Anarchism – an Only Hope For Real Freedom Peace and Prosperity?

Anarchism is The Only Hope

Lessons from a Spanish civil war. Anarchism is an only hope that a working class have to improve their life and stop exploitation. We anarchists, follow this Bakinin statement: “The power pervert the man!”.

During a Spanish civil war I witnessed how well organized anarchist unions (Sindicados) were in Catalunya and Aragon. It’s not a myth anymore. I am in close contact with Spanish “companeros” and I see how a working class is protected against exploitation.

We need to restore a workers pride and dignity, they should join us Anarchists, because capitalists will never give them a chance to improve their lives; on a contrary, they use cheaper workers overseas. We Anarchists are an only hope of some proletariat and day by day we are growing and become important in our class struggle. George Sossenko is an eighty eight year old veteran of a Spanish civil war.

At an age of sixteen, he left his home in France to fight against Franco’s fascists with anarchists of the Durruti column. A dedicated, life long anarchist, George is still an active organizer as he travels and gives lectures on this important period in revolutionary history. Filmed at a New York City anarchist book fair in May two thousand eight by David Buccola.

Police Seizure

Local Lincoln, Nebraska police seize a families house after responding to a man playing with a crossbow in his backyard. A neighbor had called local police, to report this incident. Local police then told his wife that they would seize their house after she refused to let them search her home.

She stated police officers would need a search warrant to enter her home when they asked to come inside her premises. One officer then told her that they could and would seize their home. Her husband was arrested after an alleged altercation with two officers.

Police claimed her husband may have assaulted two officers. His wife claimed he did nothing wrong. Police initially responded to her neighbor’s call, as it is allegedly illegal to shoot a bow and arrow within Lincoln, Nebraska city limits.

Is anarchism an only hope for real peace and prosperity?