Hampshire England – Osama Bin Laden Families Private Jet Crashes

A private jet owned by the Bin Laden family crashed yesterday killing four people. Two of those individuals were Osama Bin Laden’s sister and step mother. This jet was registered in Saudi Arabia.

This plane allegedly crashed when trying to land, as it veered off end of the Blackbushe Airport runway in Hampshire, England. This seven million pounds private jet smashed into an automobile auction named British Car Auction. This plane then exploded after impacting the ground.

This was a Brazilian made Embraer Phenom three hundred. Salem Aviation in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia owns this jet. One pilot and three passengers are supposedly dead from this crash.

Saudi Arabia’s embassy passed along condolences to the Bin Laden family. This aircraft was allegedly registered to Salem Aviation in nineteen eighty eight. The same year that Osama Bin Laden’s oldest brother Salem also died in a plane crash, in San Antonio, Texas.

Amazingly enough, Osama Bin Laden’s father Mohammed, died in a plane crash in nineteen sixty seven. These are specifications of a Embraer Phenom three hundred jet:

* Lighter jet aircraft manufactured by Brazilian Embraer
* This plane can hold up to eight passengers including cockpit area
* Wingspan of 15.91 meters or 52 feet 2 inches x 15.64 meters or 51 feet 4 inches
* Can reach four hundred fifty three knots
* Can reach maximum altitude of forty five thousand feet or thirteen thousand seven hundred sixteen meters

This jet supposedly clipped a fence and then smashed into parked automobiles before exploding. No individuals on the ground were injured. Some where around fifteen cars were destroyed on impact.

Local government bureaucrats are investigating this incident. According to some locals, this is not first time a plane has veered of this Blackbushe Airport near London, England. This plane met its demise with exact same registration number HZ-IBN, that was used to register Osama Bin Laden’s father’s plane.

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Yishai Schlissel – White Homophobic Jew Stabs Six Homosexuals

A white homophobic Jewish male Yishai Schlissel, stabbed a group of people at a gay pride parade in Israel today. He supposedly stabbed a total of six gay and lesbians. This Israeli is an ultra orthodox Jew.

Yishai was just released from prison three weeks ago. He was serving a sentence for stabbing three homosexuals at this very same Jerusalem gay pride parade in two thousand five. He was sentenced for twelve years, but was released early.

Allegedly, two of his victims are in serious condition. His conviction in two thousand five was for attempted murder. Much of this two thousand fifteen incident was captured by a photographer.

He had a knife under his coat and started stabbing people before he was apprehended. This parade continued as planned after this commotion ended. This Jerusalem gay pride parade was supposedly heavily secured by police but this white Jew was able to still stab six individuals.

The Israeli Supreme Court shortened his sentence to ten years in two thousand seven. After his prison release he went back to his old ways of homophobia by creating pamphlets opposed to this parade. He was even asking others to risk life and imprisonment so that this parade would not occur.

Allegedly, thousands of people participated in this parade march. Israeli police new this white Jew Yishai Schlissel was recently released. Also, they were not allowed to stalk him I mean track him because of jurisdiction.

In Israel sometimes when a person is sentenced, they are then required to report to a police station. Since he had previously stabbed homosexuals, at this very same gay pride march in two thousand five, then he would have had to appear at a police station during time of this parade. Police did not use this type of tactic with him.

Sam Dubose – White Terrorist Ray Tensing Indicted For His Murder

A white police terrorist, Ray Tensing was indicted for the murder of Sam Dubose today. If a miracle occurs and he is found guilty, this white Al Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, terrorist might face life in prison. This white criminal, is employed by the Cincinnati Police Department which is a terrorist cell in my books.

Ray Tensing can receive a sentence of fifteen years to life. However, he is not facing a death penalty. A body cam video of this white terrorist attack was released yesterday. Initially Cincinnati Police terrorists were refusing to release this video. This is first time in this terrorist cell’s history, that a police criminal will be charged for murder.

This white Al Qaeda member pulled over this black male because he claimed he was missing a front license plate. As per usual with white people, Ray Tensing escalated this situation. He fired one lethal shot into head of Sam Dubose.

Police terrorist Tensing lied and claimed that Sam Dubose dragged him with his automobile. This dash cam video refutes that white washing. Sam Subose was also unarmed and did not become aggressive.

Joe Deters, a white prosecutor assigned to rig this case I mean serve justice for white people I mean prosecute this case, initially refused to turn over this video evidence. This white clown even claimed that it would take an Ohio supreme court to rule, before he would turn this video evidence to public demand. Ray Tensing faces another lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter, as an option for jurors during this grand jury indictment.

Ironically, Cincinnati police terrorists are asking for peace and even are warning public citizenry of possible riots. Perhaps this fraternal order of police mafia syndicate is conspiring in secret to make that happen? Allegedly Ray Tensing whom was a campus police criminal was first placed on administrative leave, but now has been fired.

Miss Nevada – Former White Winner Katherine Reese Traffics Meth

A white girl named Katherine Nicole Rees, a former Miss Nevada pageant winner, was arrested and charged with four counts of drug possession and trafficking. Back in two thousand twelve she faced drug charges that were later dropped. Will this white girl get these charges dropped since she has pale skin?

Also, this further shows hypocrisy in white peoples system of white terrorism. Plenty of white people including females traffic drugs. I guess the white media will claim she is crazy and insane?

Donald Chump Trump recently made comments about legal and illegal Mexicans dealing drugs in America. Around same time a former pageant winner gets charged with trafficking methamphetamine. These incidents occurred in September and October of two thousand and fourteen.

She was found with 5.3 grams of methamphetamine on her persons. Katy Rees is facing four felony drug charges. A fifty thousand dollar arrest warrant was issued for her.

Her two thousand twelve legal problems were rectified by completing court ordered drug counseling. She had some help selling methamphetamine according to her more recent charges. However, those individuals names have not been released.

A court date was set for July thirteen two thousand and fifteen. Her arrest warrant would then have been dismissed. She is now facing two counts of conspiracy to violate uniform controlled substances, one count of sale of a controlled substance and one count of trafficking in a controlled substance.

Walter Palmer – White Man Denies Killing Famed African Lion Cecil

A fifty five year old white man, from Bloomington, Minnesota, has denied killing a famous lion in Africa named Cecil. He does not deny shooting this lion, but he claims that it was an accident. Cecil’s home was Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.

Allegedly, Walter Palmer paid thirty five thousand pounds to murder this animal. This lion was lured out of this national park. Later, this animal’s head and skin was removed.

White people are famous for murdering people with color. What might be under reported is how they are also famous for murdering animals for sport. This white man is a sport hunter, so murdering animals for trophies is nothing new to him.

He has a River Bluff Dental practice in Bloomington, Minnesota. Originally, a Spanish male was suspected until cross hairs, pun intended, were pointed towards Walter Palmer. Another white man Theo Bronkhorst professional murderer I mean hunter with Bushman Safaris, is facing criminal charges.

This lion was allegedly shot with a bow and arrow at night. Next day this animal was then executed, beheaded, and skinned. This is not first time Walter Palmer has broken rules concerning killing of animals.

In two thousand and nine he was sentenced to one year probation for lying about shooting a black bear in a restricted area. He has routinely paid in upwards of fifty thousand dollars to murder animals for sport. This white man has been publicly absconded, since his latest killing, on the Internet.

He has even received some death threats. Some people think he will walk free of any charges as it is often difficult to hold sport hunters liable. His River Bluff Dental practice is closed and a website attributable to it has been shutdown.

Walter Palmer
River Bluff Dental
10851 Rhode Island Ave
S. Bloomington, MN 55438

Neal Falls – White Serial Murderer Killed by Woman he Attacked

Neal Falls, a forty five year old white male suspected serial murderer, met his demise last week. One of his possible victims, whom he had attacked killed him. Neal tried strangling a female escort he had met off of BackSpace.com

Allegedly, she shot him with his own gun. This Oregon man is in process of being linked to ten or more murders. Also, a post it note was found on him, with ten more potential victims.

Handcuffs, knives, axes, one sledgehammer, one bulletproof vest, one gun, shovels and some bleach was found in a vehicle he owned. Most of his possible victims fall under a category of sex worker as a career choice. All ten of his possible future victims have allegedly been notified.

He dismembered some of his victims. A woman that escaped murder is quoted as saying “I could tell that he had already done something, because he said he was going to prison for a long time and that’s when I knew he was going to kill me”. Her name has not yet been released.

The Federal Bureau of Insurgency is also sticking their nose into this investigation. Many of his potential victims were from Nevada. Possibly more victims were from Ohio.

This white man had been compensating this sex worker for her services. However, this white man showed up with gun in hand on evening of his death. He then attacked this woman as soon as she opened her door.

Crystal Driggers – Child Eats Pop Tart White Parents Evict Her

James and Crystal Driggers, some white parents, punished their fourteen year old daughter for eating a pop tart without permission. She was forced to live in a tent, a quarter mile away in a rural area notorious for wild boar traffic. She was not given food or water.

Chrystal Driggers was a former Sheriff terrorist that was fired because she and her husband almost shot somebody while they were partying. They are still dealing with that fiasco. The local child pedophilia services agency took possession of their daughter.

Their teen daughter was supposed to visit her parents and seek food at specified time periods. Her parents even made her seek shelter in a tent during violent thunderstorms. She was only given a flashlight, whistle, watch, and roll of toilet paper.

This was not first time she was punished by the Driggers for such petty activity. Also, she was punished for eating a protein bar without approval. Finally, her grandmother intervened, however this loving couple took exception and were upset by this.

James assured her that he would allow her back home, but a very next day his teen daughter was back living in a tent. This fourteen year old was even forced to work hard labor during a heat wave. At times she would climb through a garage window to obtain nourishment from a refrigerator.

She was only allowed to use an outdoor restroom and drank water from a water hose. These white parents have been charged with child neglect. Their other children are living with relatives.

White People – MTV to Air Jose Antonio Vargas Documentary Series

MTV is going to air Jose Antonio Vargas’s documentary series titled “White People” on July twenty second, 2015. This documentary is supposedly going to follow five white students and question their “white privilege” in society. Already, Mr. Vargas is being demonized by people that I assume classify, identify and label as white on the Internet.

Dislikes compared to likes are five to one on this official trailer’s YouTube video, at time of this blog post creation. As is proverbial with white people to me, they are on the offensive on the Internet about this documentary. How dare you analyze, criticize, and view white people cynically, critically, and analytically.

While I don’t watch television myself, I am a little surprised this documentary series will be aired. Perhaps this will become white washed, who knows. Jose Antonio Vargas is not a documented immigrant, living in America.

He has not been deported as of yet, but claims daily he gets at least questioning or calling for his deportation, via social networking. He is not legal to the white man but he proclaims he is not leaving anytime soon. Jose is a Pulitzer prize winning writer.

Interestingly enough he was born in the Philippines. It will be interesting to see the white lash he gets from white people in America and perhaps planet wide. I’m also interested to see if ratings plummet or not on MTV during airing of this series.

Mass Catholic – Alleged Satanic Baphomet Statue Offends Catholics

A baphomet statue that was revealed yesterday at a recently opened Satanic Temple in Detroit Michigan, has upset and offended some local Catholics. Allegedly, around two hundred to two hundred and fifty catholic’s attended a protest mass at St. Joseph Church. The Satanic Temple of Detroit was going to reveal this baphomet statue, at a Detroit location that only individuals that purchased tickets would become notified of.

This eight and one half foot statue is a satanic symbol to some. Other people have claimed baphomet is an old school deity that The Knights Templar’s and later Freemasons worshiped and perhaps still worship. Jex Blackmore, a white woman, whose real name is Adrea Potti, is founder of this Satanic Temple of Detroit.

Originally, she and her organization wanted this baphomet statue erected at Oklahoma State Capitol grounds next to a concrete ten commandments version. This never transpired as Oklahoma state legislature passed legislation banning religious statues on capitol grounds including that concrete version of ten commandments. Satanic Temple of Detroit now wants this baphomet statue placed next to another concrete version of ten commandments at the Arkansas state capitol grounds.

This baphomet allegedly cost one hundred thousand fake federal reserve notes. This bronze statue weighs more than two thousand pounds. Supposedly, this occult symbol was supposed to get revealed at a local restaurant until threats of arson were passed out.

That is when a decision was made to hold this revealing event in “secret” instead. White girl Jex Blackmore claims she and two hundred members do not worship Satan. No catholic’s, pagan’s, satanist’s, Freemason’s, Knights Templar’s, theist’s, non-theist’s, etc. were hurt.

Pinellas County Florida – White Bureaucrat: BBQ Smoke is Illegal

A white Pinellas County Florida bureaucrat by name of Joe Graham was out code enforcing over what he alleges is illegal barbecue smoke out on a public street. What is interesting to me is that white people would label this individual as black. He claims nobody in forty years has complained about barbecue smoke spilling out into that street.

Also, he pointed out that one of his neighbors had cooked out recently and nobody had complained. This white man is a local environmentalist from a local terror cell, Pinellas County, Florida government. A local fire department and police terror cell have also been called complaining of this outrageous barbecue connoisseur.

This person with color points out a second time that all his other neighbors that barbecue have not been harassed or had complaints filed against them. It could be that they are all white. Although I don’t know exact demographic data for that neighborhood.

This man also points out that police and fire have visited him multiple times prior. A white environmentalist points out that he showed up just to verify whether or not any barbecue smoke had slipped out onto a street. This person with color did add that this same neighbor across this street, complains each and every time he barbecue’s to a fire department and police terrorists.

Also, he claims that he calls into fire and police departments and they tell him to go right on polluting translucent neighbors I mean barbecuing. This white bureaucratic terrorist uses the word “fair” and also claims that a “rule” may have been broken. Earlier in this exchange he volunteered to read a “law” verbatim.

This white man said that he would write up a report, file it, and send it to other government terrorists. Also, this white man stipulated that this property owner could grill to his hearts desire, as long as smoke does not drift off into a street. This white man claims he saw smoke “leaving your property”.

Joe Graham
Environmental Specialist 1
Air Compliance
509 East Avenue South
Suite 138
Clearwater, Florida 33756