Black Love is Revolutionary – Author Discusses Counter Racism Book

Black Love is a Revolutionary Act, is a four hundred and ten page book. This book basically stipulates that a black gender war is what is plaguing the black community. This book documents what african black people endured during chattel slavery, including vintage real photographs of lynchings, slave trades, etc.

Don’t let the title of this book perhaps fool you. This book is not about dating tips for black couples. This non-fiction work delves into the black collective problem reaction solution.

From chattel slavery to a current racism white supremacy culture world wide, you will find productive information about race relations planet wide. Not only did the authors cover black history, but current events were also included. You will even find some solutions to basic problems affecting black people in general.

I thought it was key that this book described problems with black gender relationships. After all, how can you solve a problem, if you do not think one exists to begin with. As a male person of color myself, I thought this book could be productive perhaps for all non-white relationships.

Black Love is a Revolutionary Act

In my opinion, a system of racism white supremacy terrorism uses divide and conquer effectively, in order for this system to continue functioning. Dividing and conquering black males from black females then makes logical sense to me. This book performs an outstanding job, in my dogmatic subject perspective, of describing tactics the system of racism white supremacy uses to divide black families.

Do you think black slavery still existed in two thousand and ten? A following quote from page fifty five of this book, might perhaps change your paradigm.

Blacks don’t want to believe this (slavery) is happening in 2010…but (black) people are forced to stay on plantations in Glendora, Miss., Webb, Miss., Roseland, LA, and other places where (white) landowners use isolation and threats of violence to keep these Black workers under control.

–Antoinette Harrell

Do you think racism white supremacy still exists in two thousand and fourteen? If so, you might want to listen to my interview about Black Love is a Revolutionary Act, with a co-author Trojan Pam.

If this book interests you, then browse to Trojan Horse Publishing, to get yourself a copy of Black Love is a Revolutionary Act!