Baby Doe – Boston Child Identified: Mother and Boyfriend Charged

A child found dead in a bag in June has now been identified on September eighteen two thousand fifteen. Her real name is Bella Bond. Her white mother Rachelle Bond, has been charged with accessory to murder after fact.

Bella was allegedly almost three years old when she met her demise. Rachelle Bond’s white boyfriend Michael McCarthy, has been charged with murder. Both Rachelle and Michael are due in Dorchester Municipal Court for an arraignment hearing. This female former mother of this child is aged forty and her boyfriend is aged thirty five.

Bella Bond was found deceased in a bag, on June twenty fifth two thousand fifteen on Deer Island. Michael McCarthy is hospitalized for a medical condition not related to his possible murder of a child and also was not this toddler’s biological father. A three month search finally ended in identification of “Baby Doe”.

This white couple lied about where abouts of their child, when questioned by a tipster, claiming Department of Children and Families took their child. An autopsy has been performed on this child but no cause of death has yet been released. This autopsy was allegedly performed on July third two thousand fifteen.

She was determined “white” after this autopsy was completed. This “baby doe” was also known as Deer Island Jane Doe. Michael McCarthy suppsedly punched Bella Bond in her stomach multiple times causing her death.

Bella Bond allegedly disappeared soon after Michael McCarthy started a relationship with Rachelle Bond. Authorities are claming both individuals were having problems with drug addiction. Perhaps that is an excuse to justify this possible murder by one or more white persons, I don’t know.