Richmond VA Greyhound Counter Drug Training Drill Cause Casualty

Another alleged public shooting in AmeriKKKa transpired today March thirty first two thousand sixteen. This time a Virginia State police counter drug training drill caused multiple fatalities. This partook at a Greyhound bus station in Richmond Virginia.

State police terrorists were participating in a training drill when allegedly a lone wolf gunman shot one of these police terrorists dead. Also, two innocent bystanders were supposedly injured. There are already conflicting reports and discrepancies. Some reports claim that a state police terrorist met his or her demise.

However, other reports claim that this state police thug was only injured. Also, conflicting reports claim that this lone gunman met his or her demise where as other reports claim he or she was only injured. Supposedly, a state police gestapo thug approached a citizen at Richmond Virginia’s Greyhound station at 2:45 PM local eastern time.

This gunman then allegedly fired shots at this state trooper. Supposedly, state police thugs were supposed to approach and talk with citizens as part of this “training drill”. Supposedly, those two injured innocent bystanders were shot after this trooper was.

Allegedly, this gunman was taken to a nearby hospital and later died. However, other reports claimed he was only injured and taken into custody. Supposedly, some of these Virginia state police thugs fired shots at this gunman.

This Greyhound bus station was closed for cover up I mean further investigation. All four involved were allegedly transported to Virginia Commonwealth University medical center. Amazingly enough other terrorists showed up to this scene.

All told Virginia State Police, Richmond Virginia police, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms agents, and Homeland Security agents arrived at this scene. Another different report claims that two troopers were taken to a hospital. One witness, Brendan Hamilton, claimed he heard five to ten gunshots as he was entering this greyhound station.

However, he did not claim he witnessed a shooter with is own eyes.

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Douglas Allison – Sequim School Principal Faces Multiple Felonies

Another white man in the system of white terror is accused of raping children. This time fifty five year old white principal of Mountain View Christian School in Sequim, Washington, was arrested. He is facing four counts of rape of a child and twelve counts of first degree child molestation.

This white clown was arrested at his home on March twenty nine two thousand fifteen by local Clallam County Sheriff’s detectives. His two victims are females aged ten and eleven. This ten year old victim told detectives she had been repeatedly molested at this christian school this school year.

This christiandom school, located at 255 Medsker Road in Sequim is actually ran by seven day adventists. Not only is this white pervert principal but also he indoctrinates children in grades five through eight. Douglas’s bail is one hundred thousand dollars.

Brussels Airport Fiasco Cause Multiple People to Meet Their Demise

Multiple explosions at Brussels Belgium Zaventem Airport caused eleven fatalities and thirty injuries according to hospital sources. These explosions supposedly transpired around 8 AM local time. They were detonated by the American Airlines check in desk and Brussells Airlines check in desk.

Passengers ran for their lives after these explosions sent shock waves through out this airport. Also, allegedly shouts were fired after these explosive devices detonated. Airport patrons claim they could feel shock waves from these two explosions.

Local police gestapo sealed off parts of this airport terminal leaving passengers penned in like cattle. Some terminal windows were completely blown out. This airport remains in lock down at time of this blog post creation.

Armed police gestapo forced passengers to leave their bags so that they could inspect them for possible bombs. Also, these passengers were moved to a nearby make shift crisis center. Coincidentally, this incident occurred four days after alleged Paris attack suspect Salah Abdeslam was arrested.

Another explosion allegedly occurred at a nearby metro rail station across from European Union buildings. This entire transportation system has been closed. Supposedly, more bombs have been found.

Also, nobody knows as of yet who caused these explosions. Another report claims that one blast occurred on or near an airport runway. Separate reports claim that ten met their demise or seventeen met their demise.

Since this airport has been placed on lock down, air traffic is being diverted to other airports. Brussell’s terror threat level was not increased to maximum until after these blasts. Their terror threat level was increased from level three to level four.

There are videos and photographs of an after math of this incident now circulating on the Internet.

Anna Ritchie – Causes Boy to Meet Demise Using Scalding Hot Water

A twenty five year old white girl has caused her step son to parish on March sixteen two thousand sixteen. This translucent punished this child to a scalding hot bath around 8 PM local central time. This four year old boy lived in Franklin, Ohio with his biological father and step mother.

A local coroner claimed this boy died from burns sustained to his legs. Local police terrorists claim that this boy’s death was caused when he was forced to place his legs in scalding hot water. This death will allegedly be ruled a homicide by Franklin County Coroner’s office.

However, this white girl is only being charged with “endangering children”, which is a second degree felony. Why was she not charged with first degree murder? Especially, after police admit this scalding hot bath killed this boy.

Police claim they are still investigating this and further charges may be filed. This father was quoted as saying:

“I think my son died. He is stiff as a board.”

Anna is currently held in the Warren County Jail on a three hundred and fifty thousand dollar bond. She is scheduled to appear in court Friday March eighteen two thousand sixteen. Austin Cooper’s burns have been classified as third degree burns.

Police found his lifeless body in a baby crib this morning. A grand jury is whom may add additional charges, not local police terrorists. According to Warren County Ohio jail records Anna’s full name is Anna Marie Ritchie, born on September eighth nineteen ninety.

She is listed as a white female with 143 Boulder Drive, Franklin Ohio as her residence address. She can bond out but only with cash. Anna has not yet obtained legal counsel according to my report.

Rocky Allen – Surgical Tech Faces Federal Indictment Charges

A twenty eight year old white boy is facing two Federal indictment charges as a surgical technician. He faces one charge of tampering with a consumer product and one charge of obtaining a controlled substance by deceit. He faces a maximum of fourteen years in federal prison and five hundred thousand dollars in fines if convicted for both charges.

Rocky worked for a total of five hospitals in his illustrious career as a drug addict and ex military terrorist. One hospital, Swedish Medical in Denver, Colorado, claims he stole a syringe of Fentanyl and replaced it with another syringe with another substance. He was fired from four previous hospitals before this latest incident.

Also, while this white military terrorist was deployed in Afghanistan for the United States Navy, he was court martialed for stealing Fentanyl. Another hospital found him passed out on a floor and he passed a drug test for Fentanyl. Another hospital caught him swapping a Fentanyl syringe with a saline syringe.

One of these hospitals notified the Federal Drug Enforcement agency. However, this white clown kept getting hired at different hospitals in four states. The Drug Enforcement Agency does not take names in drug theft cases at hospitals.

Also, hospitals in America are not required to notify local law goons in drug theft cases. Around three thousand Swedish Medical Center patients are being tested for HIV, hepatitis B and C. This white boy has been tested positive for a blood borne pathogen.

Rocky was able to obtain employment by omitting prior employment at hospitals he was fired from. Also, he did not include his court martial while in the Navy. Seattle’s Northwest Hospital and Medical center has notified around thirteen hundred patients requesting they test for HIV, hepatitis B and C. This white boy may have exposed patients at multiple hospitals with viruses.

UW Platteville – Cancels Classes Because of an Alleged Firearm

Another bizarre incident in America a white colony today March fourteen two thousand sixteen. This time University of Wisconsin Platteville canceled all classes after an alleged firearm was found on campus. All offices and brain white washing services were closed at this temporary internment camp indoctrination center.

An alleged security threat was cause for concern. Employees and students were told to leave this campus. These classes at this University were cancelled around 1:30 PM local time.

An emergency message was posted on University of Wisconsin Platteville’s official website:



3:15 p.m.

Campus remains closed for the remainder of today, 3/14/16. We will continue to post updates at

1:30 p.m.

Classes are canceled today as of 1:30 pm due to a security threat. All offices and services are closed, including the Markee Pioneer Student Center.
Employees and students should leave campus unless you are essential personnel. Students who live in residence halls should return to your hall.
Food service will continue in Bridgeway Commons.

Effective Time and Date (CST):
Monday, March 14, 2016 – 1:30pm”

Around nine thousand students get blasted with daily indoctrination propaganda at this campus. One report claims that UW-Platteville spokesman Dan Wackershauser claims this alleged threat occurred in Ullsvik Hall. However, he also stated he did not know the exact nature of this threat.

UW-P student David Kalenga, an alleged witness was quoted as saying:

“I was in the men’s bathroom and I heard some clicking and I saw a barrel in the stalls,” he said. “I ran outside and called the cops and then pulled the fire alarm.”

Police terrorists are allegedly searching for a white male suspect. However, no shots were fired, arrests made, no injuries, etc. Students were supposedly alerted via email.

Also, there are very few details being released by local police terrorists investigating this alleged security threat.

Kenneth Sonnenfeld – Teacher Faces Child Molestation Felony Charge

A fifty two year old white Blaine, Minnesota elementary school teacher faces a felony second degree criminal sexual conduct charge. He is being accused of molesting one of his own students when she seeked help from this white man. This fourth grade teacher, touched genitilia of one of his students in two thousand fourteen and two thousand fifteen.

This nine year old told a forensic investigator that this white clown would touch her inappropriately while she stood next to him while answering mathamatics and science questions. She stopped seeking help with her studies from this teacher so that he would cease and desist molesting her. She was quoted as saying when she decided to complain about this translucent’s behavior:

“Her chest and stomach wouldn’t hurt anymore.”

Anoka Hennepin School District brain washers and indoctrinators released an official statement:

“The district immediately reported this complaint to law enforcement and appropriate agencies, and they’re currently investigating it. The district will also conduct an investigation and action may be taken as a result of those findings.”

Kenneth was arrested Tuesday March eight two thousand sixteen around 7 PM local Central time. He faces up to twenty five years in prison if convicted of felony second degree criminal sexual conduct. This white clown is still in jail pending a court hearing Thursday March ten two thousand sixteen.

This school district claims this teacher was placed on administrative leave. I was not able to ascertain whether or not he was placed on “paid” administrative leave or not.

James Dillon – Sets 1 Homeless on Fire Causes 1 to Meet Demise

A white boy set one homeless person on fire and killed another in Queens New York City on March six two thousand sixteen. This all began around 11:30 AM Eastern time when this twenty three year old white boy slashed a thirty nine year old female on her face and head. Thankfully she survived as she is a woman with color.

Around 3:10 PM this white savage then fatally knifed a fifty five year old liquor store owner. His rampage was not yet complete as James then set a sixty one year old homeless man on fire. This victim was rushed to Cornell Hospital where he is listed in critical condition.

Local police terrorists found this white boy near his home and a chase ensued. James sprayed a not known chemical on police and refused to drop his knife. As is per usual and proverbial in the system of white terrorism, he was not killed but shot twice in both legs, perhaps because he was white.

Another perhaps intentional ploy, is that these same police terrorists are claiming that this white boy has a history of “mental illness”. James was arrested in his own back yard. One of his victims Bertha Carpio was quoted verbatim:

“He got mad because I looked at him. He said, ‘What are you looking at, you fucking bitch?’ I felt the pain and I pushed him away, and I ran down the street.

Everyone’s scared of him. she said. He’s a scary person. He looks like he’s going to hurt you.

Jacob Anderson – Baylor Phi Delta Theta President Faces Felony

The white male president of Baylor University’s Phi Delta Theta fraternity president is facing a felony sexual assault charge. Jacob Anderson, aged twenty, turned himself in, twelve days after an arrest warrant was issued. His female victim told police the following:

“The female said that she had been at a party at a fraternity in South Waco. She said she was handed a drink of some kind of punch and was told, ‘Here you go. Drink this.

She said shortly after that she became very disoriented, was taken outside by our suspect, who is Jacob Walter Anderson, and she said when they got outside, Anderson forcibly sexually assaulted her.”

This white boy Jacob brought her outside in a more secluded area of this residential house behind a tent where he allegedly eventually sexually assaulted her. Later, she woke up and told a friend what occurred. This individual took her to Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest Medical Center immediately.

This white clown has an attorney and bailed out of fifty thousand dollars with a five thousand dollar bond. For now this Phi Delta Theta fraternity has been suspended and Jacob Anderson has been removed from this organization. This Baylor University Phi Delta Theta greek fraternity released an official statement in response to their president sexually assualting another student:

“On March 3, 2016, the Phi Delta Theta Texas Lambda chapter at Baylor University was made aware of a sexual assault allegation made against a member of the chapter. The Phi Delta Theta fraternity stands with victims of sexual assault, and does not condone or tolerate any act of sexual assault or violence against women. The chapter advisory board, national office, and current chapter members have and will continue to cooperate fully with law enforcement officials. The chapter will not comment on any ongoing investigations of any current members.”