creation, is registered with GoDaddy, with Internet Protocal address However, with my information technology background, it can take hours if not longer for Domain Name Service changes to take affect across the Internet.

Peter Cvjetanovic – U of Nevada Reno Student is White Supremacist

Another white person up to no good in their rigged hood. This time, a University of Nevada Reno student named Peter Cvjetanovic became popular after a Unite The White, I mean Unite The Right rally in August two thousand seventeen. This obviously angry racist denies that he is a hateful bigoted white supremacist.

A photo of this white savage went viral across the Internet. He was carrying a tiki torch a long with other white terrorists. Peter is studying history and political science at University of Nevada Reno.

An official statement in response to the Unite The Right rally was posted on the University of Nevada Reno Facebook page:

"To our @unevadareno community: please know we are aware of the dialogue taking place and the unfortunate incidents in Charlottesville, VA. Our hearts go out to those who have been affected by this terrible tragedy. Despite these challenges, we strive for an inclusive campus where people feel safe and welcome."

His Facebook profile is still viewable at time of this blog post creation. He is a member of a International group of national conservatives alt right facebook group. This group has over three thousand four hundred members.

His last post was dated July first two thousand fourteen. I have no idea why this white savage's photo went viral. Many people, including whites are calling for this student's removal from University of Nevada Reno. One person pointed out how Peter violated three codes of conducts that this university allegedly enforces.

Peter is also a member of University of Nevada Reno young Republicans. This twenty year old white supremacist has been photographed with United States Senator from state of Nevada, Dean Heller, a Republican. Senator Heller denies knowing Peter:

"I don't know this person & condemn the outrageous racism, hatred and violence. It's unacceptable & shameful. No room for it in this country."

How the fuck does he not know Peter Cvjetanovic when he was clearly photographed with him?

James Fields – Military Man Causes One Demise at Unite Right Rally

James Alex Fields - Dodge Challenger

James Fields is a suspect that has since been arrested for using his vehicle to perpetrate homicide at the Unite The Right rally. I found another military connection as well. He is military and used his vehicle to cause one death.

Also, there are photos with James Fields wearing a white supremacist insignia on his shirt. This white boy has been charged with second degree murder, three counts of malicious wounding, failure to stop for an accident involving a death, and hit and run. James was photographed with another white supremacist group Vanguard America.

James Fields Facebook page has since been removed. Also, he is a member of the United States Army, as of two thousand fifteen. He is a registered Repugnant I mean Republican.

Also, it has since been varified that a 2010 Dodge Challenger that hit multiple people at the Unite the Right rally was registered in his name. I was not able to view his facebook page via a cache. However, multiple people have screen captured his profile on the Internet.

James was actually hanging out with other members of Vanguard America at this Unite The Right rally. He is being held without bail in a Charlottesville, Virginia jail. Local gestapo are allegedly investigating whether or not he was driving this vehicle at time of a homicide.

He plowed into a group of people standing in a street during this rally. Also, he hit another vehicle. He backed away from this vehicle and actually tried hitting people a second time with his Dodge Challenger.

Video footage shows that he may have shouted "blood and soil" during this rally. Blood and Soil is a Nazi Germany white supremacist slogan. James Alex resides in Maumee, Ohio.

Initially, a different person was named as the main suspect. Also, there were rumors that he was a Bernie Sanders supported which is most likely not true. However, I do not involve myself with politics.

I do not choose sides. However, it could be possible that his Republican political affiliation is being used for more political divide and conquer.

Unite The Right – White Supremacists Cause Chaos in Charlottesville

Unite The Right Jason Kessler

A white supremacist group had their rally today August twelve two thousand seventeen in Charlottesville Virginia. One person died and nineteen people were injured. This group received an injunction yesterday by a federal judge, that allowed them to rally.

Instead of having a peaceful assembly, these white savages caused major chaos and even death. Jason Kessler, obviously a white man, created this klan rally. A federal judge over turned a local ruling, giving these white klan members the right to hold their rally.

Now they want to deflect and blame everyone except themselves, for at least one person dying and around nineteen injuries. Some reports claim that three people died directly related to this Unite The White, I mean Unite The Right rally. A Unite The Right free speech rally facebook event has since been removed.

I was able to view it via google cache. Originally, this klan rally pun intended, was scheduled to occur at Lee Park. I think this park is a tribute to Robert E. Lee another white supremacist. This rally was moved to all places Emancipation Park.

Police reported that hundreds of real klu klux klan members were planning on attending this affair. Although, most police in America are white and many of them are actual Klu Klux Klan members themselves. Other reporst claim that possibly four thousand to six thousand people would attend, making this one of the largest white supremacist rallies in over a decade in America.

As is proverbial in the system of white terrorism, some white people are claiming that any violence that occurred at this klan rally was fake or a hoax. I will be further investigating Jason Kessler and his Unite The Right group. Here is an exact quote verbatime of this event from the Facebook event page that has since been removed.

"In response to the Alt-Right's peaceful demonstration in support of the Lee Monument on May 13th, the City of Charlottesville and roving mobs of Antifa have cracked down on the First Amendment rights of conservatives and right wing activists. They have threatened our families, harassed our employers and tried to drive us from public spaces with threats of intimidation. We are not afraid.

You will not divide us. This is an event which seeks to unify the right-wing against a totalitarian Communist crackdown, to speak out against displacement level immigration policies in the United States and Europe and to affirm the right of Southerners and white people to organize for their interests just like any other group is able to do, free of persecution."

These white supremacists claim that their free speech has been under attack, which is laughable to me since almost everytime a racist white person wants to hold a rally or speech, a federal judge will step in and defend their free speech. Seven hundred forty one possible white terrorists marked that they were going to attend this event.

Another possible one thousand three hundred white terrorists claimed they were interested in this event.

Alt Right – White Supremacists Brawl at University of Virginia

Some alternative right White Supremacists brawled with counter protestors, Friday evening July eleven two thousand seventeen. These white savages actually brought kiki torches with them. Eventually, some of these white people swiped at counter protestors with their torches.

On Saturday there is a planned march to occur at this same University of Virginia. There chants included:

"blood and soil”

“white lives matter”

“you will not replace us"

Blood and soil is actually a Nazi Germany slogan. Local gestapo were dispatched and they eventually shutdown these white festivities, deeming this an illegal assembly. A well known, white terrorist at least to me, Richard Spencer attended.

Saturday, will be home of one of the far right rallies, in over a decade, according to some white people. The white female president of University of Virginia, Teresa Sullivan, had this to say in response to the brawls perpetrated by white supremacists:

As President of the University of Virginia, I am deeply saddened and disturbed by the hateful behavior displayed by torch-bearing protestors that marched on our Grounds this evening. I strongly condemn the unprovoked assault on members of our community, including University personnel who were attempting to maintain order. Law enforcement continues to investigate the incident, and it is my hope that any individuals responsible for criminal acts are held accountable.

The violence displayed on Grounds is intolerable and is entirely inconsistent with the University’s values.

Many citizens near this campus were opposed to a Unite The Right rally scheduled for Saturday August twelve two thousand seventeen. However, a federal judge stepped in on eve of this March and protected this group. However, they must host their white supremacist klan rally at Emancipation Park.

Local gestapo supposedly will attend, I mean keep the peace at this rally. I find it a great irony that this white supremacist klan rally will partake at "Emancipation Park".

Christie Czajkowski – Ex Military Charges For Child Abuse Dropped

Christie Janelle Czajkowski a former member of the fake phony truth movement, had charges of child abuse dropped. In two thousand ten, she originally was facing five felony charges of child abuse. She traded in witness testimony against her neighbor Russ Dove, to have all charges dropped in January of two thousand twelve.

Christie served time in the United States military more specifically succinctly, naval intelligence. She has admitted she comes from a high level military family. Currently, she claims she is homeless.

She is former host of Truth Brigade Radio on American Freedom Radio. Also, she is a former member of the San Diego Minutemen. This is a militia movement based in San Diego, California.

Russ Dove is actually a known white supremacist. He pleaded guilty to multiple counts of child abuse. This female military member has had countless problems with legal matters.

She currently lost custody of both her daughters. This white woman claims she is opposed to racism. However, she was a leader of the San Diego Minutemen in two thousand seven.

This group was NOT just opposed to illegal immigration. They were exposed as intentionally destroying immigrant camps. Also, Christie was connected to Russ Dove, a known white supremacist, for many years.

The drama never seems to stop with this white female. In two thousand seven police raided the San Diego Minutemen she was a member of. In two thousand ten police arrested her while she was performing her Truth Brigade radio show live.

Her radio program aired for a few years in late two thousands into early two thousand tens. She has had other radio shows that floundered and eventually abandoned. She has surrounded herself with a cast of characters including Jeff Schwilk, Russ Dove, Louie Bee, Jim jim Stachowiak, etc.

Many but not all, of these people have had criminal backgrounds. Many of them have government, police, and military connections. Finally, Christie Czajkowski was interviewed by the Russian Pravda Ria Novosti funded Russia Today aka RT.

Christopher McCoy – Suffolk Police Forces Oral Sex From Female

Another police terrorist forces himself on a female. This time thirty eight year old Christopher McCoy arrested an anonymous female in March of two thousand seventeen. She claims that she was sexually assaulted and this white terrorist tried to force oral sex from her twice.

Also, his female victim claims she was falsely arrested. She had court documents proving she had taken care of some warrants. Christopher McCoy and a domestic terrorist organization known as Suffolk County police are being sued for forty million dollars.

When this female may have been falsely arrested, she was taken to a private room with this white terrorist scum Christopher and another police terrorist. His partner left this room and this is when Christopher pulled his pants down and tried to force this female to perform oral sex on him. He took her to another private room later on and tried to force her to perform oral sex on him again.

When this white savage arrested this female, he allegedly according to her, grabbed her chest area. This gestapo scum has been on the Suffolk County police squad for ten years. Before that he was a New York Police Department thug for around one year.

This white boy Christopher initially lied to the Federal Bureau of Insurgency. When the FBI threatened to take a DNA sample via a swab, he confessed to his savage behaviour. This thug was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Insurgency on July twenty seven two thousand seventeen.

Christopher McCoy faces one criminal charge of depriving an arrestee of right to bodily integrity and one charge of aggravated sexual abuse by one acting under color of law. He faces a total of thirty years in prison if convicted. However, most police terrorists in America are never convicted and sentenced.

Adding insult to injury this white scum sent threatening text messages to his victim after sexually assaulting her. A DNA sample of semen from this victims shirt matched a DNA sample from Christopher McCoy.