Behold a Pale Horse – Was Bill Cooper a Danger to Establishment?

Milton William Cooper’s 1991 audio book titled Behold a pale horse. Was Milton William Cooper really the most dangerous radio host in America as outlined in a White House memo by a former puppet traitor in chief William Jefferson Clinton and announced by Rush Limbaugh? Also, was Milton William Cooper really a controlled opposition disinformation and or cointelpro agent used to keep the American people controlled and enslaved?

Another interesting aspect of William Cooper’s book Behold a Pale Horse, is to me quite a bit of fear mongering. How much a threat really was Mr. Cooper to establishment lunatics? Why would a former DeMolay Freemason, Jesuit trained, and puppet traitor in chief Bill Clinton as well as an established media propagandist Rush Limbaugh attack somebody ex military?

There is no doubt that the United States government military has been out of control for decades if not since its inception. However, is an armed insurrection really an answer to this predicament? Was Milton William Cooper really a cointelpro agent with an agenda of fear mongering.

Fear is a tactic often time used by governments in order to terrorize into submission their victims also known as citizens. Since Mr. Cooper was both ex air force and ex navy, do his past military ties really make him a threat to an established corrupt system? To me it is not out of a realm of possibility that actually Mr. Cooper was a controlled opposition agent, whose sole responsibility was to steer any opposition to a current oppressive system.

Governments are known to use fear and to steer opposition to their tyrannical ways. Is it possible that Mr. Cooper with his prior military training was part of an established government military dictatorship and his sole job was to steer any opposition from his followers? His book in paper and audio format is readily available from websites like, YouTube, as well as other audio archive sites.

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