Russia Today – Is RT Old Soviet Style State Sponsored Propaganda?

Is Russia Today now known as RT old Soviet style state sponsored propaganda media? RT was originally founded in two thousand and five with thirty million dollars of seed money. Vladimir Putin an “ex” KGB member under the old Soviet Union, helped conceive and found RT.

RIA Novosti is a media organization formed in nineteen forty one by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics government. This organization is still sponsored by the Russian goverment contemporarily. Basically, RIA Novosti operates RT or Russia Today with help of the Russian government.

Russia Today or RT has a budget of around three hundred million dollars at time of this blog post. RT claims they are autonomous independent media. This to me is absurd as they were founded by Vladimir Putin, RIA Novosti, and the Russian government in general.

Also, RT now has a broadcast studio in Washington, DC district of corruption. Even longtime American propagandists like Larry King have joined this Russian government ran media outlet. Julian Assange a possible CIA Rothschild fake anarchist had a stint on this new form of Pravda.

RT Russia Today

RT at times covers events and or talks about issues that the American government military media won’t touch. However, with likes of Vladimir Putin at a helm of this organization, how are they not biased from covering up corruption occurring in Russia’s government military? To me this is an old school playbook move whereby American media talks badly about their ally the Russian government military.

In return the Russian government media ie. RT Russia Today talks badly about their ally the United States of America government military. All of this can lead to confusion and perhaps after all is said and done, nothing changes drastically with “the system”. If you notice this propaganda media whore outlet RT very rarely talks about real possible solutions to both American and Russian citizens’ daily problems.

Do you think it is possible that RT is just another new form of Russian Pravda? If you do you might want to listen to Reality UnKnown broadcast number two twenty five where I discussed this in further detail.

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Tawantinsuyu Nation – Co-Founder Amaru Discusses True Liberation

What exactly does Tawantinsuyu mean? Tawantinsuyu is the name Inca gave their territory. Tawa equals four, Inti equals sun, and Suyu equals direction.

The four directions under the sun. Present day South America is also known as Tawantinsuyu Nation. European terrorists renamed Tawantinsuyu to South America during colonization in that area in late fourteen hundreds.

Also, Europeans started labeling people of color during colonization hispanic, latino, mestizo, etc. Tawantinsuyu Nation prefers Nican Tlaca, which is allegedly what indigenous peoples called themselves, before the white terrorists arrived. Since early colonization, many people of color, have been displaced to other white colonies, including myself.

I was born in what is now referred to as Bogota, Colombia. I was forced to migrate to the United States, in nineteen seventy five. Colombia is a white supremacist label, named after Christopher Columbus, a well known European terrorist.

Amaru Tawantinsuyu

Most of Tawantinsuyu Nation or South America, is still colonized by white supremacists. Tawantinsuyu Nation regards education, learning their history, and liberation as important in fighting white supremacy. Many parts of South America or Tawantinsuyu has been ravaged by death, murder, poverty, drug use, etc. similar to other parts of the planet that houses people of color.

Tawantinsuyu Nation works together in partnership with the Mexica Movement. I have now had the pleasure of interviewing a Co-Founder of Tawantinsuyu Nation, as well as a long standing member of the Mexica Movement. Classes, discussions, protests, etc. are held on multiple continents by Nican Tlaca.

White colonization never stopped with just 1492, it moves forward to this day. I think it is very productive liberating from a current system of white supremacy or as I often refer to it as a system of white terrorism. I’m not a big fan of labels, however even creating your own flag, name, label, identity, etc. can be perhaps a revolutionary act.

Tawantinsuyu Nation contemporarily was founded by Amaru and Awqapuma. Do you think white terrorism still exists? If your answer is yes, then listen to my interview of Amaru, the co-founder of Tawantinsuyu Nation.


Kim Nguyen – Was She Sexually Assaulted by Some Los Angeles Police?

This is a short twelve minute report concerning an alleged incident between possible Los Angeles police department terrorists and twenty seven year old Kim Nguyen. Kim Nguyen alleges two Los Angeles police department officers David Shin and Jinseok Oh on March 7, 2013 assualted, sexually assaulted, and then dumped her on a Los Angeles street unconscious. She has obtained a lawyer Arnoldo Casillas, and is suing the Los Angeles police department, which is a possible terrorist cell.

Los Angeles police terrorists, I mean officers claim that Kim Nguyen opened up a back door and fell out, all while still being handcuffed. Perhaps this event would have been white washed and covered up had it not been for a private surveillance camera across that street. It will be interesting to see what evidence will be allowed, in a future lawsuit.

Kim Nguyen was just visiting Korea town in Los Angeles and had visited a local club with a couple of friends. On early morning of March 7, 2013, two Los Angeles police officers, David Shin and Jinseok apprehended her and allegedly harassed her because of public intoxication. Both of her friends left and she was then detained, handcuffed, and eventually taken in a police vehicle.

Kim Nguyen

Alcohol was involved in this incident, but Los Angeles police officials never charged her with any alcohol related crimes such as driving under influence. Some RAW video does not clearly show police assaulting her and dumping her body on a public street pavement. However, that video does show her seemingly not conscious, handcuffed, and visibly beaten.

This could refute any claims by Los Angeles police that they had nothing to do with her assault. Also, any potential witnesses could help corroborate Kim Nguyen’s claims of sexual abuse by Los Angeles police officers. Will Kim Nguyen receive an apology, justice, monetary compensation, etc. for this egregious act?

Watch my short twelve minute report including RAW video of this incident and more analysis.

Black Love is Revolutionary – Author Discusses Counter Racism Book

Black Love is a Revolutionary Act, is a four hundred and ten page book. This book basically stipulates that a black gender war is what is plaguing the black community. This book documents what african black people endured during chattel slavery, including vintage real photographs of lynchings, slave trades, etc.

Don’t let the title of this book perhaps fool you. This book is not about dating tips for black couples. This non-fiction work delves into the black collective problem reaction solution.

From chattel slavery to a current racism white supremacy culture world wide, you will find productive information about race relations planet wide. Not only did the authors cover black history, but current events were also included. You will even find some solutions to basic problems affecting black people in general.

I thought it was key that this book described problems with black gender relationships. After all, how can you solve a problem, if you do not think one exists to begin with. As a male person of color myself, I thought this book could be productive perhaps for all non-white relationships.

Black Love is a Revolutionary Act

In my opinion, a system of racism white supremacy terrorism uses divide and conquer effectively, in order for this system to continue functioning. Dividing and conquering black males from black females then makes logical sense to me. This book performs an outstanding job, in my dogmatic subject perspective, of describing tactics the system of racism white supremacy uses to divide black families.

Do you think black slavery still existed in two thousand and ten? A following quote from page fifty five of this book, might perhaps change your paradigm.

Blacks don’t want to believe this (slavery) is happening in 2010…but (black) people are forced to stay on plantations in Glendora, Miss., Webb, Miss., Roseland, LA, and other places where (white) landowners use isolation and threats of violence to keep these Black workers under control.

–Antoinette Harrell

Do you think racism white supremacy still exists in two thousand and fourteen? If so, you might want to listen to my interview about Black Love is a Revolutionary Act, with a co-author Trojan Pam.


If this book interests you, then browse to Trojan Horse Publishing, to get yourself a copy of Black Love is a Revolutionary Act!

Amy Wilburn – White Female Police Terrorist Tries to Kill Non-White

This is a short fourteen minute report of an incident which transpired on December 9, 2013, in Dallas, Texas. Amy Wilburn, a white female Dallas police officer, shot Kelvion Walker, aged seventeen at time of this event. Police officer Wilburn, claims she didn’t mean to shoot Kelvion Walker in an abdomen area.

This Dallas Police Department member was on a call for an alleged automobile theft. A witness and Mr. Walker claim he had his hands up when he was shot. The Dallas Police Department claims he tried to exit this alleged stolen vehicle.

Was this an act of racism white supremacy terrorism by this white law enforcement officer towards a man of color? Kelvion Walker did not possess any weapons on his persons during this incident. Also, Dallas police officers failed to call for an ambulance immediately after he was shot.

The Dallas police chief, David Brown, fired Amy Wilburn for violating that department’s deadly force policy. A grand jury has yet to decide if any criminal charges will be filed against terrorist, I mean officer Wilburn. Four other Dallas police officers were fired after this incident.

Amy Wilburn

Senior Corporal Frank Della, aged forty three, Moises Limon, Senior Corporal William Wesley, and Sargeant Rafael Rodriguez were given their police issued pink slips allegedly. Senior Corporal James Reynolds, was demoted because he supposedly failed to help another officer with a combative hostage I mean detainee. This is not first time in recent history that Amy Wilburn has been part of a shooting incident while on duty.

In August of two thousand and twelve, Deanna Cook was murdered and her death was documented on a 911 call. Amy Wilburn was dispatched with a fellow colleague. Allegedly, they knocked on Deanna Cook’s door and left.

She was not found dead until a few days later by family members. Kelvion Walker is suing Amy Wilburn for excessive use of force and not immediately calling for an ambulance. Will Kelvion Walker receive justice by this possible white female terrorist or will this be another white washed incident in a system of racism white supremacy terrorism?

Watch my fourteen minute report for a more detailed analysis of this incident.

Becky Behm – White Police Terrorists With a Smile Assault Inmates

This is a short fifteen minute report of two instances of white police terrorizing inmates for no apparent reason. A first video deals with Becky Behms’ assault by multiple white Tazewell County, Illinois sheriff deputies, in two thousand eight. A second video deals with another assault by white law enforcement against Mike Bergeron Jr. in Seabrook, New Hampshire in two thousand and nine.

Both individuals initially were charged with alcohol related driving offenses. Becky Behm was awarded one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars but all police officers involved were later not found of any wrong doing in January of two thousand and fourteen. Mike Berg just recently released his assault on video and is seeking counsel to possibly sue Seakbrook police.

Becky Behm was originally arrested for drunk driving on October seventeen two thousand and eight. She spent one night in a Tazewell County, Illinois jail cell. Behm was beaten by three white sheriff deputies that included punches in face, swung head first into a concrete wall, sprayed with pepper spray, and left without medical attention.

Names of individuals involved are Sergeant Richard Johnston, correctional officers Jeffery Bieber and Justin Piro. Mr. Bergerons’ incident also transpired quite a few years ago on November eleventh two thousand and nine. He was arrested and charged with a DWI initially by Seabrook, New Hampshire police.

Seabrook police threw him upside a cement wall, leaving Mr. Bergeron Jr. with a permanent lump on his head, chipped teeth, and brain injuries. Speculation is that he had just been searched as he had no belt, no shirt, no shoes, and pants unzipped. He was dragged and then allegedly pepper sprayed.

After this incident Mr. Mike Bergeron Jr. consulted with attorney and supposedly turned over security camera video footage of his assault by white Seabrook, New Hampshire police. Nobody knows at time of this report, how he obtained this camera footage. Four white Seabrook police Adam R Laurent, David Hersey, Mark Richardson, and Keith Dietenhofer were involved in this incident.

This is contact information for Adam R. Laurent:

52 Stevens Hill Rd
Nottingham, NH 03290-4801

Mexica Movement – Citlalli Talks Indigenous Liberation For Anahuac

What is the Mexica Movement you ask? The Mexica Movement is a Los Angeles, California based liberation group. They are wanting to liberate themselves, for indigenous anahuac, from the white supremacy system.

They include indigenous individuals from Canada, United States, Mexico, Central America, and South America. Mexica Movement want their people to obtain their lands back, that were stolen by Europeans, beginning at least around fourteen ninety two. White supremacists killed off ninety five percent of indigenous peoples on what is now known as North America via biological warfare, more specifically small pox.

Also, white terrorists killed off a similar number of indigenous people, in what is now known as South America. White supremacist terrorists, then brought people from what is now known as Africa, against their will, to both North America and South America. They used these people to build up infrastructure, on these stolen lands.

Mexica Movement label themselves as Nican Tlaca, perhaps as defiance against a system of white supremacy terrorism. This could be a more original term, for what people of color called themselves, before their lands were stolen. Also, Mexica Movement calls Mexico, Central America, Canada and the United States, anahuac.

Citlalli Citlalmina Anahuac

Cemanahuac defines what is now known as the Western Hemisphere, including North America, Central America, and South America. Tawantinsuyu defines what is now known as South America. Mexica Movement rejects labels like latino, hispanic, mestizo, and la raza because of them being potential racial slurs by white supremacist europeans.

Instead they call themselves Nican Tlaca. Mexica Movement was founded in nineteen ninety two by Olin Tezcatlipoca. One aspect of their policy, that is a bit perplexing to me, is that this group supports the United States CONstitution.

According to them this document originated from Iroquois and will protect both their people and Europeans. I never have and never will defend the United States CONstitution, a docoment that white supremacist’s used to create the United States and basically labels black people three fifths of a man. If you want to learn more about the, you might want to listen to my interview of Citlalli Citlalmina Anahuac, a long standing member of the Mexica Movement.


Carlos Miller – Learn Why Photography is Not a Crime in America

Is photography a crime in America? Judging by recent arrests of photographers, an answer to this question might be yes. For one journalist, in Miami, Florida, an answer is a resounding no.

Besides a fact that the first amendment of the United States Constitution protects free speech in public places, which includes public photography and videography. Tell that to some police enforcers in this country, whom out right lie and claim photography is a crime. Photographers, citizen journalists, videographers, etc. are seemingly on a daily basis perhaps being arrested, detained, and even assaulted.

Back in 2007, Carlos Miller fell victim to America’s police state, where by he was arrested for the outrageous crime of photographing five Miami Dade police officers. Initially, he was found guilty for that incident. However, he appealed and later had that verdict overturned.

Carlos Miller

Mr. Miller because of an initial guilty verdict, was sentenced to and served probation. He initially created his Photography is Not a Crime blog just to document his trials and tribulations. Soon after he started seeing participation from concerned citizens and thus PINAC was born.

With years of experience as a photo journalist, Carlos Miller created his own media outlet via his successful blog. Since that 2007 initial incident, Mr. Miller has been arrested two more times for similar circumstances of a dasterdly act of photography and videography in public. It seems clear that many police officers in America do not like being photographed and captured on video.

Another interesting aspect of all this is how Mr. Miller took it upon himself to become the media, as he has been frustrated with a lack of mainstream and local media coverage of police brutality, corruption, misconduct, etc. Do you think photography and videography in public is a crime? If you do, you might want to listen to my interview of Carlos Miller, for a better understanding of why an answer should be no.