Madison High School – Fiasco Causes Four Injuries Suspect Caught

Another alleged school shooting incident in AmeriKKKa, a white colony. This time four students were injured at Madison Junior Senior High School in Middletown Ohio, on Monday February twenty nine two thousand sixteen. Two of those students supposedly received injuries from flying shrapnel.

Two students with more severe injuries allegedly were taken to a nearby hospital. Local Butler County sheriff terrorists claim that a fourteen year old boy perpetrated this incident, fled this school and was later apprehended. These sheriff clowns refused to indentify this alleged shooter.

Another report claims that an eighth grader brought a gun to Madison Junior Senior High School. Cameron Smith, aged fifteen, and Cooper Caffrey, aged fourteen were supposedly received gun shot wounds while Brant Murray and Katherine Doucette both aged fourteen were allegedly injured by shrapnel. This alleged lone wolf gunman used a .380 caliber weapon.

After capping some fellow students he ran into some nearby woods. Allegdly, a lone sheriff deputy assigned to this temporary brain white washing internment camp had left his post inside this school’s cafeteria. Supposedly, this fourteen year old has been charged with felony attempted murder.

This shooting incident partook inside Madison Junior Senior High School’s cafeteria. This shooting incident transpired at 11:30 AM local Central time after this sheriff deputy left his post. This school and other nearby schools were placed under lock down for more than an hour.

This lock down was lifted at 1 PM local time. Classes were cancelled for all schools in this district. Parents were allowed to drive to these schools and pick up their serfs I mean children.

Another report claims these students were injured while exiting this school and not by shrapnel. One parent claims that six shots were fired. One 11th grade student named Zayd Ahmed, claims he heard four shots while he was sitting in this schools library.

He was quoted verbatim:

“I was very scared. Kind of like, you’re shaking, your legs won’t stop shaking. For another hour I was wondering what was going on and when are they going to tell us.

I’m just thinking, little eighth graders? With a gun? What are they doing with a gun?”

Parents were notified twice by automated phone call messages supposedly, and via Facebook and a school district website.

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Naval Air Station Joint Reserve – Fiasco Psychological Operation?

Military clowns placed the Fort Worth Naval Air Station Joint Reserve under lockdown after allegedly a suspicious package was found. This incident transpired supposedly at 9:25 AM local time near the front gate. Another reports claims this occurred at 9:30 AM.

One suspect was allegedly detained after military claimed this was a bomb threat. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service supposedly questioned this suspect and transferred him off site. Sirens were heard after this incident.

Military clowns have not released further details about this alleged suspect and suspicious package. Officials were quoted verbatim:

“Out an abundance of caution, the installation is locked down until further notice. This precaution is for the safety of installation personnel and the surrounding local community,”

This facility lock down was later lifted. Around 1 PM local time only outbound traffic was allowed. Around 2 PM inbound traffic was allowed via an east gate.

Military goons excuse of not releasing any further details is because they claim an ongoing investigation is being performed. Local Fort Worth police terrorists also assisted this alleged bomb threat. Remote bomb technology was supposedly used to sniff out this suspicious package.

Around 4 PM local time this military base that harbors future terrorists “resumed normal operations”. Future military terrorists train at this installation from the Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Army and Texas Air National Guard. Over ten thousand possible violent savages work at this location.

No word on whether or not military and or police concocted this alleged suspicious package that was detonated. Was this another military psychological operations used to spread fear amongst Americans?

Jason Dalton – Suspected Perpetrator of Kalamazoo Michigan Fiasco

A forty five year old white man is a suspected perpetrator of murder of six people on February twenty first two thousand sixteen. Around 5:40 PM local time he shot a female multiple times. She survived but is in serious condition.

Around 10:08 PM he murdered a father and son at a car dealership. Then twenty minutes later at a Cracker Barrel he shot four women killing them all. Also, a fourteen year old girl was injured in critical condition.

This white man Jason Dalton worked for Uber. However, allegedly he passed a background check but did not murder any of his clients. As a matter of fact he actually was on the job in between murders.

Uber responded quoted verbatim:

“We are horrified and heartbroken at the senseless violence in Kalamazoo, Michigan. We have reached out to the police to help with their investigation in any way that we can.”

Not only did this white man pick up clients before and during these shootings, but he actually picked up clients after murdering six people. I guess business as usual. One of his customers actually posted on their FaceBook profile complaining about his erratic driving.

However, this FaceBook post has since been removed. A 911 emergency call was supposedly placed complaining of Jason Dalton’s driving behavior. He was arrested early Sunday February twenty first two thousand sixteen.

His arraignment and pending charges are supposedly to occur tomorrow, Monday February twenty second two thousand sixteen. This white man was arrested without confrontation and without being capped by police gestapo. Perhaps this is the case because he was a white man.

Police gestapo claim these shootings were not related and random. There is no word on whether or not any of his victims were armed themselves. Allegedly, he shot these people multiple times as quite a few shell casings were found and some reports of over ten shell casings at each scene.

Columbiana Centre – Mall Fiasco Leaves Three Possible Suspects

Another alleged shooting incident at a shopping mall in AmeriKKKa. This time Columbiana Centre in Columbia, South Carolina is the scene. Gun shots were initially reported outside Dillard’s and T-mobile stores.

Local police terrorists claim a fight involving two men escalated into gun shots. Supposedly, a third male participated and then two of these men pulled out gats and fired some caps. These three clowns then supposedly left this capitalistic brothel.

Police terrorists are allegedly searching for three suspects. Richland County Sheriff terrorist spokesman Curtis Wilson, claims he has heard that victims were possibly shot. However, he has not verified whether or not anyone was actually shot.

Access to this mall was curtailed both from entering and exiting capitalistic whores. Serfs were directed to seek assistance for those separated from them at a Toys R Us store parking lot. Police terrorists declared this an active shooter situation but isolated.

This incident allegedly occurred at 7PM Eastern time. Another report claims this event happened at a Michael Kohrs store inside this shopping mall. Another report claims that this allegedly incident transpired in front of Kay Jewelers.

This same report claims that this incident was NOT an active shooter incident. Another report claims that there are only two suspects involved in this fiasco. Police terrorists claim that they are going to use surveillance video from Columbiana Centre shopping mall to try to solve this riddle, I mean incident this victim less incident.

Fort Eustis – Fiasco Another Military Psychological Operations?

Another alleged shooting incident transpired today February nineteen two thousand sixteen in AmeriKKKa. This time supposedly a shooting occurred inside a Fort Eustis Army Base near Newport News, Virginia. Allegedly, Allegedly, at 11:30 AM local Eastern time a shooting occurred outside building 650.

This facility trains future terrorists also known as violent savage Army soldiers. This facility was then placed under immediate lock down until 1 PM local Eastern time. The United States Army terrorists are not reporting any fatalities.

Also, military clowns claim no injuries occurred. Three contractors working on a roof reportedly heard gunshots. A precautionary lock down was then ordered based on these alleged witnesses.

This United States Army installation is actually a joint operation with nearby Langley Air Force Base in two thousand ten. A conflicting report by Senior Airman Alex Durbin, claims this alleged shooting incident occurred at 11:50 AM local Eastern time. He did not stipulate that an arrest was made.

Also, according to him an alleged lock down was lifted at 12:45 PM instead of 1 PM. Those a fore mentioned contractors supposedly called 911 and reported an emergency. Another report claims it was possible they heard gunshots from a nearby shooting range.

Another report claims it was assumed by military personnel that those gun shots occurred inside building 650, which prompted an internal search. A United States Army military terrorist Colonel by the name of William Galbraith, a white man, from 733rd Mission Support Group commander at Fort Eustis, gave a press conference in front of local media whore propagandists. He was quoted as saying:

“There’s times weapons will be discharged, and there’s noises throughout the installation,”

Not too many other details have been released at time of this blog post creation. Perhaps this was just another military psychological operations to keep Americans in a constant state of fear, worry, hysteria, etc.

Paul Aker – Arrested by US Marshals Over Student Loan Debt

A person with color Paul Aker was recently arrested by United States Marshal terrorists for non payment of a twenty nine year old student loan. He claims seven Marshals showed up at his door with automatic rifles and arrested him. He says that they took him to a federal court where they pressured him into signing a payment plan.

His total student loan debt was only one thousand five hundred dollars in nineteen eighty seven. Also, these terrorists have twelve to fifteen hundred warrants for individuals with student loan debt. Adding insult to injury after pointing guns at him, the average student loan debt in AmeriKKKa is around thirty five thousand dollars.

Paul whom is forty eight years old, claimed that these United States Marshals grabbed him and threw him down on the ground while local police terrorists looked on. He is quoted verbatim about this incident:

“I say, What is this all about? They say, Shut up, you know what this is all about. I don’t have a clue.

You know what this is all about. You could have sent me a letter. You could have called me.

But you were already at my door. It was because they knew I was a registered gun owner. It’s out of control.

Out of control. What if they had seen a gun on me? They would have shot me for 1,500 bucks.”

Paul Aker was told to pay five thousand seven hundred dollars including some interest and one thousand three hundred dollars for his arrest. Also, he was threatened with another arrest if he didn’t pay this amount by March first two thousand sixteen. He is trying to obtain legal counsel.

Allegedly, a federal prosecutor ended up being a collection agent. The United States Marshals obtained an arrest warrant after Paul did not show up for a court ordered judgement against him.

Glendale Arizona – Independence High School Fiasco: 2 Meet Demise

Another alleged school shooting in white people’s white colony AmeriKKKa. This time supposedly two teen girls met their demise at a Glendale, Arizona Independence High School. Two fifteen year old girls were supposedly shot right before 8 AM local Arizona time.

Police terrorists claim they found two deceased students lying next to each other. They claimed they found a weapon next to them. Also, they did not label this an active shooter incident.

Students from this temporary internment camp that brain white washes two thousand youth were released. However, local authoritative terrorists did NOT allow their parents to pick up their own children at this school. Instead, parents were required to arrive at the Walmart near 75th Avenue and Glendale Avenue.

Adding insult to injury these parents were then required to show photo identification, before they were then bused to Independence High School, to reunite with their child or children. These parents with children in two were then to get bused back to that Walmart and treated like cattle. Students attending this indoctrination camp were allowed to leave campus either by foot or vehicle.

However, supposedly they were required to contact their parents before they were released. This high school was then placed on lock down. Another report claims that one of these teens may have fired these fatal shots in a murder suicide.

Local police terrorists are not searching for a shooter or suspect. Some parents actually voiced frustration of this dog and pony show they had to go through to obtain their offspring. These two teen girls supposedly each suffered one gunshot wound to their head and were found near an administration building.

However, a student Kylee Kilpatrick told her mother she heard shots being fired while she was in a bathroom. This administration building is supposedly in an isolated area of this school campus. Some nearby elementary schools were placed under lock down even though there was no active shooter declared.

Marc Andreessen – Attacks India Accusing Them of Anti-Colonialism

Marc Andreessen a white man on the board of directors of Facebook, tweeted in response to India’s recent denial of service attack against Facebook. You see this country denied Facebook’s free Internet service called Free Basics. This pissed off this white man and he was quoted as saying on Twitter:

“Anti-colonialism has been economically catastrophic for the Indian people for decades. Why stop now?”

This white crook, deleted this tweet soon after. A white Jew Mark Zuckerberg that founded Facebook, responded with an official statement via FaceBook. FaceBook has been trying to peddle their free internet service for years now.

This white clown tried apologizing after this obvious white racist behavior on his official Twitter account.

“I apologize for any offense caused by my earlier tweet about Indian history and politics. I admire India and the Indian people enormously. India is an amazing country with amazing people.

Indian companies and people have had profoundly positive effect on the Internet and world! India is an amazing country with amazing people. Indian companies and people have had profoundly positive effect on the Internet and world!

Last night on Twitter, I made an ill-informed and ill-advised comment about Indian politics and economics. To be clear, I am 100% opposed to colonialism, and 100% in favor of independence and freedom, in every country, including India. I am a huge admirer of the nation of India and the Indian people, who have been nothing but kind and generous to me for many years.

I apologize for any offense my comment caused, and withdraw it in full and without reservation. I will leave all future commentary on all of these topics to people with more knowledge and experience than me.”

No word on whether or not this white racist clown will be removed from FaceBook’s board of white direction I mean directors.

Waris Ahluwalia – Barred From AeroMexico Because of Sikh Turban

A forty one year old acting pun intended of Indian decent Sikh was barred from an AeroMexico flight because of his turban. He claims he had to wait in line to board a flight to New York City, New York, while all other passengers boarded. Finally, he tried to board this flight but was then required to assilimate into additional security searches.

This AeroMexico airlines then demanded he remove his Turban, which he replied:

“That is not something that I would do in public. That’s akin to asking someone to take off their clothes.”

After awhile he compromised by claiming he would allow airport insecurity to conduct their security measures in a private room with his turban removed. This compromise was refused by this obviously xenophobic airlines. This prompted an AeroMexico airlines employee to retort with you “need to book another flight.”

Waris, even posted a picture of himself and an AeroMexico ticket as evidence on A public relations clown from AeroMexico confirmed he was removed from this flight. This clown was quoted verbatim concerning this incident with:

“About the situation of passenger Waris Ahluwalia, Aeromexico reports that he was asked to submit to screening and inspection before boarding, in strict compliance with TSA protocol, We have offered the passenger to alternatives to reach his destination as soon as possible. We sincerely regret any inconvenience caused by this incident.”

Allegedly, an SSSS code on his ticket indicated he was pre-selected for secondary security screen measures. Security goons at Mexico City International Airport searched his bag, swabbed him for explosives residue, and even patted down his feet. Earlier he was offered to fly first class with this airlines, that is until employees saw what he looked like.

This xenophic airlines never issued a public apology to this man. There solution was to ban him from their airlines, making him seek another flight with a different airlines.

Wolfgang Ballinger – Psi Upsilon President Faces Felony Charges

A twenty one year old white boy faces felony charges of first degree attempted rape, first degree criminal sexual act, and first degree sexual abuse. He was Psi Upsilon fraternity’s acting president.

He was arrested and later released after posting twenty five thousand fake federal reserve notes bail. A woman claimed that a white male brought her to 2 Forest Park Lane house and sexually assaulted her in a bedroom. Wolfgang graduated from Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School, according to his now deleted FaceBook profile.

Cornell University has suspended almost all of Psi Upsilon fraternities activities, except for raping women, I mean operating as a residence hall. This white boy has a preliminary hearing scheduled on February nine two thousand sixteen. He was arrested Friday February fifth two thousand sixteen after this female student identified him.

Cornell University‘s official statement pertaining to this incident is quoted verbatim:

I am deeply disturbed by the allegations of sexual assault involving the president of Psi Upsilon. Sexual violence has no place at Cornell, and if these allegations are substantiated, those involved will be held accountable. When we were notified of these allegations on Monday, February 1, Psi Upsilon was immediately placed on interim suspension pending the conclusion of a full investigation. Although I applaud the swift actions of the Interfraternity Council (IFC) to mandate additional training for its members, we will be considering what additional steps should be taken to ensure the Greek community at Cornell is living up to our institutional standard of excellence and respect for others.

Elizabeth Garrett

No word on whether or not this white boy has ever received any pussy consensually.