Occupation of Palestine – Perpetrated by White Supremacy Zionism?

The Zionist Occupation of Palestine

Abdullah al Andalusi of Muslim Debate Initiative, conducts a talk on a subject of the Zionist occupation of Palestine, its history, motives and recent events. This is followed by an interesting and lively questions and answers session. This talk was hosted by a students union society.

This event took place on May seventh, two thousand nine at the Latymer High School and sixth form college in London, England. An audience consisted of students from European and Jewish backgrounds. Mr. Andalusi discusses his view point that an occupation by Israel of Palestine is due in large part because of a Zionist movement.

Abdullah al Andalusi is an Islamic activist, thinker, international speaker and debater. Also, he co-founded the Muslim Debate Initiative in two thousand nine. Mr. Andalusi’s premise is basically that Israel is a colonizing force in Palestine.

He sees Israeli troops as being aggressors and Palestinians as victims. He claims they have a right to defend themselves from foreign invaders. A current Zionist movement dates back allegedly to late nineteenth century or eighteen hundreds.

Some scholars claim this movement dates back to an even earlier eight teen seventy time frame. Is a current Zionist movement legitimate or are they perpetrating not necessary death and violence? Many Zionists claim they deserve to return to their alleged ancient homeland called Israel.

The current state of Israel was created in nineteen forty eight. Was a creation of Israel justified or an act of war? Israel continues to literally kick Palestinians out of their homes and homeland.

Do you think that an occupation of Palestine is because of Zionism? Do you think this is justified or not?

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The Story of Earth – Lack of Human Consciousness in World Today?

The Collective Evolution is a documentary aimed at showing a current state of planet Earth, why it needs changing, and how each and every one of us can play a role in changing it. This documentary addresses this need for change through five individual yet interrelated structures society has come to rely upon, finance, education, religion, entertainment media, and health food. Each of these structures is fully broken down to show viewers how they have come into place, and why their continued existence can no longer be supported.

This original first documentary concludes by drawing attention to consciousness. Addressing who we truly are, what we have come on this planet to do, and most importantly how we can go about doing it. The Collective Evolution documentary was released in two thousand eleven.

A second Collective Evolution documentary has been made with a third one planned. Age old questions like what it means being human on planet earth are asked and answered. These documentaries surfaced from an alleged grass roots organization formed in two thousand and nine.

Human consciousness or lack there of is a common theme in a first Collective Evolution documentary. Current problems plaguing planet Earth are pointed out. Also, possible feature solutions are discussed towards an end of this documentary film.

Do you think a human experience on this planet has become too oppressive and cumbersome? Are there any changes about life on this sphere that you think could be necessary? There are other similar documentaries in this genre like Zeitgeist, Thrive, Kymatica, etc. from my dogmatic subjective perspective.

This one in my opinion deals less with fear mongering and obvious atrocities currently occurring and more with potential solutions. Is there an overall lack of human consciousness in our world today?

Electrical Generator – Stan Meyer’s Electrical Particle Generator

Stanley Meyer’s electrical particle generator high quality photos. These photos were obtained with donations and help. Analysis and synopsis by Russ Gries.

Russ Gries analyzes and discusses dry ice explosion, start of dry ice air barring pulse motor, frozen magnet, shows how a magnet spins like an unbalanced top, how to keep your coil cold, neo pulse motor, pulse motor and water, dry ice electricity conclusion, and how to recycle magnet wire from a transformer. Stanley Meyer gave a speech in nineteen ninety seven in Denver, Colorado.

“We can demonstrate the technology. We can say it’s here but in actuality it will not be Stan Meyers to bring it in. It will be either you or I, the guy down the street, who will come together to bring it in. Otherwise, I do not believe an alternate energy source, whether water fuel cell or other, would ever come in. It’s going to have to be mandated by the people to try to reverse the environmental problems, the environmental damage, that’s actually occurring.” – Stanley Meyer 1997

Mr. Meyer was allegedly working on an electrical particle generator at time of his demise. Allegedly, he was poisoned after refusing a one billion dollar buy out of his physics inventions. Russ Gries has been trying to reinvent Stanley Meyer’s electrical particle generator.

Basically, his electrical particle generator is really a particle accelerator according to Russ Gries. It is supposed to amplify signal power to greater amperage voltage. There are Stanley Meyer’s photographs and plans for this particle generator available out on other Internet sites.

Stanley Meyer also supposedly had built a water fuel based car that solely ran on water.

First Hydrogen Car – How do Hydrogen Cars Function?

A key to Stanley Meyer’s water car, gas electrical hydrogen generator, and self sustaining device. Synopsis and analysis by Russ Gries. Part two and three of a three part series.

Russ Gries describes his analysis of Stanley Meyer’s water car. He analyzes some of Stanley Meyer’s water car drawings. Allegedly, Mr. Meyer had built a car fueled and powered by H2O other wise known as water.

These drawings, schematics, plans, etc. are available on the Internet for free as Stanley Meyer did not attempt nor did he patent this technology. Russ Gries was in process of reverse engineering this technology so that he could potentially build himself a water based automobile. This alleged technology has been highly debated among some in a physics community.

There are skeptics that claim free energy devices or even powering a car off of water might be impossible. Stanley Meyer supposedly proved these skeptics wrong before his untimely demise. Supposedly he was offered a large sum of money for schematics of his water based car, which he turned down.

Since Stanley Meyer’s death there has been some speculation that he was poisoned and that the United States government military may have not wanted individuals to obtain his information. Also, there are claims that a fact that he did not go through a patent process with the United States government military hay have lead to them trying to seize his work. It makes since to me at least that these individuals may have wanted to control this technology themselves and perhaps would have frowned upon this being freely available.

Speculations aside, this information is still interesting and could be extremely valuable. If Stanley Meyer’s and now Russ Gries’s assertions have merit, then perhaps this technology would be a threat to powers that be. How do hydrogen cars work?