DC House of Representatives – Anthony Weiner Sentenced

Another perverted white man to report on. This time a former congressman Anthony Weiner, was sentenced to twenty one months in prison. Perhaps his last name is apropos if you are a pervert.

He will be sentenced to prison for sexting and sending nude photographs to teenage girls. One female in particular was fifteen years old. Members of Congress are notorious perverts, pedophiles, and rapists.

Normally, these paper and pen congressional terrorists are not sentenced. Most times they are not even charged with any crimes. Anthony is a leftist Demoncrap that was finally prosecuted.

He used Skype, SnapChat, and a website called Confide to perpetrate his perversion.

“used graphic and obscene language to ask the minor victim to display her naked body and touch herself, which she did.”

Anthony knew this female was just a teenager. Also, he was fined ten thousand dollars, which is chump change for a white bureaucrat. He is supposed to turn himself in on November six two thousand seventeen.

Anthony was actually facing ten years in prison. He also must register as a sex offender. His previous wife has now filed for divorce.

His fifteen year old victim actually received thirty thousand dollars from the DailyFail I mean DailyMail for a story they wrote about this incident. She also has a book deal and a future book lined up. I guess it pays, pun intended, to get sexually molested, in the abstract, from a white pervert.

Anthony, actually pleaded guilty in May. He cried like the little bitch that he is at his sentencing hearing today. This former United States House of Representatives CONgressman served parts of New York City. In two thousand eleven he resigned because he was caught being a pervert towards adult females.

He sexted messages to women besides his wife, even though he was married. In two thousand thirteen, this clown ran for Mayor of New York City, but dropped out because the public found out about more lewd messages from this pervert. When government military officials are not bending you over and sodomizing you with their control freak nature, they are trying to fuck anything that moves.

Once this white pervert is let out of his cave, I mean prison cell, he will have three years of supervised probation. His victim claims they had a months long relationship online. She alleges that this politician even had rape fantasies.

He sent pornography to this fifteen year old girl and I think even videos of himself. His victim knew who he was and how old he was.

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In Oklahoma City – Police Murder Deaf Man Magdiel Sanchez

Another murder of an American by the police gestapo terrorist’s, in the white mans system of white terrorism. This time a person with color in my group, Magdiel Sanchez, was capped summary execution style, by Oklahoma City police gestapo terrorists. Magdiel was a person that was known in his area to have been deaf.

Also, he may have been mentally challenged. However, you are dealing with a crime syndicate that are violent savages. Neighbors tried warning Oklahoma City gestapo when they arrived that Magdiel was deaf.

This did not stop these terrorists from murdering another person that is NOT white in America. Before he was capped by two police gestapo savages, he was tazed. You see since Magdiel could not hear, then he did not know that these savages were barking out orders.

Oklahoma City gestapo were called to a report of a hit and run accident. Magdiel was not involved in that incident nor did he have a police record. However, his father I think was involved with that alleged hit and run.

Police gestapo claimed they saw Magdiel with a metal pipe and a leather rope. Magdiel walked off his porch toward police when they became paranoid as the true pussies that they are. Neighbors tried warning these police savages not to use any force, since they knew Magdiel was deaf and mentally challenged.

These neighbors were even yelling at police gestapo not to shoot, to no avail. Matthew Lindsay and Christopher Barnes are the two Oklahoma City gestapo that murdered Magdiel. He was not in his father’s car that may have been involved in a hit and run accident.

His father supposedly did NOT hit another individual but did hit another vehicle or object. Neighbors claim that Magdiel normally walks around this area with a stick. Perhaps these police terrorists are lying again. to try to justify this murder, of a deaf male that was mentally challenged.

Jolie Guebara claims she heard five to six gunshots. The thug savage Christopher was placed on paid administrative leave. However, it is well known that these savage police many times still receive a paycheck, when placed on “administrative leave”, as was the case this time.

I was not able to verify whether or not these two police gestapo were white or not. Most police in America are white.

Marina High School – Students See Police Murder Male at 7-Eleven

Another police murder occurred in America today, September twenty second two thousand seventeen. Another white police gestapo terrorist gunned down a citizen. This time an anonymous victim was capped at a 7 Eleven convenience store across from Marina High School, in Huntington Beach, California.

There are few details about this incident, even as mid evening approaches. However, a witness videographed this summary execution with a dumb device, I mean smart device. This video went viral on the Internet. Marina High School was placed under lockdown for an hour after this police gestapo murder of a yet to get identified male.

This male victim looked possibly white to me. Perhaps another white on white crime that the white media refuses to cover. This incident allegedly transpired around 9:30 AM Pacific time.

These two individuals seemed to have gotten into a brief altercation, with the outcome being this white savage gestapo firing multiple shots. Supposedly, he fired around seven rounds at his target. Local authoritative goons refused to release name and other information about this murdered individual.

He was taken to a local hospital that was not disclosed. Huntington Beach gestapo terrorists claim that they refused to release any details because they were waiting for next of kin to get informed first. Police gestapo claim that this was not a robbery or hostage incident in progress.

This video footage was supposedly tail end of this murder. You can see a male on the ground next to a car between a curb. Above him is this white terrorist police gestapo, with a gat pointed towards his victims head.

That individual male on the ground seems to have possibly grabbed something from this white mans belt. Immediately, this white savage pulled out his gat. Some white people are notoriously blood thirsty.

Perhaps that is why most police gestapo terrorists in America are WHITE? This murder perpetrated by American police is being investigated by another terrorist organization, the Orange County Sheriff’s department. One witness whom heard these gunshots claimed that that neighborhood is normally calm.

“It’s really a calm area,”

Until this fucking piece of shit white savage cop rolled up perhaps. I will try to keep my eyes peeled on this incident and provide to you the name of the deceased and perpetrator. We shall see if this white gestapo even is named publicly or charged for that matter.

Art Education Major – Teacher Jessie Goline Sex Assault Charge

Another white woman up to no good in her rigged hood. This time another white female teacher is facing charges related to statutory rape. Jessie Goline whom is twenty five years old is accused of performing sexual acts with four teen age boys.

She was an art education major teacher for both East Poinsett County School District and Marked Tree School District. She lives in Jonesboro, Arkansas with her husband. She cheated on her husband with multiple teen boys.

This is another pattern I have noticed with white women, they have a proclivity to cheat on their predominantly white husbands. Does Mary Letourneau, Debra Lafave, Carrie McCandless, etc. ring a bell, pun intended? This list of almost exclusively white females raping children grows on a daily basis.

I don’t know what it is with these white women. Many of them are often married. Jessie along with those three afore mentioned examples were all married at time of their behaviour. Also, this teacher that actually faces one count of first degree sexual assault.

She has on record admitted to fucking these teen boys. As a matter of fact she allegedly fucked two of these teen boys in the same day at her residence. Another interesting fact is that she is a Christian and used to write on her facebook about her Christiandom.

“bible study with these two is always lovely ? especially when we get to sit outside, eat delicious food & wonder why James 2:24 is worded that way ? #Lutheran I’m thankful for you both!”

Jessie Goline

Many christians are hypocrites and actual child rapists. Her Facebook profile has since been deleted since some serfs started commenting on her profile. If you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen perhaps.

This all came to light, this past April, as a parent at one of these schools threatened bodily harm to this white female hoochie. She was arrested on September twenty two thousand seventeen. She only had to cover a five thousand dollar bond and of course was let out of jail to prey, pun intended, on other boys perhaps.

She faces her next court hearing on October thirty one two thousand seventeen. She faces ten to forty years or life in prison for this felony charge. I doubt she will actually serve any jail time.

I could certainly be wrong, but when studying these white women and their rape cases, many of them never serve time in prison. Although Mary Letourneau, did serve some time in prison for raping a twelve year old NOT white child. However, Debra Lafave did NOT serve any prison time.

Many of these white cheating statutory rapists, actually just get sentenced to probation. When reading into this incident, pun intended, it could be that she may have fucked three of those teen students, but they were over the age of consent. However, white people have rules when you are in a position of authority as a teacher, that your not supposed to fuck your victims I mean, students.

We shall see how this white affair, pun intended plays out.

Most Watched Cable News Network – MSNBC Lawrence O Donnell Tirade

I could not resist writing this blog post. Microsoft National Broadcasting Corporation anchor Lawrence O’ Donnell went on a fucking tirade recently. This studio coverage of him cussing like a sailor and yelling at his own coworkers has gone viral.

This alleged leaked video first appeared on Mediate. I am a bit suspicious of this leak, because since this was in studio camera video footage, why was it leaked at all? Anyways, his cussing does not fucking offend me one bit.

However, if this is natural organic video footage, then to me this is an excellent insight into the fucking fake world of television. These media whore propagandists like Lawrence O Donnell to me are no different then the rest of us serfs. Adding insult to injury a lot of these media whores are members of secret societies, military intelligence families, non governmental organizations, etc.

Also, most of the high profile television anchors like Lawrence are millionaires. Lawrence I guess was working on creating video clips for his lousy show The Last Word. MicroSlop National Bullshit Corporate propaganda is obviously left wing liberal media.

However, I don’t choose sides in the stupid duality called left versus right politics. Faux Pas News also known as Fox News Channel to me puts out just as much garbage. You see I don’t fucking watch television and that includes cable television.

“A better anchorman and a better person would’ve had a better reaction to technical difficulties. I’m sorry,”

Lawrence O’Donnell

This telepromptor reader is actually an occasional actor and producer for Hollyweird. Lawrence is also a former writer with one book made into a film. Quite the fucking biography for an upity angry loose canon white man, with his membership benefits in the good ol white boys club.

This clown has government military connections in the form of mostly assisting Senator Daniel Moynihan. He has also written scripts for television shows like The West Wing. I am not actually sure why these video out takes were leaked?

Maybe some of his victims of his abusive shenanigans had enough? I would think that if these video clips were indeed leaked without approval, wouldn’t somebody get fired? Maybe they risked their lousy careers working for a lousy media whore propagandist considered as the most watched cable news network in America according to some statistics.

A quick search shows Faux Pas News and MicroSlop National Bullshit Corporation one and two. Not that I fucking care about garbage television. Not that I care about the lunatic left versus right dualistic paradigm.

However, I did find it amusing and interesting watching another fake ass American show their true lack of color. This clown earns allegedly four million dollars per annum to read off of a telepromptor and yell expletives at people.

Earthquake Magnitude – 6.1 Hits Off East Coast of Japan

Another major earthqake transpired within twenty four hours of a 7.1 magnitude one in Mexico City yesterday. This time a 6.1 earthquake magnitude hit off the east coast of Japan. There is a discrepancy of where it actually hit.

Some reports claim that this earthquake hit one hundred seventy five miles east of the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Other reports claim that it trembled two hundred miles from Fukushima. No tsunami was reported this time around as in two thousand eleven a major tsunami hit Japan.

According to the United States Geological Surver this quake hit one hundred seventy five miles from Kamaishi and two hundred miles from Fukushima. Perhaps that is where the confusion and discrepencies lie. This 6.1 earthquake struck at 2:30AM local time.

Another report claims this earthquake magnitude 6.1 occurred at 2:30 AM local time. Initially, no reports of damage came from Japanese media. No fatalities were reported from this quake.

Although, earthquakes are taken serious in Japan because of their high population density. That earthquake in two thousand eleven killed over fifteen thousand people. Many perished from an ensuing tsunami.

Another report claims that this earthquake magnitude was actually 6.2. There is a lack of information from Japanese media. Maybe that is because their government heavily controls it, I don’t know.

Another 6.1 magnitude earthquake occurred in New Zealand today. This quake actually hit a small island off the east coast of Japan. According to the United States Geological Survey less than fifty people reported feeling this quake.

I wonder why there are not that many details from Japan’s media? The name of this island is Honshu. The epicenter of this earthquake magnitude 6.1 or 6.2 depends on which source you believe was six miles deep. At least I didn’t include in my report of conspiracists claiming that North Korea had something to do with this natural plate tectonics quake…lol

Mexico City Center – of 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit Mexico city center on September nineteen two thousand seventeen. Over one hundred individuals have died. Some reports now claim closer to one hundred fifty people have died.

Twenty or more buildings were damaged or desroyed in Mexico City. Over forty people died in Morales which is a Mexican state. This 7.1 magnitude Mexico City center earthquake occurred around 1:17 PM local time.

Numerous people are feared trapped in collapsed buildings. The epicenter of this earthquake was around seventy six miles southeast of Mexico City. As is proverbial on Continente Norte America, Mexicos government military declared a state of emergency, perhaps because they became involved.

Many videos were uploaed to the Internet showing this extensive damage. Just eleven days ago another powerful earthquake occurred in southern Mexico. That earthquake was Mexico’s most powerful in a century.

This earthquake occurred on the thirty second anniversary of the nineteen eighty five 8 magnitude tremor that killed over five thousand individuals. That Mexico City center earthquake caused government bureaucrats to create stricter building codes. Ironically, hours before this earthquake shook, many buildings were vacated for national building evacuation drills.

Mexico City’s major international airport suffered some damage. What I find strange is that after this major earthquake the airport was immediately closed and all employees evacuated. Passengers on airplanes were stuck for hours.

We shall see if government regulations after the nineteen eighty five earthquake made a difference or not. Although that earthquake was measured 8 versus 7.1 measured for today’s earthquake. Another report claims that two hundred twenty six people have now died.

Tremors were felt after this earthquake that lasted six to seven minutes according to some witnesses. Military and Police helicopters were seen flying overhead. Allegedly, 3.8 million people were without power initially.

A large explosion caused one building to catch on fire. Mexico City center was built on an old dry lake bed. According to some earthquake experts this can amply shaking one hundred times because of the condition of soil beneath.

I wonder if the earthquake drills held hours before this real 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit, helped lower the casualty count?

United States Military – Opens First Military Base In Israel

Two terrorist organizations, the United States military and Israel government military have agreed to allow the United States military to build and open their first base inside of Israel’s border. This Army military base started operation today September eighteen two thousand seventeen. Several dozen American military terrorists will call this base home for now.

This is America’s first official military base on Israeli soil.

“For the first time, the flag of the United States, our most important partner, is deployed inside an IDF base. This expresses more than anything the long-standing partnership and the strategic commitment between the countries and the armies.”

Israel’s military as the savages that they are continue to strengthen their air defense system. They even admit that their increase in air defense systems coincided with allowing another terrorist organization, the United States military to open an army base on their own soil. These two nation states worked on this joint military base for two years.

This military base is located in southern Israel. The american military savages will operate their own equipment and not Israel’s. This is a mute point to me because anyone that has studied these two terror cells, knows that the United States gives anywhere from six to nine billion dollars in aid each year.

Also, the United States military gives free military armament to Israel. Israeli officials would not comment on whether or not these American savages would participate in combat operations. These two incestious kissing cousins have been working on a missile defense system called Iron Dome together.

They both claim that their reason behind this paranoia is their enemy Iran. Hypocrisy in nothing new with military dictatorships. What these two terrorist cells fail to tell you, is that they continue to use offensive measures against nation states like Palestine.

The United States Military of course helped fund the Iron Dome missile defense system, that in two thousand eleven became active. At the same time they continue to fearmonger about other government military nation states building similar systems in an attempt to defend themselves from terrorists like the two militaries that comprises the United States and Israel.

Georgia Tech School – LGBT Student Scout Shultz Killed by Police

The police gestapo terrorists in America continue their blood bath. This time a Georgia Tech school computer engineer student Scout Shultz was murdered by local gestapo. He was actually a local Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender activist.

Police gestapo responded to a call about an individual possessing a knife and a gun. How dare Americans use their first amendment rights. Some video footage of this incident is available on the Internet.

Allegedly, Scout refused to put down a knife when told to do so by authoritative goons. Also, supposedly he told gestapo to “Shoot me”. As is proverbial with the violent savage police in America, they abliged and murdered him.

Police initially lied, like they do so often and claimed that Scout had a handgun during an altercation with police. Witnesses and video evidence may prove otherwise. Scout was aged twenty one and the President of Pride Allience at Georgia Tech school.

This murder supposedly occurred at Georgia Tech’s west campus residential area. A video taken from a Georgia Tech student shows that Clout did not possess a gun at time of his murder. Four gestapo thugs surrounded him.

Only one officer fired at him, which ended up being lethal. Some people are claiming that the knife he did have was just a pocket knife. I am not sure why, but this white boy walked towards the police gestapo after first denying their request that he drop this knife.

This sounds like to me another summary execution that has occurred in other military dictatorships. In laymen’s terms shoot first ask questions later. A Georgia Tech school figure John Stein released a letter to students pertaining to this murder quoted verbatim:

Dear students, faculty, and staff,

I am deeply saddened to inform the Georgia Tech community of the loss of fourth year computer engineering student Scout Schultz of Lilburn, Georgia. Scout’s sudden and tragic death today has been devastating news for the Schultz family, classmates, and for members of the community who knew Scout personally, the shock and grief are particularly acute. We are committed to providing resources for the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of our entire campus community.

Please remember that Georgia Tech offers multiple services and resources in support of the community during this time of loss and grief:

• The Georgia Tech Counseling Center (www.counseling.gatech.edu) will be available for students today from noon to 2 p.m. at the 8th Street Apartments West Building Recreation Room. Walk-ins are also welcome at the Counseling Center in the Student Services (Flag) Building from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. throughout the week. The after-hours number for the Counseling Center is 404-894-2575.

• The Office of the Dean of Students also has a referral option if you are concerned about a student (www.deanofstudents.gatech.edu).

• The Georgia Crisis & Access Line (1-800-715-4225) is staffed with professional social workers and counselors 24 hours per day, every day, to assist those with urgent and emergency needs. www.mygcal.com.
It is our hope that anyone who needs these services will be able to take full advantage of them. We have communicated directly and offered our support and deepest sympathies to Scout’s family.

At times like these, we are reminded of the importance of coming together in support, understanding, and care for one another.

JOHN M. STEIN Vice President of Student Life And Dean of Students

Just another day in AmeriKKKa. What else did you expect in white people’s white colony and their system of white terrorism? This victim was white but I was not able to find out the identity of the police gestapo terrorist that capped him.

Psychopathic Records Artists – Insane Clown Posse DC Rally

The Insane Clown Posse music group held a rally in Washington District of Corruption this Saturday afternoon. Insane Clown Posse is a hip hop group managed by the Psychopathic Records Artists label. I don’t really care about breads y circuses.

However, this music group attracted way more attendees than a nearby Donald “Chump” Trump rally. Also, way back in two thousand eleven the Federal Bureau of Investigation labeled Insane Clown Posse a threat to America as a gang. You can’t fucking make this shit up.

This designation is listed in their 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment. This ICP group is listed as Juggalos/ICP in this Federal Bureau of Insurgency assessment. My assessment is that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is a real domestic terrorist group that should be shut down.

This label of Psychopathic Records Artists Insane Clown Posse as some threatening gang is laughable. If you collected statistics of how many people died from this ICP group compared to how many people the FBI murder each year, those statistics wouldn’t even be in the same arena. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has rained terror on Americans since John Hoover, the Jesuit agitator, created the FBI.

I have never been a fan of these clowns, pun intended, as most of them are white and I steer clear of most white people, in their system of white terrorism. They held this rally this afternoon in defiance of being labeled a gang by a real terror group, known as the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Government goons and thugs have nothing better to do than label other groups as threats perhaps.

Perhaps this is another case in point to shut down all governments in America. With no federal government there would be no ridiculous gang labels on smaller groups. I did find it fascinating that this national gang threat assessment listed some members of Juggalos/ICP as being members of the military.

You want to talk about a gang of terrorists? Why isn’t the entire United States government military labeled a “national gang threat”? The Insane Clown Posse actually sued the Federal Bureau of Insurgency in two thousand fourteen.

Those pussies at the FBI requested that a federal judge dismiss that lawsuit. A federal judge in two thousand fifteen dismissed this lawsuit. However, Insane Clown Posse appealed this decision and that lawsuit was reinstated.

According to JuggaloMarch.com, the ICP group had their lawsuit dismissed again, sometime in two thousand seventeen. You fucking still think free speech in America exists? Give me a fucking break.