Burning Man Festival – Attendee Dies After Running Into Flames

A man died after running into flames at the Burning Man Festival, September third two thousand seventeen. I guess his future just went up in flames. I have no fucking idea why anyone would dive into this festival’s flames.

Aaron Mitchell aged forty one, perhaps thought that he was super man? I guess each year this festival has multiple huge fire ceremonies. He was able to run through a large perimeter human security shield.

This festival occurs each year at Black Rock desert, which is one hundred miles north of Reno, Nevada. I have never attended a burning man festival, nor do I ever plan on attending this event. This American citizen allegedly lives in Switzerland.

Authoritative goons don’t know if this was an intentional act or a symptom of drug use. This clown was not under the influence of alcohol. A toxicology report has not been completed.

This man ran up to a forty foot burning effigy, which I guess is always performed on Saturday before labor day. By the way I boycott all national holidays, including Labor Day. Sheriff goons claimed that they had to stop their rescue efforts because of safety.

You see this forty foot burning efigy was beginning to collapse. They waited until this efigy fell to try to rescue Aaron. By that time it was too late, even though he was air lifted to a nearby hospital.

However, to me you reap what you sow. Perhaps there is such a thing as survival of the fittest. I almost think this story should be included on the Darwin Awards website.

I am trying to find any logic in this version of reality. Organizers of this event claim this was first time anyone had breached security and were able to actually run into the Burning Man flames. For once that is an apropos title for a festival.

“People try to run into the fire as part of their spiritual portion of Burning Man. The significance of the man burning, it’s just kind of a rebirth, they burn the man to the ground, a new chapter has started. It’s part of their tenets of radical self-expression.”

Burning Man was moved to it’s current location in Northern Nevada in nineteen ninety.