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Obama Administration – Deport More Immigrants Than Any US President

There is this myth that some how Democrats and Republicans are different. During the Obama administration first seven years, they deported more not documented immigrants than any previous president. As a matter of fact, this Democrat administration deported more immigrants than all presidential administrations in twentieth century combined.

Between two thousand nine and two thousand fourteen, the Obama administration removed over two million five hundred thousand immigrants. Also, this figure does not include individuals that self deported themselves, or were turned away at United States / Mexico border by United States Customs and Border Protection gestapo. Numbers for year two thousand fifteen are not yet available as of this blog post creation.

The left claims they support amnesty which obviously is a fabrication. As an anarchist I don't subscribe to any person being illegal on planet earth. However, that is what these terrorist organizations also known as government militaries use to control people.

During George W. Bush's administration the largest removals occurred in two thousand eight, when three hundred fifty nine thousand seven hundred fifty nine individuals were removed from America. In two thousand one, one hundred eighty nine thousand twenty six individuals were removed. The Obama administration had three years of four hundred thousand plus removals from two thousand twelve to two thousand fourteen.

This is by far America's largest removal of not documented immigrants. More individuals have been removed from America in last seven to eight years than all of the nineteen hundreds combined. This to me is further proof that both political parties are basically the same.

One party, the Republicans, claim they are tough on immigration. The other party, the Democrats, claim they are leniant on immigration with amnesty. However, when calculating the numbers both parties are equally as anti free human.

Crossroads Mall – Fiasco in St. Cloud Minnesota Causes 9 Injuries

Another incident of violence at a shopping mall in AmeriKKKa. This time nine people were stabbed with a knife at Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud Minnesota. This incident began around 8:15 PM local time.

Dahir Adan has been named a possible suspect. Although amazingly enough authority figures have claimed they thought ISIL was responsible for this incident. Dahir supposedly entered south side of this mall through Sears.

His victims were stabbed in common areas, stores and halls. He later met his demise by an off duty police gestapo named Jason Falconer. Supposedly Dahir was shot to death in north part of this mall.

Harley Exsted a witness claims he and his wife heard one popping sound at 8PM and then heard four more gunshots as they left this mall. This capitalistic brothel was closed all day Sunday and will open on Monday. This mall did employee security but they were not armed.

The Federal Burea of Insurgency a known domestic terrorist group in their own right has claimed that this incident is perhaps "a potential act of terrorism.". Dahir was a part time security officer and wore his uniform into this mall. Nick Valencia is quoted verbatim:

"All of sudden chaos just broke out. There was a bunch of people running into the JCPenney mall entrance, and they were just screaming that someone was going around the mall stabbing people, and that there was blood everywhere. It was just honestly a really scary experience."

Amaq News Agency was quoted:

“Executor of the stabbing attacks in Minnesota yesterday was a soldier of the Islamic State.”

Seven men, one woman, and a teenage girl were stabbed. American authority figures have not officially named Dahir Adan, aged twenty two, as a suspect. However, his father said police gestapo terrorists raided their apartment.

Crabtree Valley Mall – Incident Causes Lockdown of Shopping Mall

Another shopping mall incident in AmeriKKKa, August thirteen two thousand sixteen. This time shots were reportedly fired at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, North Carolina. Initially, police did not confirm any shots were fired.

Also, police gestapo did not confirm that any shell casings were found. However, local police gestapo claimed some injuries occurred when shoppers escaped this mall in a literal stampede. Witnesses claimed they heard and saw gunshots being fired.

Around 2:30 PM local time police goons showed up and quickly locked this capitalistic brothel down. Coincidentally, or maybe not, Federal Bureau of Insurgency, a local Sheriff's office, and state police investigators were on scene. Around eight people were taken to local hospitals as a result of a stampede to the exits so to speak.

John Riggleman and Kristin Warring claimed in an interview that they heard shots being fired while walking towards a video game store. These shots they heard sounded close to this mall's food court. Special Weapons and Tactics thugs brandished weaponry inside this mall.

Local serfs were allowed to leave this mall approximately 3 PM local time. Antonio Richardson told associated propaganda I mean associated press that he saw two men arguing in Crabtree Valley Mall food court, near Casanova clothing store entrance. He claims a total of four shots were fired during this argument.

Mark Rush another witness claims he heard five or six gunshots as he was walking out of a cellphone accessory store. Laurren Baker, another witness claims she heard gunshots as soon as she entered this mall. Also, she claims she witnessed police gestapo handcuff an individual.

She claims she thought those gunshots occurred in a food court. This capitalistic brothel was reopened for service following day at noon. Allegedly, there were two bullet holes seen in this mall ceiling.

Omar Mateen – Suspect Caused Fifty to Meet Demise at Pulse Club

Another mass shooting in AmeriKKKa. The United States government military, a terrorist organization, ironically is claiming this incident is an act of terror. Omar Mateen is the deceased suspect.

He killed fifty and wounded fifty three. One report by police terrorists claim that Omar had explosive devices on his persons and in his vehicle. However, other federal bureaucrats claim he did NOT have any explosives.

This lone wolf gunman started capping people at 2 AM local Eastern time. This twenty nine year old was a trained security guard. In both two thousand thirteen and two thousand fourteen he was being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Insurgency.

Around 5 AM police broke down the front door of this Pulse lesbian gay bisexual transgender night club. They then terminated this gunman. Per usual authorities are trying to claim Omar had ties to Islam and or ISIS, but that has not been proven as true.

The Orlando Regional Medical Center, Arnold Palmer Hospital, and Winnie Palmer Hospital within close proximity to this incident, were placed under lockdown. Omar was aged twenty nine and possessed an AR-15 and handgun. Interestingly enough Omar purchased his weapons legally.

June is LGBT pride month. Around three hundred and twenty individuals were inside this club. An explosion was detonated near this club in order to coerce this shooter.

Police gestapo claim Omar made a 911 call before murdering fifty people and supporting the Islamic state. Prior investigations of Omar Mateen by the Federal Bureau of Insurgency were closed:

“when it produced nothing that appeared to warrant further investigation.”

Also, June is the Muslim holy month Ramadan. Omar's father Seddique Mateen, actually ran for President in Afghanistan. Also, Omar possessed fire arms licenses from the state of Florida.

Coincidentally, James Howell was arrested in Los Angeles today June twelve two thousand sixteen, less than twenty four hours after this incident, near a gay pride parade. Police gestapo claim they found several weapons including three rifles, ammunition, and tannerite

University of California Los Angeles – Fiasco Cause Demise of Two

Another public shooting incident in AmeriKKKa, today June first two thousand sixteen. This time two students at Universidad de California Los Angeles, met their demise. Police gestapo terrorists received an emergency 911 call around 10 AM local Pacific time.

Two men were found deceased in an engineering building. Around 12 PM local Pacific time, police gestapo gave an all clear. Many of these serfs receiving brain white washing indoctrination, barricaded and or locked themselves in classrooms.

Others headed for the hills and escaped on their own recognizance. Many of these rooms had doors that would not lock, hence creation of barricades. Some of these serfs were not searched.

Others were treated like criminals by having their backpacks and other possessions searched. Some were forced to get on their knees and or raise their hands. Police terrorists claim that this incident was a murder suicide.

Police gestapo also claim they found a weapon used in this incident. This entire forty three thousand indoctrination center was placed under lockdown. Federal Bureau of Insurgency and Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms Explosives agents were on site to investigate.

This incident supposedly occurred in building four. A student capped a professor and both individuals were male. Just coincidentally, this incident occured on the eve of "National Gun Violence Awareness Day".

Also, some local bureaucrats are discussing what I consider covert gun control. Los Angeles city attorney Mike Fueur is quoted verbatim:

"Another grim reminder that in America today gun violence respects no boundaries. We cannot allow shootings to become a way of life in our nation. On the eve of National Gun Violence Awareness Day, all Americans should join in proclaiming that enough is enough and take the practical steps necessary to make us all safer."

Mehwish Khan a UCLA student thought this incident was a joke or drill, along with alot of other students:

"A lot of people thought it was a joke or a drill,"

This shooter is reported being a white male and his victim a white professor named William Klug.

Arthur Derosa – Causes Two to Meet Demise at Silver City Galleria

Another public incidence of violence at a shopping mall today May ten two thousand sixteen. This time instead of a shooting incident, a stabbing incident occurred, at Silver City Galleria shopping mall in Taunton, Massachusetts. Arthur Derosa, stabbed a total of six individuals before a sheriff terrorist executed him.

Two of these alleged stabbings transpired at a nearby house. Four stabbings occurred inside this mall at Bertucci's restaurant. This is where just coincidentally a Plymouth County Sheriff terrorist was off duty.

This sheriff shot Arthur with one fatal bullet. This capitalistic brothel was placed under lockdown until police terrorist's tampered with evidence, I mean cleared this scene. Earlier he crashed his car into a front door of Macy's before entering Bertucci's restaurant.

According to a witness, Emaly Higgings:

“All of a sudden he walked into Bertucci’s and I saw him just start stabbing people,” witness Emaly Higgings told WCVB-TV. “And there was someone with a chair trying to throw it at (the suspect). There was an off-duty police officer there, and he actually shot him and kept him down.”

That off duty sheriff deputy has not been identified. This fiasco allegedly began around 7 PM local time. Arthur was hospitalized for a mental health evaluation one day before this incident.

Washington University – St. Louis Fiasco Causes One Female Injury

Another alleged shooting incident in white people's white colony AmeriKKKa, today April twenty two thousand sixteen. One not identified female was supposedly shot in her arm while driving a silver sedan. Police terrorists are looking for a suspect driving a black sport utility vehicle.

This incident occurred at Washington University in St. Louis Missouri. Police gestapo ordered students at this brain white washing temporary internment camp indoctrination center to "shelter in place". This was lifted a few hours later around 2:50 PM local time.

Mallinckrodt Center is the site of this alleged shooting incident. Forsyth School, a nearby private school was also placed under lockdown for awhile after this incident. All Clayton schools cancelled recess and required their victims of indoctrination stay indoors.

This university is a gun free zone. This shooting supposedly occurred at 1:30 PM local time and this female victim was transferred to St. Louis hospital. NO word on whether or not this suspect is white or not.

This Washington University in St. Louis campus released a final statement on their website:

Emergency: Alert issued at 04/20/2016 03:14:39 PM.

ALL CLEAR. The campus emergency is over. You may resume your normal activities.

For further information visit

UW Platteville – Cancels Classes Because of an Alleged Firearm

Another bizarre incident in America a white colony today March fourteen two thousand sixteen. This time University of Wisconsin Platteville canceled all classes after an alleged firearm was found on campus. All offices and brain white washing services were closed at this temporary internment camp indoctrination center.

An alleged security threat was cause for concern. Employees and students were told to leave this campus. These classes at this University were cancelled around 1:30 PM local time.

An emergency message was posted on University of Wisconsin Platteville's official website:



3:15 p.m.

Campus remains closed for the remainder of today, 3/14/16. We will continue to post updates at

1:30 p.m.

Classes are canceled today as of 1:30 pm due to a security threat. All offices and services are closed, including the Markee Pioneer Student Center.
Employees and students should leave campus unless you are essential personnel. Students who live in residence halls should return to your hall.
Food service will continue in Bridgeway Commons.

Effective Time and Date (CST):
Monday, March 14, 2016 - 1:30pm"

Around nine thousand students get blasted with daily indoctrination propaganda at this campus. One report claims that UW-Platteville spokesman Dan Wackershauser claims this alleged threat occurred in Ullsvik Hall. However, he also stated he did not know the exact nature of this threat.

UW-P student David Kalenga, an alleged witness was quoted as saying:

"I was in the men's bathroom and I heard some clicking and I saw a barrel in the stalls," he said. "I ran outside and called the cops and then pulled the fire alarm."

Police terrorists are allegedly searching for a white male suspect. However, no shots were fired, arrests made, no injuries, etc. Students were supposedly alerted via email.

Also, there are very few details being released by local police terrorists investigating this alleged security threat.

Madison High School – Fiasco Causes Four Injuries Suspect Caught

Another alleged school shooting incident in AmeriKKKa, a white colony. This time four students were injured at Madison Junior Senior High School in Middletown Ohio, on Monday February twenty nine two thousand sixteen. Two of those students supposedly received injuries from flying shrapnel.

Two students with more severe injuries allegedly were taken to a nearby hospital. Local Butler County sheriff terrorists claim that a fourteen year old boy perpetrated this incident, fled this school and was later apprehended. These sheriff clowns refused to indentify this alleged shooter.

Another report claims that an eighth grader brought a gun to Madison Junior Senior High School. Cameron Smith, aged fifteen, and Cooper Caffrey, aged fourteen were supposedly received gun shot wounds while Brant Murray and Katherine Doucette both aged fourteen were allegedly injured by shrapnel. This alleged lone wolf gunman used a .380 caliber weapon.

After capping some fellow students he ran into some nearby woods. Allegdly, a lone sheriff deputy assigned to this temporary brain white washing internment camp had left his post inside this school's cafeteria. Supposedly, this fourteen year old has been charged with felony attempted murder.

This shooting incident partook inside Madison Junior Senior High School's cafeteria. This shooting incident transpired at 11:30 AM local Central time after this sheriff deputy left his post. This school and other nearby schools were placed under lock down for more than an hour.

This lock down was lifted at 1 PM local time. Classes were cancelled for all schools in this district. Parents were allowed to drive to these schools and pick up their serfs I mean children.

Another report claims these students were injured while exiting this school and not by shrapnel. One parent claims that six shots were fired. One 11th grade student named Zayd Ahmed, claims he heard four shots while he was sitting in this schools library.

He was quoted verbatim:

"I was very scared. Kind of like, you're shaking, your legs won't stop shaking. For another hour I was wondering what was going on and when are they going to tell us.

I'm just thinking, little eighth graders? With a gun? What are they doing with a gun?"

Parents were notified twice by automated phone call messages supposedly, and via Facebook and a school district website.

Columbiana Centre – Mall Fiasco Leaves Three Possible Suspects

Another alleged shooting incident at a shopping mall in AmeriKKKa. This time Columbiana Centre in Columbia, South Carolina is the scene. Gun shots were initially reported outside Dillard's and T-mobile stores.

Local police terrorists claim a fight involving two men escalated into gun shots. Supposedly, a third male participated and then two of these men pulled out gats and fired some caps. These three clowns then supposedly left this capitalistic brothel.

Police terrorists are allegedly searching for three suspects. Richland County Sheriff terrorist spokesman Curtis Wilson, claims he has heard that victims were possibly shot. However, he has not verified whether or not anyone was actually shot.

Access to this mall was curtailed both from entering and exiting capitalistic whores. Serfs were directed to seek assistance for those separated from them at a Toys R Us store parking lot. Police terrorists declared this an active shooter situation but isolated.

This incident allegedly occurred at 7PM Eastern time. Another report claims this event happened at a Michael Kohrs store inside this shopping mall. Another report claims that this allegedly incident transpired in front of Kay Jewelers.

This same report claims that this incident was NOT an active shooter incident. Another report claims that there are only two suspects involved in this fiasco. Police terrorists claim that they are going to use surveillance video from Columbiana Centre shopping mall to try to solve this riddle, I mean incident this victim less incident.