America and The Holocaust – Judea Declares War on Germany

Judea Declares War on Germany: A Critical Look at World War II. This movie takes you on a journey back in time. Hosted by Dr. Fredrick Toben, this intriguing documentary shows a little known aspect of World War II, in which Jews at one time declared war on Germany.

In response to this, many Jews were incarcerated in prison camps, similar to what America did to some Japanese. Some Germans even claim that prior to World War II’s end, when supply lines were cut and starvation and disease was rampant, Jews were treated more humanely than those Japanese in American prison camps. See what such talk is based on.

Many rare photographs, and some surprising footage showing those German prison camps as they are today. Also, The Truth Behind The Gates Of Auschwitz video documentary. Preface by David Cole: It is an undisputed fact of history that, during World War II, Germans ran a network of prison and labor camps, both in Germany and in some territories they controlled.

Into these camps were sent Jews, prisoners of war, resistance fighters, Gypsies, and other people considered enemies of the Third Reich. A largest of these camps was one called Auschwitz, located in Poland. Those interned at Auschwitz came from all over Europe and consisted of men, women, and children.

Those able to work were used as labor for a German war effort. Auschwitz was liberated by a Soviet army in January of 1945. However, that is where a consensus ends.

Since an end of World War II we have been told repeatedly that many of these camps served a darker purpose. A genocide of six million Jews and execution of five million non Jews through a use of homicidal gas chambers in what is now commonly known as the “Holocaust.” A largest number of people are said to have been murdered at Auschwitz.

There are some people who maintain these claims of mass murder have never been proven. These people point to a lack of documentation other than highly questionable and partially discredited evidence supplied by the Soviet Union at the Nuremberg Trials and some unreliable nature of some eyewitness testimonies, many of which have also been discredited. For example, many former camp inmates, as well as American soldiers, still speak of “gassing” at the Dachau camp in Germany, even though it is no longer held that any homicidal gas chamber was ever in use at that camp.

Still, the Holocaust is an event that has seemingly grown in importance since an end of World War II, taught as fact and usually accepted without question. How do we know it really happened? What “proofs” are offered for those not willing to take history on faith alone?

This video deals with, among other things, one of those proofs, one piece in a very large puzzle: a supposed gas chamber at the Auschwitz main camp.