British Airways US – Flight 2276 Burst Into Flames in Las Vegas

A British Airways Boeing 777 burst into flames in Las Vegas, Nevada on September eight two thousand fifteen. Allegedly seven people were injured, when this airliner had an engine failure that resulted in flames and smoke from a fuseloge. A left engine had a major failure at McCarran Airport.

This British Airways Boeing flight 2276 destination was London, England. There were allegedly one hundred fifty nine passengers and thirteen crew members aboard. Around fifty fire fighters put out a fire that caused minor injuries to seven passengers.

Miraculously, this airplane’s take off was aborted before a fire broke out. Supposedly, a left engine had burst into flames. Pilot of this airliner was quoted as saying cause of fire was:

“catastrophic failure of the engine”

One of these British Airlines pilots noticed this plane was stopping heavily. Allegedly, around fifteen seconds later a pilot requested fire services from air traffic control. Another thirty seconds later this airliner was evacuated.

Supposedly, this plane was completely evacuated at 4:18 PM Pacific local time and first report of an emergency was 4:13 PM Pacific local time. Three other runways were available for service while this Airplane started on fire. Exact model number of airplane was a two hundred seventy five seat B777 200.

Delays at airports in San Francisco, Phoenix, Denver, Salt Lake City and Albuquerque, New Mexico were caused because inbound flights into McCarran Airport were placed on hold. This is third accident specifically dealing with an engine on a British Airways plane since two thousand eight. All passengers escaped on emergency slides and supposedly this is how some of them received minor injuries.

A few passengers took pictures and video of this incident.