Stan Meyer – Is Free Energy Not Just a Theory But a Possibility?

The video documentary Equinox it Runs on Water in which zero point energy is investigated including more evidence that a mysterious compound known as water may hold some solutions to a modern world’s clean energy needs through independently produced inventions such as those of James Patterson and an allegedly mysteriously murdered Stan Meyer. Stan Meyer allegedly built a water fueled car. Basically, this vehicle used hydrogen to power itself.

There has been much speculation since his death on March 21, 1998. Allegedly, he finished attending a NATO lunch meeting, when he died of poisoned cranberry juice. His death certificate claims he died of a Rupture of a Cerebral Artery Aneurysm.

Stan Meyer claimed he built a pure water car with a water tank that even used recycled emitted water. There are other types of hydrogen powered cars. One type of car does not efficiently use water and thus you must add water to a tank periodically.

Allegedly, you can buy small hydrogen kits and install them on automobiles that are powered with gasoline. These kits split hydrogen molecules from water and then pushed into a combustion chamber. Hydrogen is allegedly more combustible, less corrosive to stainless steel engine blocks, and provides better fuel efficiency to a gas powered vehicle.

Basically, with a hydrogen kit, your automobile will have more horse power, cleaner emissions, and get better fuel efficiency. If an individual could literally power a vehicle with just water, think of some possible self sustaining ramifications. There are also debates of that term free energy.

Perhaps it literally means a cost would be so minimal that any person could power their own vehicle. Another definition is that literally with a free energy system, you can actually create a surplus of energy whereby you have a perpetual unlimited supply of “free” energy. Since I am not an expert in physics, I cannot claim that I know for a fact that free energy is possible.

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Global Warming Thesis – Is Global Warming a Political Agenda?

The Great Global Warming Swindle movie documentary. Everything you’ve ever been told about global warming is probably not true. This film blows a whistle on a biggest swindle in modern history.

We are told that man made global warming is one of a biggest ever threat to mankind. There is no room for scientific doubt. Well, listen to this film and make up your own mind.

Is global warming really a threat to man kind? Is it a political agenda instead? If global warming does exist, is it really man made or perhaps naturally caused?

These are just a few questions that came to mind when trying to look into an alleged man made global warming theory. There are many scientists who now claim global warming is a false premise. Also, some scientists actually think perhaps the Earth is actually going through a cooling phase.

It is interesting to note that during the 1970’s another similar crisis was claimed as fact. This alleged crisis claimed that there was a global cooling problem. I have never really bought into a global warming crisis.

Especially, when I see it is a political agenda with possible nefarious consequences by government. This movie documentary, The Great Global Warming Swindle makes some very interesting points. With any subject is it not advantageous to at least hear more than one side of an issue?

From my perspective it seems as if global warming is crammed down our collective throats without any real debate. It could be perhaps another divide and conquer issue, where by primarily democrats are pro global warming these and republicans are not necessarily in agreement. Some people think that man made global warming or global warming for that matter is perhaps a fear mongering campaign, used to perhaps justify a carbon tax.

I think it is possible that government would use this issue to exert further controls on it’s citizenry.

Treatments For HIV AIDS – Is This a Real Disease or a Fallacy?

Steve Allen, the producer of the movie documentary HIV=AIDS Fact or Fraud joined me to discuss his movie documentary and possible fallacy of an acquired immune deficiency syndrome epidemic. AIDS also known as acquired immune deficiency syndrome was allegedly first clinically observed in 1981 by Robert Gallo among others. In 1983 Margaret Heckler whom was Secretary of Health and Human Services, announced that HIV was a cause of acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

From this announcement forward, there have been some biologists, doctors, persons in medical fields, etc. that have questioned a validity of this claim by the United States government. Steven Allen’s documentary which was released in 1996, questions the United States Government’s official claim that human immunodeficiency virus causes AIDS. Not only does HIV Equals AIDS Fact or Fraud try to disprove HIV causing AIDS, but also documents what might actually cause acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

Mr. Allen discussed his documentary as well as fundamentals of a possible AIDS hoax. We discussed individuals from his documentary such as Dr. Peter Duesberg, Dr. David Rasnick, etc. He went over some statistics which may disapprove an official AIDS thesis, such as why yearly cases of acquired immune deficiency syndrome peaked many years ago.

The United States government military claimed AIDS would become a massive epidemic which might be refuted by a peak of cases long ago. Also, Steve Allen talked about a background of Robert Gallo, an alleged Knights of Malta and possible nefarious ties he has had during his career. Patient zero was discussed which is a nickname for an alleged single patient that was a basis for the HIV equals AIDS hypothesis.

Another aspect of a possible AIDS fallacy that was discussed were possible toxic pharmaceuticals like AZT that may do more harm than good. An acquired immune deficiency syndrome subject is far more convoluted and complex than certainly a blog post. Are you interested in learning more about a possible AIDS fallacy?

If so, you might want to listen to my two hour interview of the producer of HIV=AIDS Fact or Fraud Steven Allen. If that interview isn’t enough, you might want to watch a free twenty minute preview of his HIV=AIDS Fact or Fraud movie documentary.