Alina Orlova – & Alena Savchenko Torture Animals Causing Their Demise

White people up to no good yet again in their rigged hood. This time two white teen girls from Khabarovsk, Russia have been formaly arrested for animal torture against canines and felines. Many of these canines and felines were tortured to death.

These two white savages, named Alina Orlova and Alena Savchenko posted photographs and videos of them torturing and killing these animals. A few canines were seen hanging on a wall as if crucified. Some of these murdered animals had their guts removed by these two girls.

These two white Russian teen girls were not arrested until local citizens applied pressure via an online petition. Also, these girls were adopting these “stray” animals and then torturing them to death. One photo taken is of Alina covered with blood on her clothing and hands.

Alina even posted on social media how she was planning on murdering her own mother. She was wondering how long she would have to spend in prison. Alena’s family has close ties to local police gestapo.

Another photograph or video showed a feline getting it’s heart ripped out. Alina is aged seventeen. Another photograph shows one of these white animals threatening a feline with a knife.

This online petition had grown to nearly two hundred thousand signatures until these white Al Qaeda members were finally arrested. One report claims that Alena is aged twenty one. Alena Savchenko also used Kristina Hemp as an online alias.

Alena studied at College of Technology but was expelled. Alina studied at Pacific State University. Alina is actually a daughter of a Russian Air Force Colonel.

These two white russian girls have been charged with animal cruelty. However, I was not able to find out exact charges perhaps because of my lack of ability to read Russian.