Margaret McAllister – Met Demise by Jerry Smith & Crystal Stanley

An eighty one year old white woman named Margaret McAllister recently met her demise. Two white people, Jerry Smith and Crystal Stanley are being charged for her murder. These two wild white savages were arrested in Arizona.

However, this alleged homicide transpired in Hancock, Maryland. Police gestapo claim an autopsy has concluded Margaret met her demise via homicide. Crystal is her great niece.

What I found fascinating is that according to Margaret’s obituary, she was an Eastern Star Freemason. You see Eastern Star is a freemasonic order for women. Jerry is aged forty three meanwhile Crystal is aged thirty nine.

These translucent savages are awaiting extradition to Maryland from Kingman, Arizona. They are both facing first and second degree murder, armed robbery, robbery and second degree assault charges. On May twenty two thousand sixteen, this white womans dead body was found inside her home.

I was able to verify that these two white people are indeed still inmates in Mohave County, Arizona.

Mass Catholic – Alleged Satanic Baphomet Statue Offends Catholics

A baphomet statue that was revealed yesterday at a recently opened Satanic Temple in Detroit Michigan, has upset and offended some local Catholics. Allegedly, around two hundred to two hundred and fifty catholic’s attended a protest mass at St. Joseph Church. The Satanic Temple of Detroit was going to reveal this baphomet statue, at a Detroit location that only individuals that purchased tickets would become notified of.

This eight and one half foot statue is a satanic symbol to some. Other people have claimed baphomet is an old school deity that The Knights Templar’s and later Freemasons worshiped and perhaps still worship. Jex Blackmore, a white woman, whose real name is Adrea Potti, is founder of this Satanic Temple of Detroit.

Originally, she and her organization wanted this baphomet statue erected at Oklahoma State Capitol grounds next to a concrete ten commandments version. This never transpired as Oklahoma state legislature passed legislation banning religious statues on capitol grounds including that concrete version of ten commandments. Satanic Temple of Detroit now wants this baphomet statue placed next to another concrete version of ten commandments at the Arkansas state capitol grounds.

This baphomet allegedly cost one hundred thousand fake federal reserve notes. This bronze statue weighs more than two thousand pounds. Supposedly, this occult symbol was supposed to get revealed at a local restaurant until threats of arson were passed out.

That is when a decision was made to hold this revealing event in “secret” instead. White girl Jex Blackmore claims she and two hundred members do not worship Satan. No catholic’s, pagan’s, satanist’s, Freemason’s, Knights Templar’s, theist’s, non-theist’s, etc. were hurt.

Ku Klux Klan – White Supremacists Confronted by People With Color

Ku Klux Klan of South Carolina, which is a white terrorist group to me, held a confederate flag rally yesterday. This group scheduled this rally because of a removal of a confederate flag from South Carolina capitol grounds a week prior. Ku Klux Klan of South Carolina expected around two hundred white Klan to appear.

Witnesses claim a much smaller number, perhaps fifty to one hundred appeared. These Klan were not the only terrorists at this rally. A large contingent of police and sheriff terrorists were on hand.

Five individuals were arrested at this affair, pun intended. One was arrested for “suspicion” of disorderly conduct. Two individuals arrested for assault and two others for breaching peace.

I was not able to obtain detailed information about these arrests. I was curious of number of people with color or lack there of that were arrested. Allegedly, seven people were treated for injuries by medics.

According to witnesses, a crowd of two thousand people actually attended this event. Most of them were protesters and law enforcement. There were some physical skirmishes and scuffles.

One white man was forced to drop his knife by a gun wielding white police or sheriff. Another white man was seen apprehended on the ground forcefully by both police and sheriff. One “black” male was seen hitting a Klan member with a confederate vest in his head.

Supposedly, this caused cheers from some crowd members. A white confederate flag supporter even was photographed stomping on an Israeli flag. These festivities were ended one hour prematurely as law enforcement exclaimed “in the interest of Public Safety”.

Black Educators for Justice scheduled a counter protest and anticipated three hundred members to attend. No word on how many of their members attended. Thankfully, no people with color were killed at this gala affair, last pun intended.

Fritz Springmeier – Is Ex-Con a Shill in a Phony Truth Movement?

Fritz Springmeier who claims to expose “the illuminati”, has quite an interesting past. Victor Earl Schoof is his real name, which he had changed legally in nineteen eighty three for “personal” reasons. Victor Schoof also known as Fritz Springmeier is actually “ex” military.

He entered West Point, a United States Military Academy at age seventeen. West Point is where possible future terrorists, I mean military become members of the United States Army. His father James E. Schoof, worked for United States Aid for International Development and worked for the United Nations as an agriculture engineer.

Fritz or Victor’s first wife divorced him and she had won custody of their only child. Mr. Springmeier or Schoof then kidnapped his own child from midwest United States and then took his child to Oregon. After approximately two years, the Federal Bureau of Insurgents, another possible terrorist organization, finally caught up with Fritz or Victor.

Fritz Springmeier

He was sentenced and served a not specified amount of time in a federal prison. Allegedly, Victor Schoof also known as Fritz Springmeier, married an actual christian woman from one of the illuminati blood line families. This man supposedly has used other aliases to include Ian McDiarmid, Peter Dunne, Amos Eicher, and Vernon Schwartz.

On March second, two thousand and one, Victor Schoof also known as Fritz Springmeier was arrested by local sheriff and FBI agents along with his wife Patricia Springmeier. They were charged with “first degree manufacture and distribution of a controlled substance, and conspiracy to manufacture and distribute controlled substances”. Allegedly, they were associated with a white supremacy group, the Army of God.

The Army of God is basically a pro life christian organization. However, in nineteen eighties and nineties, members of this organization were responsible for many deaths of abortion clinic doctors. On February thirteen, two thousand and three, Fritz or Victor was sentenced to nine years or one hundred and eleven months, in an American prison for armed robbery. He was released on March twenty fifth, two thousand and eleven.

Knights Hospitaller – Are Some Knights of Malta Very Nefarious?

Order of The Knights of Malta

This documentary shows who and what the Knights of Malta are and their objectives. Their links to the Knights Templar and other secret societies are noted which focus on Rome as a great controller. This is an evil organization that is assisting in the New World Order.

Are some Knights Hospitaller also known as Knights of Malta involved in not so hospitable activity? This organization is quite old and dates back to twelve century. The Knights of Malta also have ties to the Knights Templars and are basically off shoots of the Knights Hospitallers.

Allegedly, they perform philanthropic activities in society such as literally hospital care, but some critics have noted that higher level knights are responsible for some of the corruption of the Vatican. They are a militarized religious order that is over nine hundred years old. This religious order has been renamed numerous times through out their history.

Currently their official name is Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta. This group was once known as the Knights Hospitaller, Knights of Saint John, Knights of Rhodes, etc. before acquiring their current name. Many people refer to them as the Knights of Malta currently.

The Knights of Malta also known as Knights Hospitaller were instrumental during great crusades. Some people think that this papal group is at war with muslims world wide once again. The Knights Templars are also rumored to having a feud with Hezbollah and Hamas.

It may very well be possible that these Vatican papal knights groups use good deeds as a front or a facade so to speak in order to cover for their more nefarious actions. Do you think that some Knights of Malta are nefarious?