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Helmut Kohl – Former Chancellor Corruption & Stasi Files

Helmut Kohl, let's see what I can find out about this clown now. He was the Chancellor of Germany from 1982 to 1998. Helmut Joseph Michael Cole was a German statesman who served as a chancellor of the Federal Republic repugnant of Germany.

From 1982 to 1998 and as the chairman of the Christian Democratic Union from 1973 to 1998. He was also a leader yet he had another title of leadership for fuck I don't know a smaller segment of Germany or some shit like that. He was married twice.

Chancellor who reunited Germany dies at 87. So he died yesterday. Let's look into his sterling record as a criminal and crook.

He comes from a military family. His father was military in Germany and he was also military but supposedly he did not spend any time in a combat role. I think one of his brothers died in the military which I don't feel sorry for.

I never feel sorry for the military. I never care when they die and that includes any military on this planet. I just don't give a shit about military.

The United States military are unconstitutional. If you read the white man's constitution you would know that standing armies are not constitutional. You're not supposed to have an army, an air force, a Marines, a navy, a Coast Guard, Green Beret etc. because that's not in the white man's Constitution.

You were only supposed to have citizen militia in case your nation state got attacked. America has never been attacked but America the world's largest terrorist organization, full of violent savages attacks everybody that disagrees with them. He comes from a military family.

Helmut Kohl served as Chancellor of Germany eighty two to ninety eight. Oversaw the reunification of East and West Germany. I wonder if he was part of the German Stasi.

The German Stasi was worse than the SS that was a spy program according to my studies. Every government military nation state has secret police. America has secret police and it's not just the freemasonic fraternal order.

He lost an election after 16 years. In 2001 he was charged with accepting illegal contributions and fines. He spent his remaining years in ill health and died on June 16 2017. Early life he grew up in a conservative Roman Catholic family.

He was faithful to the catholic's center party long after the Nazi takeover. Helmut Kohl was drafted into the Army. Also, he was drafted into the Hitler Youth.

Helmut and his older brother Walter, they were drafted as teens into the army. The war ended before Helmut was deployed. I think he was drafted in 1945 which i think is when World War two ended.

His brother died in the military but I don't feel sorry for his brother. His brother died during the war. He became political at University of Heidelberg.

In 1969 Helmut Kohl was elected prime minister of the Rhineland State. In 1973 elected chair of the Christian Democratic Party. Kohl's government followed a centrist policy.

They supported West Germany's commitments to NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The reunification of East and West Germany occurred in 1989-1990. Kohl Stasi files release after a long legal battle.

All parts of a vast archive on former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, compiled by the notorious East German Stasi secret police were released Thursday for the first time but under heavy restrictions.

Two files of around one thousand pages each were made available in Berlin to a select group of researchers and journalists under orders not to publish them. While parts of the documents referring to Cole's personal life were
blacked out. That move follows years of legal efforts by Kohl who led West Germany when the Berlin Wall fell in 89.

He supervised the unification process with the former communist East to have the archives suppressed. Many observers
have speculated the files on wiretaps the Stasi carried out between 82 and 89 could include information linked to a
party funding scandal over which his career faltered in 2000 e

Some of the files were made available but most of them were still secret. East German Stasi compiled nearly 9,000 pages on Kohl as it tapped his telephones for most of the 1980s. The German news agency DPA reported that in many parts of the documents which include newspaper clippings, names, and personal purchases have been deleted as said without providing any details.

In a lengthy legal battle, much of the information was obtained illegally.

Ferrell Winfree – Admitted Racist Claims All Whites Are Racist

An admitted white supremacist female, Ferrell Winfree, has stated she thinks all white people are racists. This white woman admits she is racist towards people that are not white. She has been involved with a Race Relations Institute.

The Fisk University is a predominantly black university. Ferrell Winfree participated in the thirty third race relations institute from this university. Ferrell D Winfree is aged seventy seven at time of this blog post creation.

She currently resides in Kingston Tennessee according to my intelligence gathering. She is a cristian that practices christanDOM. She attended South Harriman High School.

She was possibly born in South Harriman, Tennessee. Also, she has appeared on the Context of White Supremacy radio show, multiple times.

Jerald Ard – Pensacola Police Murders Victor Steen

On October third two thousand nine, police gestapo terrorist Jerald Ard ran over seventeen year old Victor Steen. He murdered this teenager as he was riding his bicycle. He ran him over with his police cruiser.

Jerald Ard's punishment was just two weeks suspension without pay. Jerald Ard was aged thirty six at time of this murder he committed. This act of police terrorism occurred in Pensacola, Florida.

Jerald Ard's family received five hundred thousand dollars from the city of Pensacola. Victor's family initially sued for ten million dollars. This government terrorist organization, the city of Pensacola, decided to settle for half a million dollars.

Victor Steen had fallen off of his bicycle as Jerald was pursuing him. He hit a curb which caused him to fall in the path of a police cruiser. Gestapo terrorist Jerald Ard was found not guilty of causing Victor's murder.

Fidel Castro – Communist Socialist Jesuit Made Cuba Terrible Again?

Fidel Castro, communist socialist dictator of Cuba, finally met his demise on November twenty six two thousand sixteen. Fidel's real full name was Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz. This clown had Jesuit ties for many years.

He received Jesuit training from three different Society of Jesus institutions. He attended College Lasalle, Colegio Dolores, and Colegio Belen. Fidel later graduated from University of Havana law school and then became a member of Orthodox Christian
Democrat party.

This is a Roman Catholic political party. Albert Rivera, he himself a Jesuit at one time, claims that Fidel was a fourth degree Jesuit. Also, he has met publicly numerous times with Roman Catholic Popes.

Once this military dictator took control in nineteen fifteen nine, Cuba's economy quickly collapsed. Nearly five thousand Cubans during this communist socialist military dictatorship met their demise as dissidents. Many of them were murdered by firing squad.

Ironically, enough Fidel turned Cuba into basically an atheist or secular state. Allegedly, he even closed down Colegio Belen which he once attended. However, this could be a ruse so that this communist socialist catholic Jesuit military dictatorship rolls on.

Economic conditions for many Cubans have been terrible for decades now. As a matter of fact, Cuba has reversed course and stopped using modern technology. For example citizens were encouraged to travel by bicycle instead of motor vehicle. Cuban farmers were forced to use cattle literally instead of tractors.

Fidel Castro Ruz himself was a son of parents that made their living off of a sugar cane plantation. His father married one of his mistress servants. Cuba's one party commie socialist dictatorship banned cell phones until two thousand eight.

You see this bureaucratic commie socialist government makes almost every decision for citizenry. Personal computers, DVD players, car alarms, and televisions were not allowed until two thousand eight. Before this time period many technologies were possessed only by foreigners and or corporations.

Obama Administration – Deport More Immigrants Than Any US President

There is this myth that some how Democrats and Republicans are different. During the Obama administration first seven years, they deported more not documented immigrants than any previous president. As a matter of fact, this Democrat administration deported more immigrants than all presidential administrations in twentieth century combined.

Between two thousand nine and two thousand fourteen, the Obama administration removed over two million five hundred thousand immigrants. Also, this figure does not include individuals that self deported themselves, or were turned away at United States / Mexico border by United States Customs and Border Protection gestapo. Numbers for year two thousand fifteen are not yet available as of this blog post creation.

The left claims they support amnesty which obviously is a fabrication. As an anarchist I don't subscribe to any person being illegal on planet earth. However, that is what these terrorist organizations also known as government militaries use to control people.

During George W. Bush's administration the largest removals occurred in two thousand eight, when three hundred fifty nine thousand seven hundred fifty nine individuals were removed from America. In two thousand one, one hundred eighty nine thousand twenty six individuals were removed. The Obama administration had three years of four hundred thousand plus removals from two thousand twelve to two thousand fourteen.

This is by far America's largest removal of not documented immigrants. More individuals have been removed from America in last seven to eight years than all of the nineteen hundreds combined. This to me is further proof that both political parties are basically the same.

One party, the Republicans, claim they are tough on immigration. The other party, the Democrats, claim they are leniant on immigration with amnesty. However, when calculating the numbers both parties are equally as anti free human.

Amy Lew – aka Whitney Wisconsin Face Warrant With Multiple Charges

Another white girl up to no good in her rigged hood. Amy Lew who is known as Whitney Wisconsin faces two misdemeanor counts of lewd and lascivious behavior and three misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct. She is famous or infamous for making a ten reasons why you should have sex with dogs YouTube video that went viral.

She is allegedly currently nineteen years old. These charges stem from her making pornographic videos at Eau Claire businesses. These videos were sold adult websites.

Erio Oliver her fiancee was arrested sometime earlier in two thousand sixteen. He was in Florida and extradited to Eau Claire County Wisconsin. Originally he was facing felony child pornography charges.

An arrest warrant was issued for Amy Lew in May of two thousand fifteen after she did not show up to court. As of November twenty one two thousand sixteen, an arrest warrant for her is still active. Amy was interviewed by police gestapo April ten two thousand fifteen.

Her date of birth is March six nineteen ninety seven and full name is Amy Lynn Lew. Allegedly, she admitted to police that it was her idea to film those pornographic videos in public businesses. These videos were filmed in March two thousand fifteen and April two thousand fifteen.

Her fiancee has a twenty thousand dollar bond. His full name is Erio Sherrod Oliver. He is still in custody at Eau claire County jail as of November twenty one two thousand sixteen. His date of birth is October twenty second nineteen eighty nine.

Amy was using her YouTube alias Whitney Wisconsin in these pornographic videos.

Ward Churchill – Ex Military a White Man and Not Native American?

Ward Churchill is perhaps a controversial figure in many different ways. This man claims that he is native american. However, these claims have come into question many times before.

Is Ward Churchill really a white man portraying himself as a native american? Ward is actually ex military. He was drafted into the United States Army in nineteen sixty six. He did not try to dodge this draft.

According to himself, Ward volunteered for the Vietnam War. He was discharged from the United States Army in nineteen sixty eight. Ward was Professor of Ethnic Studies at University of Colorado, in Boulder, Colorado from nineteen ninety until two thousand seven.

Ward has claimed most of his life that he is from Native American indian ancestry. Ward's birth parents were both listed as white in a nineteen thirty census. Also, his grand father with his same first and last name was listed as white in a nineteen twenty census.

On his military records he is listed as caucasian which is another term for white. All except two of his great great grand parents were listed white on census and other official documents. Ward has never allowed blood testing to confirm his alleged indegenous roots.

He has claimed at least three different degrees of indegenous roots. One occasion he claimed he was 1/8th Creek and 1/16th Cherokee. A second occasion he claimed he was 1/16th Creek and Cherokee.

A third occasion he claimed he was "Muscogee and Creek descent on my father's side, Cherokee on my mother's." Finally, a fourth claim is that he is 3/16th Cherokee. Ward claimed that he was a blood member of United Keetoowah Band, which the United States government military officially designates as Cherokee.

However, this group only gave him an honorary membership after he declined to give them evidence of his indegenous ancestry.

Harlem Park Middle School – White Teacher Calls Students N Word

Another white girl up to no good in the system of white terror. This time an anonymous white female teacher at Harlem Park Middle School, in Baltimore, Maryland, called her black african students niggers. This white female teacher even grabbed one of these students by their hoodie in a hall.

She has since been fired after this incident took place November seventeen thousand sixteen. Erica Esha Deminds a mother of one of these students uploaded a video of this incident to her FaceBook. Initially this video received three million three hundred thousand views.

She has since deleted this video. Another version of this video received over five million views. This white female Al Qaeda member has since been fired.

However, her name has not been released publicly. Harlem Park Elementary Middle School brain white washes four hundred and four black children as of two thousand thirteen two thousand fourteen figures. This white woman went off on a violent savage tirade after she felt she lost control of her students.

Below is her communication or lack there of:

“Get out of my class. You’re idiots! You are all getting zeros for not participating.

You are going to be a bunch of broke ass niggers who get shot. You’re stupid, you’re stupid. Learn something, be a man."

Baltimore City Schools claims they only fired this white teacher because one of these videos went viral. This white woman was this schools' second year eighth grade science teacher. She was hired through Baltimore City Teaching Residency program.

Erica's son Twon filmed this incident without this white girl's knowledge. I was not able to obtain real legal name of this white female savage at time of this blog post creation.

Bret Harte Middle School – Threatens to Deport Mexican Children

A long term substitute gym teacher threatened to assist in deportation of Mexican children on Wednesday November fifteen two thousand sixteen. This male teacher brain white washes school children at Bret Harte Middle School in Los Angeles, California. Jennifer Reynaga's eleven year old daughter recorded some of these threats with her cell phone.

Also, this male teacher threatened to assist with deportation of his students' parents. This man is quoted verbatim:

"If you were born here, then your parents got to go. Then they will leave you behind, and you will be in foster care. I have your phone numbers, your address, your mama's address, your daddy's address.

It's all in the system, sweetie"

You see Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was passed in two thousand twelve. This allows children that were born in the United States from persons that have not become citizens yet, to stay in America with permits. These permits are renewable every two years as long as these children meet certain guidelines.

The full audio has not been released. Local media whore propagandist affiliates NBC Los Angeles and Telemundo are only entities to have obtained some of this audo. Also, Los Angeles Unified School District is allegedly reviewing entire audio.

This male teacher supposedly has since been fired. However, I was not able to obtain his name. I could not verify whether or not this was a white teacher.

Bret Harte Prepatory Middle School is located at:

9301 S.Hoover St.
Los Angeles, CA 90044

The Los Angeles Unified School District brain white washes over six hundred forty thousand children at over nine hundred temporary internment camps and one hundred eighty seven public charter temporary internment camps.

Valeska Griffiths – Films White Canadian Attack Person With Color

White people up to no good in their rigged hood. This time a white boy in Toronto, Canada attacked a person with color verbally on November fourteen two thousand sixteen. A white girl named Valeska Griffiths started filming this incident as it transpired.

She witnessed an anonymous white boy verbally assault a person with color on a Toronto Car streetcar. Here are a collection of quotes from this video:

“You’re a little bitch, eh. Welcome to Canada. Don’t worry bro, I remember your face, I promise you. On Jesus, I promise you.

This guy, who doesn’t even know what ‘yes’ or ‘no’ means. He’s not from around this town; I can tell by his face. The next time you punch me in the face, you’re getting buried. You’re getting buried.

Go back to your fucking country. It’s not. It’s gonna end with his teeth on the fucking ground.

Are you stupid? Are you stupid? Are you stupid?"

This white terrorist attack occurred on 512 Saint Clair streetcar when it stopped at Glenholme Street and Saint Clair Avenue. Two white female witnesses claimed that this not white victim did NOT punch and or assault this white Al Qaeda member. Allegedly, this person with color intervened when this white boy and another white woman became involved in a dispute.

You see this other white girl asked him to turn down his loud music. Later on in this video this white boy admitted he was white by labeling himself white. Also, off camera Valeska claims she saw this white boy brush up against this person with color.

Local police gestapo intervened and allowed this male with color back on this streetcar. Neither person is facing legal charges. I was not able to find out this white boy's name.