Income Tax Information – Must Americans Really Pay Income Tax?

Theft by Deception: Deciphering the Federal Income Tax

For decades, millions of Americans have given the United States federal government a large percentage of their hard earned money, without ever questioning their tax bill (an actual written law that imposes this tax). From a beginning, due to strict constitutional limits on their power, Congress imposed a very limited income tax, applicable only to those engaged in foreign and international commerce. That tax was then, and continues being, grossly misrepresented to an American public so successfully that today it is common knowledge that income of most Americans is subject to this tax, even though an entire history of written law proves otherwise.

A product of years of exhaustive research and development, Theft by Deception clearly shows how a current Federal Income Tax law and its legislative history never intended to tax an average American’s domestically earned income. Combining three D animations with a methodical, step by step approach, Theft by Deception will unravel this complicated tax law to reveal a very limited nature of federal income tax. This evidence paints a clear picture that agents of the United States government orchestrated, executed, and then attempted to cover up one of most monumental financial frauds in history.

A sixteenth amendment to United States CONstitution was allegedly fraudulently passed and not enough states properly ratified it. Also, supposedly a Federal income tax in America is voluntarily as supposedly their is no law, statute, etc. requiring citizens pay tax on their income tax. Theft by deception covers these two points in greater detail plus some other arguments against Americans being forced to pay tax on their income.

Do you think that United States Federal income tax is possibly another form of slavery? Do you think it is possible you are not required to pay tax on your income as an American citizen?

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Linguistic Programming – Can You Become Linguistic Programmed?

This is episode number three hundred fifty eight from Heron Stone’s Gendo a Way of Language talkshoe broadcast. Heron Stone and Tom Vine discuss five stupidities of the English language. Absolutism, duality, reification, the word THE, and the verb “to be”.

Absolutism is not as prevalent in nature as you may think. Absolutist thinking and or communication can cause problems as well as arguments. Perhaps wars have been fought over absolutist thinking.

Also, dualities tend to surface at times in the English language. The Denver Broncos versus the Oakland Raiders. Democrats versus Republicans, Christians against muslims, atheism or religion are examples of other dualities.

These dualities can cause arguments, fights, perhaps even wars, since you are only given two choices and often times individuals, groups, nations, etc. pick one side against an opposing side. The word THE is a concrete word that can cause problems when communicating in English. When speaking of THE chair when their is five green chairs can be quite perplexing.

You could talk about that green chair closest to us as an example instead. Reification is basically talking about abstractions like love, capitalism, democracy, etc. as if they are real tangible objects. People can get into arguments, srrife, maybe even wars over reifications.

The verb to be perhaps is vague and maybe not proper English. Maybe it is a lazy verb or a lack of communication skills. I don’t know as I notice I still use this verb.

Perhaps learning to use more descriptive verbs is appropriate instead of using to be. These are just five stupidities of English language among perhaps many more. I think communicating more accurately is advantageous to me daily life.

Do you think a person can become linguistically programmed? What do you think are some other stupidities of the English language?

Anti War Demonstration – Which Side of Military Terror Are You on?

In Bed With a Mosquito

A documentary short by Sarah Frank. Music by Noisola and Mary Timony. Betty Brassell has spent nearly every day of her retirement, rain or shine, protesting in some streets of New York City, her walker currently emblazoned with “Arrest Cheney”.

But when an injury sidelines her from a busy schedule of protests and vigils, Betty, seventy eight, is home bound and finds herself wondering how much longer she will be able to take it to those streets. “In Bed with a Mosquito” is an intimate portrait of activism and aging in New York City.

Lee’s Life For Lies

This Release is based on personal information found on a flash memory device belonging to specialist Lee Kendell Tucker (United States Marine 590-80-5469), captured after him being wasted during an ambush on his vehicle. Lee him self was an anti war activist, proving that many United States soldiers serving in Iraq are against this war and they have no reason to fight and die.

Which Side Are You on?

A life of a social activist is one of peace, pain, and protest. Through trials and tribulations of fighting for what they believe in, a community of passionate and highly motivated individuals emerges. Elaine Brower is no stranger to this community of social protesters.

Her involvement in an anti war movement grew rapidly in two thousand three. Now, she joins thousands of people in a fight against war, with one person in mind, her son. This is a documentary produced by Rowan University students from November two thousand seven to May two thousand eight.