Fox News Channel – Hires Tomi Lahren as a Contributor

Faux Pas News also known as Fox News Network Limited Liability Corportion has hired Tomi Lahren. She will become a contributor to this right wing conservative republican libertarian propaganda news media whore outlet. She will not get her own show, yet.

For now she will be a contributor to Sean Hannity’s show “Hannity”. Recently, Tomi worked for another controlled opposition shill, Glenn Beck. She had her own show titled “Tomi”.

However, she was suspended by Glenn Beck for endorsing abortion, which is a left wing idealogy. She then filed a lawsuit against Glenn Beck’s network in May two thousand seventeen. Tomi was born into a military terrorist family from Rapid City, South Dakota.

At one time she was dating an active duty military terrorist Jerad Christian whom is a Navy Seal. America to me is a military dictatorship full of military violent savages. Anyways, Tomi is a white supremacist to some with her views on groups like Black Lives Matter.

She made her debut on Sean Hannity’s show already, which airs its propaganda week nights at 10 PM eastern time. Faux Pas news claims that she will have a greater role in the future. Perhaps this was all engineered to make Tomi’s popularity rise.

I don’t know, but am skepticle of the whole Glenn Beck fiasco. Apparently her defense of abortion has not tainted her conservative image.

“I am blessed and honored to join the Fox News team. This exciting new step will allow me to give voice to all the America-loving patriots who have had my back since day one. I will remain a solid and passionate advocate for you,”

Tom Lahren worked for Great America Alliance, which is a Political Action Committee that Helped (s)elect Donald “Chump” Trump, after her seperation from Glenn Beck’s network. However, she was quoted in May regarding her working for this group as saying:

…This isn’t about being a Trump cheerleader…

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UNC Chapel Hill – Deny White Supremacist Richard B Spencer Speech

The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill campus has denied white supremacist terrorist Richard B. Spencer from speaking on their campus. This decision was made August thirty two thousand seventeen. Richard claims he and his National Policy Institute organization would submit a lawsuit.

Richard has had a federal step in at the eleventh hour before and protect his free speech. I think it is possible that this white supremacist will be allowed to speak. I could certainly be wrong.

Richard B. Spencer was in attendance during the white terrorist attacks that transpired earlier in August in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Chancellor at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill claims that she decided to veto Richard to avoid potential violence. Carol L. Folt’s memo is quoted verbatim:

Message from Chancellor Carol L. Folt on outside speaker decision

Dear Campus Community:

Because of serious concerns about campus safety, I have declined a request from the National Policy Institute to rent space for Richard Spencer to speak on campus.

I made this decision after consultation with UNC Police and local and state law enforcement agencies who have thoroughly assessed the risks such an event could bring to Carolina. Our basis for this decision is the safety and security of the campus community—we are not willing to risk anyone’s safety in light of these known risks.

I am deeply saddened and disturbed that the violent and virulent rhetoric being espoused by extremist groups has jeopardized the ability of campuses to promote robust dialogue and debate about important issues while ensuring public safety.

One way to counter this is to promote and encourage our campus community to engage in constructive conversation. I hope as many of you as possible will help kick off this year’s Carolina Conversations on Wednesday, Sept. 6, with a program called “The First Amendment and Free Speech at UNC.” This discussion will explore topics including what the First Amendment protects at a public university. More details are available at the UNC Diversity and Inclusion website.

Thank you for your attention to this important update.


Carol L. Folt

I was not able to find out when this white Al Qaeda member was requesting to rent space for a klan rally, I mean free speech rally. Perhaps it was September six two thousand seventeen to coincide with this campus’s “The First Amendment and Free Speech at UNC”. Who knows, I don’t know.

Clovis New Mexico – Public Library Shooting Cause 2 Deaths

Another public shooting incident occurred in the system of mental illness, August twenty eight two thousand seventeen. This time a gunman went tinto Clovis Carver Public library in Clovis, New Mexico and started capping people. Two people died and four others were injured.

A white male suspect was seen in police gestapo custody. Two females died, while two other females were injured. Two males were also injured in this shooting.

This incident allegedly occurred around 5PM local time. One report claims that a potential white suspect is a teenager. Another report claims that six people were injured not four.

One report claims that this shooting occurred at around 4PM local time. There is a Clovis Canon Air Force Base nearby. Perhaps a violent savage military man perpetrated this event.

Who knows, I don’t know. The shooting suspect was questioned on Monday.

However, as of the time of this blog post creation, I was not able to verify the identity of this suspect. There are very few details about this shooting incident. Three victims were taken to a Lubbock, Texas hospital.

One witness, Vanessa Aguirre, claimed she witnessed the gunman with her son.

“It all happened so fast,” she said. “We took off fast. My purse is still in there.”

One white woman was seen being carried into an ambulance with flood on her left arm. Lisa Baird another witness claims that the perpetrator fired bullets right in front of her. The young gunman was perplexed as to why she didn’t run.

“Run! Why aren’t you running? I’m shooting at you! Run!”

Sam Nathavong claims that the gunman fired four or five shots before he approached him.

“He just started unloading, pretty much the whole clip. I just kept my head down. I threw the table against the door to barricade myself in there.

I thought he was coming my way but by then the cops got there.”

When confronted by police gestapo, this suspect did not get into a shootout and surrendered.

San Francisco Bay – Berkeley Antifa Clash With Trump Supporters

Right wing Donald “Chump” Trump supporters, held a “No to Marxism in Berkeley” rally Sunday August twenty seven two thousand seventeen. Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park, was the venue. The day prior, was mostly peaceful between the right and left lunatic fringe duality.

Sunday, was quite different. Allegedly, leftist Antifa outnumbered right wing Trump supporters and had a field day with them. Over one hundred San Francisco gestapo were deployed to this rally to no avail.

Initially, gestapo tried keeping counter protestors from even entering this venue, via bag searches. However, a crowd of around four hundred people tripled quickly. These gestapo then allowed individuals to climb over barricades.

For the second straight day, some Antifa meddled with journalists, which I am opposed to. You must remember I am an Individualist Pacifist Counter Racist anarchist. Over ten people were arrested and around six injuries were reported.

Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer, attended this affair, pun intended. You see most of these right versus left clashes have really been WHITE versus WHITE. All forms of media in America have failed to report on this.

Joey had cancelled a right wing rally in Chrissy Park on Friday night. Ironically enough, thousands of non Anarchists showed up to voice their opposition to Donald Chump Trump and his policies. I have no fucking idea why right wingers even hold rallies in Berkeley, California which is supposedly leftist.

It is almost as if they are egging on the leftist’s. I don’t know. I do not choose sides in America so I am not surprised that the left are coming out more confrontational and violent.

Earlier this year between these right versus left clashes, the right wingers were quite violent and seemed to have out battled the leftists. The Berkeley mayor Jesse Arreguín claimed that around seven thousand total people showed up to this right versus left dual. Supposedly, around one hundred Antifa Anarchists were present and look to have beaten pun intended and knocked out the ultra right wingers in this bout.

State of New Jersey – Labels Antifa Anarchist Extremists

The State of New Jersey, which to me is a domestic terrorist organization, basically labeled Antifa domestic terrorists or according to their bulletin “Anarchist Estremists: Antifa”. They released this bulletin on June twelve two thousand seventeen. All governments and their militaries to me fall under the definition of terrorism.

Antifa stands for Anti Fascism. This idealogy is nothing new. This idealogy dates back to at least the nineteen thirties.

Ironically enough, Antifa fought the German fascists in nineteen thirties Germany. You must remember, government is an abstraction. However, real humans make government and military function.

Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, is to me a bonafide terrorist. Most if not all politicians in America are paper and pen terrorists to me. Chris Christie wanted to track illegal immigrants as if they were Fedex packages.

I’m not making that up. Antifa are not a centralized group. Some people claim there are around two hundred Antifa groups in America.

Nobody knows for certain. I am not a right or left Anarchist. Antifa has left or far left idealogies.

However, at times they fight bigotry, racism, sexism, etc. Some Antifa groups admit they will use acts of physical force. However, this year the alternative right and mainstream right groups have perpetrated quite a few acts of violence themselves.

People have been killed and severily injured in these right versus left clashes. The Antifa bulletin from the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security did label far right groups that have clashed with Antifa as “Extremists”. I am a pacifist anarchist and don’t support any offensive violence.

However, you have a right to defend yourself from a person(s). As long as nobody gets physically hurt or killed, who fucking cares. The great irony to me is that a real terrorist organization, the New Jersey government, would label another group extremist.

Antifa has been battling white supremacy in recent years. Perhaps that is why some state governments are labeling them extremist now. Chris Christie is a repugnant, I mean Republican that ran for puppet president in two thousand sixteen.

I would support Antifa only to a certain extent. When it comes to offensive physical force, I cannot align myself with them. That is why I am glad I am an Individualist Pacifist Counter Racist Anarchist.

Most clashes between right versus left this year, have been perpetrated by white people. That to me is another important point of contention as a person that is NOT white. To me what is important is being honest and truthful about when certain groups perpetrate violence and not to get into a right versus left emotional duality.

Crissy Field San Francisco – Rally by Patriot Prayer Cancelled

A right wing group named Patriot Prayer has cancelled a rally they had planned for Saturday August twenty six two thousand seventeen. This group was actually founded by Joey Gibson, who claims that he is not white and Japanese. This group received a permit from the San Francisco domestic terror group known also as government.

They were going to have klan rally, I mean free speech rally at Chrissy Park. On Friday night Joey changed plans and cancelled this rally. However, he scheduled a news press conference for 2PM local time at Alamo Square park in San Francisco.

Local media whores were beginning to label this fringe group a white supremacist group. This group has connections to Oath Keepers, which to me is controlled opposition. Also, Patriot Prayer has connections to Kyle Chapman aka stickman whom became famous around white circles for beating leftist antifa with a stick, hence his nickname.

The lunatic left has responded to this lunatic right wing group by planning to plant dog poop bombs at Chrissy Park. You can’t make this, pun intended in advance, shit up. I am not a right wing or left wing anarchist.

I do NOT participate in politics nor do I choose sides politically. Patriot Prayer is actually located in Portland, Oregon. Why they choose San Francisco instead of Portland for a possible klan rally, I do not know.

Just because this clown cancelled this rally, does not mean that the show will not go on so to speak. We shall see what transpires at this press conference later today. However, some local citizens that live in the Alamo Square neighborhood were pissed off about this change of venue.

Allegedly, San Francisco authority goons had planned for a possible large scale military and gestapo prescence at Chrissy Park. Perhaps this change of venue may make matters worse. I do not know.

Supposedly, there are planned counter protests just blocks away from Alamo Square. How conveniant don’t you say? I have never heard of both Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer.

I have some intelligence gathering to perform and will perhaps write a report about Joey and his right wing group if neccessary.

Donald J Trump – Pardons Criminal Sheriff Joseph Arpaio

El Presidente Donald “Chump” Trump pardoned the criminal former Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, today August twenty five two thousand seventeen. I am NOT surprised by this decision at all. This is exactly what white terrorists continue to perpetrate in America.

Joseph Arpaio is a convicted criminal. He actually was found guilty earlier this year for a Criminal Contempt charge. A federal judge found this white piece of shit terrorist guilty for once in his life.

However, white people to me make shit up as they go along. This former Maricopa County, Arizona sheriff was pardoned by another white terrorist Donald “Chump” Trump, whos father was a Ku Klux Klan member. Actually, Joseph Arpaio has faced federal charges pertaining to his acts of either direct or indirect terrorism towards inmates in Arizona.

However, each and every time he was never convicted until earlier this year.

“In December 2011, U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow issued a preliminary injunction ordering Arpaio and his deputies to stop targeting Latino drivers. Prosecutors allege that Arpaio’s deputies defied the injunction for at least 18 months. In May 2013, Snow ruled that Arpaio’s office had engaged in racial profiling.

Arpaio and his deputies have admitted to violating the judge’s order, but they claim their defiance wasn’t intentional.”

This is nothing new for white Al Qaeda. This is why I was not surprised at all when he received a puppet potus presidential pardon. I’m sure this white scumbag retired with his full pension in hand.

White people to me are supposed to terrorize people with color and then never become held accountable. This eighty five year old cretin from hell, Joseph was only facing a misdemeanor charge. He is a military terrorist as well after serving in the United States Army.

Joseph is also a former police gestapo terrorist. He has a lengthy rap sheet of corruption that dates back decades. However, since he is a white man, he was only convicted once, which he was pardoned for by Donald “Chump” Trump.

He is no longer the Nazi sheriff of Maricopa County because he lost an election to a Democrat. However, I don’t see any difference between the white supremacist left and right. We shall see if things change in this county or if it is business as usual in the system of white terrorism.

Christopher Cantwell – White Supremacist Fugitive Apprehended

Another white person has been arrested, after the Charlottesville, Virginia klan rally. This rally took place earlier in August of two thousand seventeen. One person was murdered and multiple people were injured.

Christopher Cantwell, a known white supremacist terrorist, turned himself in to interestingly enough Lynchburg gestapo on August twenty third two thousand fourteen. He was facing multiple felonies for his participation in a violent klan rally, I mean free speech rally. University of Virginia gestapo filed two counts of Illegal use of tear gas, phosgene and other gases and one count of malicous bodily injury by means of any caustic substance or agent or use of any explosive or fire.

He will be transported to Charlottesville. He was denied bail. This white boy appeared in a YouTube video crying and whining about his felony warrants. Also, he was featured in a Vice documentary pertaining to the alt right’s free speech rally in charlottesville that was mired with white violence.

An Albemarle County General District Court said that Christopher could still request a bond hearing once he obtains legal counsel. Christopher sprayed counter protestors in the face. His next court appearance is scheduled for October twelve two thousand seventeen.

I was able to verify that he is in custody at Albemarle Charlottesville regional jail. This white terrorist hosts the Radical Agenda radio show. Christopher considers himself a libertarian. I have noticed a pattern of quite a few libertarian white supremacists.

Stephen Colbert has actually featured Christopher on his television program once. Also, he is allied with another white terrorist, Richard Spencer. His father has connections to the United States Federal Government.

His father was an air traffic controller, which can be verified in an online National Air Traffic Controllers Association database. Christopher is another long line of violent Christians. He was raised a Catholic.

Charleston SC Downtown – Virginia’s On King Thomas Burns Shooting

Another incident of violence in Charleston, South Carolina. This time an alleged bitter former employee shot one person to death and took hostages. Local gestapo claim all hostages were released to safety with no injuries nor fatalities.

This incident occurred only blocks away from the Emanuel AME church where white terrorist Dylann Roof murdered nine Africans. According to a bureaucratic mayor, John Tecklenburg, the perpetrator was shot by gestapo and taken to a local hospital. No word on how many hostages were taken.

This pissed of employee took hostages inside the Virginia’s on King restaurant and shot another employee dead. Supposedly, there were around thirty employees inside this restaurant at time of this incident. The owner of this restaurant claims that the perpetrator shot another employee out of revenge.

This incident was initially reported to Charleston Gestapo at 12 PM local time. However, John the city mayor claimed that as of 2:30 PM local time the “active shooter” was still inside this restaurant. This is when allegedly this active shooter began taking hostages.

Tom and Patsy Plant, restaurant customers claimed an assailant entered this restaurant and said:

“There’s a new boss in town.”

These two then escaped out a back door. Another customer claimed this perpetrator locked this restaurant’s front door and said:

“I am the new king of Charleston.”

Another report claims this shooting was first reported to Charleston, South Carolina gestapo at 12:17 PM local time. As is proverbial in the system of mental illness, this establishment was placed under lockdown. Bill Rosene claims that this gunman entered the restaurant from a rear door.

Cato Roemo heard three gun shots and saw a person deceased. Supposedly, a dishwasher was fired and came back to shoot a chef at this restaurant. According to the ownder John Aquino:

“I heard that a dishwasher got fired and came back in and shot the chef. There were some people in there and there were a couple of hostages.”

Crowdsource The Truth – and George Webb Sweigert Part Ways

The lunatic fringe also known as the fake phony truth movement, had a bit of a small shift today. George Webb Sweigert has parted ways with Crowd Source The Truth over some interesting allegations. Crowd Source The Truth was founded by Jason Goodman.

He had partnered with George Webb Sweigert and Trish Negron for quite a few months. George Webb Sweigert is famous or infamous depending on your viewpoint of calling in a false alarm dirty bomb report earlier this year. He claimed that his “sources” told him a dirty bomb was on the Maersk line in Charleston, South Carolina.

This ended up being completely false. However, not too long afterwards, George Webb Sweigert was arrested not necessarily for a Driving Under the Influence charge but something similar. I am not here to judge, just report what had happened. Now fast forward to today, and Jason Goodman claims that George Webb Sweigert was intoxicated during some of their broadcasts.

Jason claimed that this was a main reason for parting ways with George Webb Sweigert. George and his brother Dave Sweigert aka Dave Acton, actually are part of a military family. Last time I checked, George was representing himself ,pro se, with his legal charges in Zanesville, Ohio.

George Webb Sweigert was never charged for possibly calling in a phony fake dirty bomb scare. Jason had helped George with his alcohol related charges in Zanesville, Ohio. Alcohol and drugs in America are dangerous vices.

Is this just more manufactured drama, within the fake phony truth movement? Jason Goodman has direct connections to hollyweird, I mean hollywood. I will be writing a report about his decades old connections to hollyweird.

The lunatic fringe and the phony fake truth movement steams ahead with or without George Webb Sweigert, Jason Goodman, and Trish Negron.