Paul LePage – Claims Blacks & Hispanics Are 90% of Drug Dealers

A white terrorist, at least to me, Maine Governor Paul LePage claims that blacks and hispanics in Maine are ninety percent of all drug dealing in that dump of a state. In context he claimed that ninety percent of all arrestees in that state that were arrested were either black or hispanic.

Also, he claims this percentage is based upon a three ring binder he keeps with pictures of arrestees. He claimed most of these alleged drug dealers with color originated from Waterbury, Connecticut, Bronx, and Brooklyn New York. Paul made this comment in response to a business owner stipulating that he was hesitant on owning a company in Maine.

This white ISIS member claims that people with color are bringing heroine into his state. However, heroine is a drug that is used mostly by white people historically. As is proverbial in the system of white terrorism, this white man denies all wrong doing and denies he is a racist.

This white man was quoted verbatim in response to another Maine law maker, Drew Gattine, who took offense to this recent statement:

“I would like to talk to you about your comments about my being a racist. You cocksucker, I want to talk to you. I want you to prove that I’m a racist.

I’ve spent my life helping black people and, you little son of a bitch socialist cocksucker, I want you to record this and make it public because I am after you. Thank you.”

Paul had left this message on Drew Gattine’s voicemail. This white terrorist is a Donald “Chump” Trump supporter. Paul even challenged this other bureaocrat to a physical confrontation:

“I would point it right between his eyes, because he is a snot-nosed little runt and he has not done a damn thing since he’s been in the Legislature to help move the state forward,”

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Daniel Rowe – Admitted White Supremacist Knifes Mixed Race Couple

Another white terrorist attack in the system of white terrorism occurred August sixteen two thousand sixteen. This time a thirty two year old white terrorist named Daniel Rowe, stabbed a white female that was dating a not white male. Daniel became enraged and stabbed a black African and white woman outside a Washington bar, when he saw them kissing.

China Clipper Club Cafe is scene of this latest display of white terrorism. This white not white couple was leaving this cafe around 8:30 PM local Pacific time, when this white savage beast Daneil Rowe lunged at both of them with a knife. One of his victims was forty seven years old and able to tackle this white Al Qaeda member, until local police gestapo arrived.

These two victims were grazed with a knife. This white terrorist was quoted verbatim:

“Yeah, I stabbed them. I’m a white supremacist.”

This white terrorist also allegedly spewed off rhetoric about attacking black live matter protestors and even mentioned Donald “Chump” Trump rallies. This white savage was actually recently released from Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla, Washington. Daniel Rowe is facing two counts of first degree assault and one count of malicious harassment.

Daniel is in jail pending posting a five hundred thousand dollar bail from Thurston County jail. This white scum lives in Richland, Washington and had “Skinhead”, “White Power”, and “Hooligan” in a Confederate Flag tatoo. Daniel Rowe was in Olympia Washington because he had heard that Black Lives Matter were protesting police terrorists at a Donald “Chump” Trump rally.

Also, Daniel claims that he would have attacked protestors had he not been arrested for this specific affair pun intended. This white animal has obtained legal services from public defender Christian Cabrerra.

Ryan Lochte – Breaks Into Bathroom Then Purjures Himself in Brazil

Ryan Lochte, a thirty two year old white man from United States of disgrace, disgraced himself in Brazil. This Olympic level swimmer lied and purjured himself this past weekend. On Sunday Ryan along with three other American swimmers broke into a gas station bathroom and then tried to blame it on Brazilians.

Security camera footage shows this white boy along with three other white boys from America, urinating outside this gas station’s bathroom. These four white clowns actually successfully broke down a door of a locked bathroom, yet still urinated outside like animals. Ryan Lochte and Jimmy Feigen face charges of false reporting of a crime.

Ryan and Jimmy lied and claimed they were held at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro, by armed robbers. This was a total lie and fabrication. Also, actually Ryan along with three other American Olympic white swimmers actually damaged this bathroom’s soap dish, toilet paper, a sign and door.

These four white hooligans tried to flee. However, some local security guards demanded they stay. It was actually Brazilian security guards that brandished weapons, as they were called after these four white cretins broke into this bathroom, urinated outside, and then fabricated a false story.

Owner of this gas station is quoted verbatim:

“They stopped next to the gas station, and urinated … right next to the gas station. We even have images of one of the athlete’s butts, as he is pulling up his pants.”

These four white boys supposedly bought off these security guards with possibly three hundred fake federal reserve notes also known as American dollars. Ryan Lochte has returned to the United States, even though a Brazilian judge requested his passport become confiscated. Two of these clowns were pulled off an airplane and forced to stay in Brazil

Ryan Lochte lied on American television, claiming he was a victim of armed robbery. Two of his associates have since admitted that was a fabrication.

Tom Mourning – Perpetrates Random Shooting Injuring Five Strangers

Another white terrorist in AmeriKKKa, went on a random shooting spree. Twenty six year old white boy Tom Mourning, shot five strangers in Joplin, Missouri this past Saturday August thirteen two thousand sixteen. Three victims were from a local church.

Two other victims were in a truck stopped at a vehicular traffic light. Around 5 AM his own father phoned police gestapo and reported gunshots at their residence at 1810 S. Connecticut Ave. Police gestapo terrorists were following this white savage when he started firing at his first three victims.

Instead of summarily executing this white boy, police did not immediately intervene. Tom then fired gun shots at two strangers parked in a white pickup truck. Finally, this white boy submitted to arrest at 5:22 AM local time.

These police terrorists followed this white boy and knew he was aiming to kill people, pun intended. Tom is facing following charges from both incidents:

* Three counts of felony armed criminal action
* Three counts of felony assault in first degree
* Two counts of unlawful use of weapon
* Two counts of felony armed criminal action
* Two counts of felony assault in first degree
* One count of unlawful use of a weapon

This white boy is facing a one million dollar bond from Jasper County, Missouri. Seven hundred fifty thousand dollars must be in surety. A remaining two hundred fifty thousand fake federal reserve notes must be in cash.

Since this white savage crossed jurisdictions, Newton County is requiring a three hundred thousand dollar cash only bond. One victim Kenneth Eby is still in critical condition. Another victim required surgery.

Also, two canines were injured with one requiring surgery. One victim in that truck stopped at a traffic light received three bullets. Just another day in the system of white terrorism.

Crabtree Valley Mall – Incident Causes Lockdown of Shopping Mall

Another shopping mall incident in AmeriKKKa, August thirteen two thousand sixteen. This time shots were reportedly fired at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, North Carolina. Initially, police did not confirm any shots were fired.

Also, police gestapo did not confirm that any shell casings were found. However, local police gestapo claimed some injuries occurred when shoppers escaped this mall in a literal stampede. Witnesses claimed they heard and saw gunshots being fired.

Around 2:30 PM local time police goons showed up and quickly locked this capitalistic brothel down. Coincidentally, or maybe not, Federal Bureau of Insurgency, a local Sheriff’s office, and state police investigators were on scene. Around eight people were taken to local hospitals as a result of a stampede to the exits so to speak.

John Riggleman and Kristin Warring claimed in an interview that they heard shots being fired while walking towards a video game store. These shots they heard sounded close to this mall’s food court. Special Weapons and Tactics thugs brandished weaponry inside this mall.

Local serfs were allowed to leave this mall approximately 3 PM local time. Antonio Richardson told associated propaganda I mean associated press that he saw two men arguing in Crabtree Valley Mall food court, near Casanova clothing store entrance. He claims a total of four shots were fired during this argument.

Mark Rush another witness claims he heard five or six gunshots as he was walking out of a cellphone accessory store. Laurren Baker, another witness claims she heard gunshots as soon as she entered this mall. Also, she claims she witnessed police gestapo handcuff an individual.

She claims she thought those gunshots occurred in a food court. This capitalistic brothel was reopened for service following day at noon. Allegedly, there were two bullet holes seen in this mall ceiling.