Alison Parker – Killed by Vester Lee Flanagan aka Bryce Williams

Vester Lee Flanagan also known as his television persona of Bryce Williams allegedly shot and killed a localised media whore. Her name was Alison Parker, whom was a reporter for WDBJ channel seven TV in Virginia. Her camera man named Adam Ward also supposedly met his demise.

This incident transpired supposedly on a Live television broadcast. Alison Parker aged twenty three, Adam Ward aged twenty seven were interviewing Vicki Gardner, executive director at the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce. This woman interviewee was allegedly shot in her back and is currently recovering.

What makes this alleged incident intriguing to me, is that Vester Flanagan had repeatedly reported allegations of racism during his career. You see Vester Lee Flanagan also known as Bryce Williams is a person with color. Those clowns that classify and identify as white would probably label him black.

He worked for local media whore affiliate WDBJ channel 7 at time of this incident. All three of his victims were white according to an alleged short video he posted on his Facebook and Twitter accounts. What is perplexing to me is what transpires in this fifty six second video.

First, I noticed this gunman pulled out a hand gun and pointed in direction of Alison Parker, Adam Ward, and Vicki Gardner and neither of them looked over or seemed to notice. Perhaps, this was because they were busy on Live television. Another perplexing observation I made was this alleged gunman’s hand seemed pretty “pale” for a person with color.

This gunman then pointed this hand gun again and this time started firing shots at Alison Parker. She then took off running. I counted three to four point blank shots at Alison Parker, before she took off running.

This gun man continued firing shots. However, it seemed as if whatever video recording device he was using intentionally slipped out of focus or perhaps he placed it in a pocket, I don’t know. This was supposedly broadcast live for around twenty four seconds.

Bryce Williams or Vester allegedly posted his motivation for this incident on Twitter. However, both his Facebook and Twitter accounts have been coincedentally suspended. He claims that Alison Parker made racist comments.

Also, Vester claims that Adam Ward complained to WDBJ human resources after just working with him one time. That is when this white woman Alsion Parker was hired. This alleged gunman then filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission report.

Vester Flanagan, whom media whore outlets were initially wrong about his first name being Lester, claims that he received racial discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying at his work place also known as media whore outlet WDBJ channel 7 news in Virginia. He alleges he was treated in this manner because he is a black homosexual male. Vester was fired in two thousand thirteen for being black, I mean being an angry black male, I mean for having anger issues.

This person with color worked for numerous Television stations including WNCT-TV, WTWC-TV, WTOC-TV, KMID-TV and KPIX-TV. In year two thousand he sued television station WTWC-TV, out of Tallahassee, Florida for “discrimination and retaliation”. Vester Flanagan won that case however details of that settlement are not available.

Finally, Bryce Williams also known as Vester Flanagan supposedly sent a twenty three page fax to American Bull Crap also known as American Broadcasting Corporation, before this incident detailing his motivation and reasons behind this act. American Bull Crap claims this fax was received from a person known as Bryce Williams. They have not released any information from this alleged fax and claims they turned it over to police terrorists.