Bali Bombings – Were October 12 2002 Bali Bombings False Flag?

Fool me Twice

Exposing the Australian government’s lies about some east Timor massacres, a cover up of some Bali bombings, including the nineteen ninety three New York World Trade Center attack, and subsequent anti terror legislation forced through parliament. “Fool Me Twice” examines well known examples of false flag terror, and adds an excellent new sequence about a nineteen ninety three World Trade Center bombing that leaves a viewer with no doubt that Emad Salem was a controlled asset. Utilizing audio that features Salem covertly recorded while talking with Federal Bureau of Investigation agent John Anticev, “Fool Me Twice” cuts to a chase regarding a nineteen ninety three New York City World Trade Center bombing, and goes deeper, examining the Central Intelligence Agency links to this milieu.

Indonesia’s former president Abdurrahman Wahid has said his nation’s police or military officers may have been involved in that two thousand two Bali bombings which killed two hundred and two people. As Australia marked a third anniversary of that nightclub attacks in which eighty eight Australians died, Wahid told Special Broadcasting Service television’s Dateline that he fears there are links between Indonesian authorities and terror groups. On that program, which aired later, he said that while terrorists were responsible for a first bomb which went off on October twelve two thousand two, a second blast may have been organised by authorities.

Asked who had planted a second bomb, he said: “Maybe the police… or the armed forces”. Associated Press and Reuters quickly linked these bombings to Al-Qaeda. Was this an accurate assessment or a mere cover up of whom was really responsible?

Was the Australian government, military, intelligence agencies really behind those October twelfth two thousand two bombings? Was it really Indonesia’s government, military, intelligence agencies behind those bombings like a former Indonesian President alluded to? Perhaps it was a combination of both or just one entity behind those bombings and not Al-Qaeda or any other Islamist group.

Were some October twelve two thousand and two Bali bombings an inside job false flag attack?